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u/amemut · 19 pointsr/answers

Hmm...This is a fun one. It's so so very wrong, but it's a good opportunity to learn some stuff.

  • quod is not the Latin word for "the". "quod" is a relative pronoun, like English "which" or "that". Coincidentally, it can also mean "because". It definitely does not mean "the".
  • Classical Latin doesn't have definite articles, but later certain demonstrative pronouns became the definite article in Romance languages. The right word to use here, if you really want a definite article, is "ille", which is the ancestor of Spanish "el" and French "le". So Jesus ille Christus, by analogy with one of my favorite books.
  • The thing is, Jesus didn't know Latin. At all. The Eastern Roman Empire spoke Greek, and this is the language that was used to write the gospels. In Greek, his name would be: Ἰησοῦς ὁ χριστός (Iesous Ho Christos), so his middle initial would be an h ... sort of. Greek has these weird things called "breathings" or "spiritus (asper/lenis)", which indicate whether a word beginning with a vowel would also begin with an h or with nothing...we think. There is still debate about what the spiritus actually did phonetically. H is close enough. ΙὁΧ (I-ho-Ch)
  • Except that Jesus probably didn't speak much Greek either. Greek was the language of the Roman overlords. His native language was Aramaic, which is a Semitic language related to Hebrew and unrelated to Indo-European languages (maybe). It was something of a lingua franca in the Levant in Jesus' time. The Aramaic definite article was a bound suffix, so there is no real way to represent it in an abbreviation.

    Εδιτ I originally wrote ΙΗΧ instead of ΙὁΧ, which is wrong because it replaces omicron + spiritus asper with eta.
u/stdlib · 1 pointr/answers

I highly recommend this book that may help you answer this question and raise a lot of good new ones

It's a look at what our future may look like and it sounds like you might get a lot of good insight out of it. Cheers!

u/Jaicobb · 5 pointsr/answers

The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare is an excellent book that will explain this in detail.

The tl:dr version is dogs have been with man as a domesticated animal used for hunting far longer than any other animal. This refinement of hunting instinct has over time lead to a more intelligent dog. So intelligent in fact that Hare argues dogs are far smarter than any other animal.

u/raendrop · 1 pointr/answers

> The right word to use here, if you really want a definite article, is "ille", which is the ancestor of Spanish "el" and French "le". So Jesus ille Christus, by analogy with one of my favorite books.

I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but I thought Latin put the demonstrative "ille" after the noun, in much the same way the adjective often comes after the noun in many Romance languages.

u/Banes_Pubes · 1 pointr/answers

Talmud is a lot less interesting than Kabbalah though. It's mostly laws and the Rabbi's reasoning for how best to carry out those Jewish laws and why that is. Also reading it can get confusing because there are A TON of rants throughout conversations because one thing leads to another before they finally come back full circle to finish what they were talking about. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting but just very different from Kaballah.

The only thing is the Jewish mysticism isn't that accessible. If you could find a good, accessible book on it though then you'd be golden.

Maybe start your research here and see what else comes up through your exploring. Also obviously look into The Zohar - the number one book on Jewish mysticism.

u/dick_long_wigwam · 9 pointsr/answers

> And they have a similar entry list for vehicles. I think it's actually easier for them to track vehicles than people.

There's a bit in Don't get taken for a ride every time where a car dealership scans customer's license plates as they arrive. Since they're owned by a conglomerate who also owns one of the credit rating bureaus and an insurance agency, they are legally able to pair license plates with credit ratings for additional leverage in the finance negotiations.

u/sionnach · 2 pointsr/answers

[This book](
) gives a good introduction. You may laugh that it's from 1990, but AI was not even particularly new back then.

This book was one of the cornerstones of my degree early years, but it takes you from basic concepts so you should be OK understanding the concepts in it.

u/Do_not_reply_to_me · 3 pointsr/answers

I know you're looking for some calculations and power consumption theory, but while we're on the subject I thought you might also be interested in ways to accurately measure this kind of thing.

Here are some items you can buy to help monitor power usage:

u/Fendahl_core · 3 pointsr/answers

Likely a word processor. Those types of devices used to be more popular before laptops were around or in the earlier days when a laptop was $3-4000.

They've made a comeback as of late as a tool for writers to focus. The idea is you don't get distracted by facebook and email and reddit and youtube on.

All they can do is save text files and maybe upload them to a cloud account for you. I had an AlphaSmart Dana about 15 years ago and it was very helpful for my journaling. What's also great about them is the batteries last forever and they aren't nearly as fragile as a laptop or likely to be stolen.

The Freewrite is probably the nicest example of one of these right now. It's a retro-chic, overpriced device that screams Brooklyn hipster, but I secretly want one anyway.

