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u/brodies · 1 pointr/apple

Which cases are you looking at? Granted, /u/DunderN8 posted a case with an open top, but I used the Spigen Neo Hybrid on my 5 for nearly the entire time I had it. Super protective, every corner and edge hugged by sweet, sweet armor, and pretty to boot.

For my 6+, I went with this Neo Hybrid Bumper, still hits all the corners (and keeps the camera off the table), same double layered protection, but leaves the back nice and open, and there's a near perfect version of my old case in this listing as well.

u/McCheetah · 1 pointr/apple

This is the SSD I got for my Late 2011 MBP and it took a dying MBP into what feels like a brand new one. I like it because it comes with a 3 year warranty. (If you get the PRO model, it comes with a 5 year warranty) I'd be careful about using a smaller 128GB model, because the more free space you have, the more reliable the drive will be. (I use about 110-130GB on my 250GB SSD). What I would do is get a program to look at all of your files and see how much space you're currently using on your HDD and then make sure you'll have enough extra space on the SSD.

RAM is a pretty simple installation, and really as long as you get the right kind, there's no going wrong. But overall, make sure you have good tools to use to open your MBP, because those little screws can easily get lost or stripped and then you'll have to replace them. Good luck! And I absolutely recommend any SSD and RAM upgrade, it'll feel like you've got a brand new computer.

u/girliefries · 1 pointr/apple

I upgraded from an old rickety 4 on iOS 6 to a iPhone 6 64GB so I'm still in amazed mode when I use it. I'm sure I'll get over that.

I tried to go caseless one night but the phone seems too slippery and I was honestly worried it was going to pop out of my hands. I bought this Spigen case before I'd gotten the phone and it's a nice case and not too bulky.

My top complaint is the side lock button. I'm constantly adjusting the volume when trying to lock the phone. Last night while out at a show I accidentally locked my phone 3 times while trying to take landscape pictures using the volume button.

It's inconvenient, but I figure I'll learn ways around it once I'm more comfortable with it.

I also lost all my text messages in the upgrade and continue to work with Apple to restore them. Even after talking with a "senior apple support adviser" I'm nowhere closer to getting them restored. I'll probably have to resort to a 3rd party software to retrieve them from an old iTunes backup.

Oh and coming from a 4... this phone still seems just a bit too big. I'm sure I'll get over that feeling as well.

u/sososodeaf · 1 pointr/apple

I'm coming from a custom-built PC background and looking to make the new iMac with Retina 5K Display (Retina iMac) my first Apple computer. From my research on configuring 32GB memory to order vs upgrading myself, I could not find any evidence that the modules Apple uses are any better than available from third-parties.

u/mredofcourse · 2 pointsr/apple

This is the fastest method.

It's also one of the safest methods and the easiest method. Plus, you get to verify that the new drive is working before putting it into your Mac. That's not really such big deal on a MBP 2011 since the drives are so easy to swap, but on other Macs making sure the drive is working properly can be a really good idea.

Also, you can get an external drive cable/adapter for like $13. This works great if you don't want an enclosure for the drive, but not advisable if you want a portable drive, in which case you want an enclosure.

Another option if the OP no longer wants the optical drive is to remove the optical drive and swap it with a HDD bracket and the old HDD drive. Then they can just clone from the old HDD drive internally to the new SSD.

You can also get an enclosure for the old optical drive making it a portable external optical drive.

u/iRahul7 · 8 pointsr/apple

I recommend getting this SD Card.

It's pretty fast and fits really nicely into the card slot on a Pro or Air. You'll never notice it being there. It's great for documents, music etc which will help clear up space on the SSD.

u/thiskillstheredditor · 5 pointsr/apple

Superdrive hard drive caddy: $9.70

120GB SSD: $60

USB Superdrive enclosure: $14

All in all, $84 to extend the life of your $2k laptop by a few more years. Well worth it in my opinion. Also if you're feeling adventurous, enable a fusion drive on your new dual-drive Mac.

BTW, the physical SSD and caddy option are very easy- just follow the take-apart guide on It takes about one drink's worth of time to do.

Have fun!

u/ohyeah_mamaman · 3 pointsr/apple

I'd say yeah, especially with the integration with other Apple products. I have a 13' rMBP 128GB which works well for me but if I had the $200 I would have shelled it out for sure. There are options like JetDrive that work well, and if you don't use your SD slot you just forget about it.