The Alphasmart Neo and Dana are other examples, though they've been out of production for a while.

u/PinkyThePig · 1 pointr/answers

Have you tried plugging a simple lamp or fan into it? if neither works, the outlet is likely busted. If those do work, you could try getting one of these:

On top of measuring power usage (which can help you figure out why electric bills are so high), it can tell you a few other things about how 'dirty' the power is and could give you more information.

However, since you are renting, you should be able to just contact the landlord and let them figure it out.

u/agoia · 29 pointsr/answers

This is what you really want, OP :

Use whatever popcorn and oil is handy/works best, that seasoning is what'll make the difference.

u/yourmomcantspell · 1 pointr/answers

Check out this book. It is fascinating and one of my faves of all time. Easy to read and understand too if you aren't very keen on science speak. sorry for the long link, I'm on mobile.

u/jrafferty · 2 pointsr/answers

I think that what you're looking for is a portable word processor/notetaker like the Alpha Smart 3000 or the Alphasmart Neo Handheld or another similar product. I think they have the functionality, battery life, and portability that you're seeking.

u/SlothMold · 1 pointr/answers

Survival of the Sickest is a surprisingly accessible piece of non-fiction that covers a lot of modern diseases and their connections to increased survival rates. Two conditions it covered that I remember off the top of my head are cystic fibrosis and hemachromatosis. Some of the conclusions in the book seemed flimsy, but I believe it had a bibliography in the back for further research and fact-checking.

u/liebereddit · 146 pointsr/answers


Eyes wide to see better. Mouth open to breath better in case of emergency physical action.

Touching the mouth is what's referred to an "adapter" or "pacifying behavior", an action that serves to calm us down after a negative or traumatizing experience.

The mouth and neck are two of the most touched areas during these types of behavior.

Source? This awesome book written by an FBI interviewer who watches for these behaviors during questioning to see what line of questioning is making the subject uncomfortable.

u/GUSHandGO · 2 pointsr/answers

I have a theater style popcorn and this is what I use:

You want to get this type of coconut oil and Flavocol.

For every 1/2 cup of corn you pop, use 2 tablespoons of oil and about 1/2 teaspoon of Flavocol. The type of popcorn you use really doesn't matter.

u/slrqm · 1 pointr/answers

Like PatAunces said, you're battery is probably dead. Hopefully it's not dead dead.

If you have accesses to an outlet here are a couple of items that will make future cold starts easier:

Battery Thermal Wrap
Universal Hot Pad Heater

You could also look into picking up a battery charger that supports trickle charges and leave it on your battery over night.

I have an old SUV that sits outside and only gets driven every other month. I disconnect the battery when I park it. If I don't the battery is dead in less than a week.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/answers

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Link: Children's Book of the Seas

u/ThrindellOblinity · 1 pointr/answers

How about this?:

Children's Book of the Earth - with red cover as you recall

Children's Book of the Seas

The Children's Picture Atlas

All published by Usborne from the late 1970s so extremely likely to be available in the 1980s, but definitley out of print.

I actually own the Children's Atlas, believe it or not; but it is at mum's house on the other side of the country!

u/ephemeron0 · 2 pointsr/answers

In the US, throughout much of the time rotary telephones were in use, the customer didn't own the phone. The equipment was the property of the phone company. This may affect the availability.

Anyway, you can buy replica rotaries on Amazon and probably other sites. You can also buy the one your found and replace the cord (also sold online).

u/yotamonk · 10 pointsr/answers

Tech from ND here, you need to test the cold cranking amperage (cca) of your battery. I’m betting it’s pretty low. Most car parts stores will test it for you. Then when you end up replacing it look for a battery with higher than 800 cca. They are obviously more expensive but pretty necessary in your climate. To further combat your issue, they make battery heaters that are similar to a block heater, basically a sleeve you put over the battery and plug into the wall when you know it’s gonna be cold.

u/rivalarrival · 1 pointr/answers

Indoor bug zappers work great on fruit flies. They don't make an audible "zap" like the outdoor traps.

I have had luck with mangling a soda bottle into a crude trap and baiting it with cider vinegar, but I can't recommend it. It's really more of a mess than it is worth.

u/soundofthesun · 1 pointr/answers

stop everything and read this book. it explains a lot about origins and sources. it might even change your beliefs. ultimately they believe ezra edited the bible and made it somewhat what it is today.

u/Thameus · 3 pointsr/answers

I found this.

> Aesop probably lived in the middle part of the sixth century BC. A statement in Herodotus gives ground for thinking that he was a slave belonging to a citizen of Samos called Iadmon. Legend says that he was ugly and misshapen. There are many references to Aesop found in the Athenian writers: Aristophanes, Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle and others. It is not known whether he wrote down his Fables himself, nor indeed how many of them are correctly attributed to his invention.

u/FacepalmNation · 6 pointsr/answers

Freakonomics says the dominant factor for the drop in crime was abortion legalization.