Other than that just get good amounts of RAM and if you have files from Windows you want to put on an external make sure it's formatted for HFS.

u/bryansm1208 · 1 pointr/apple

I ordered this one:

iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen® [METALLIZED BUTTONS] iPhone 6 Plus (5.5...

And I love it. I don't know why so many ppl have complaints about this case it's great. The texture in the back is excellent for it not to slip on tables or out your hand. The buttons work perfectly for me. And the bumper allows me to set it on the screen without it touching the screen but it also doesn't even look like its out much. On the back as well it covers the space that the camera comes out.

It's also incredibly thin. Get compliments on the case all the time and sometimes ppl don't even notice it has one.

u/zejjez · 2 pointsr/apple

I have a 128GB Jet Drive in my 2011 256GB MacBook Air. Seems to work great. I have all my home video on it and Backblaze is backing both my regular SSD and the Jet Drive because it is always mounted. Music and Photos on the SSD and the home video on the Jet Drive. I wanted to be sure they all the music was in one place only, all the photos are in one place only, and all the video was in one place only for organization purposes. Seems to be working great. Backblaze backs up anything new each time I open my laptop and am connected to the internet and I also occasionally do a backup to an regular external drive. I want to buy an external SSD though because these regular ones seems to be acting funny after a few years. Which is to be expected I guess. But, I would like something a little less failure prone.

u/WinterCharm · 2 pointsr/apple


I installed this SSD in my 2011 Macbook Pro, and it works perfectly.

This is the best deal in terms of price/ performance in an SSD that you can get today. I highly suggest it. I've had mine for several months now, without any issues.

If you have any questions about setup and installation, feel free to ask.

u/fuckyrkarma · 1 pointr/apple

I'd go with 8GB of Ram from Newegg and the Sammy 840 250GB from Amazon

This is of course if you're in the US (which you might be if you're wishing a Happy 4th). It will put you slightly over budget. As of right now the RAM on Newegg is 69.99 +shipping / tax, and the SSD is $129.99 with free shipping from Prime (if you've never signed up you can get a free trial). I know it's over 200, and you said roughly 200, so as long as it's roughly a little more than 200 you can only make a small compromise.

u/wolfdwnyourfood · 1 pointr/apple®-Non-Slip-Perfect-Fit-Premium-Excellent/dp/B00MAWSV0M Thin Case that I think is pretty good if you aren't SUPER clumsy. This one is what I use for my regular six. It works well. I'd recommend it. Of course,s sometimes looking for a MORE expensive option does sometimes get you better quality.

And that's one other thing about cases and protectors that are glass. You can get a cheap little silicone case for a's absolutely shit, I promise you. You can get a screen protector at the's also probably going to be shit. Go a little bit more expensive. I have a beautiful wooden case on it's way and it was a little pricey but I've heard nothing but good things for protection and the feeling of it. Plus it looks nice. Just a suggestion. you're paying a lot for a phone anyways, might s well get the whole shebang.

u/marlow2689 · 2 pointsr/apple

This. Also, keep in mind that you never want to have only one copy of your photos. That means making sure your external drive is formatted for Mac OSX Journaled and ensuring that your time machine backups include it. I recently did this exact procedure with a StorEDGE card and am loving all the free space.

u/pixelmonger · 2 pointsr/apple

Based on your description this is the type of RAM you will need.

You will need two 4GB sticks of PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM to get 8GB of RAM (the maximum your Mac can use).

You can get the specs from OWC’s site and shop around on Amazon if you like.

I can't give you a viable SSD recommendation until I know what you space needs are and what type if things you do in the MacBook.

OWC sells several SSDs of varying capacities and speeds.

The latest version of SATA will probably work fine in your MacBook but you will not see any extra speed advantage over a slightly older SATA version.

I just replaced my 2010 13" MacBook Pro's hard disk with a 500GB Samsung SSD and this has made my old Mac far more usable.

This Samsung SSD is a good value for storage space vs price.

u/coreygrandy · 9 pointsr/apple

You should be fine, especially with that external drive.

I had a 180GB SSD in my 2010 MBP, and only ever used about 70GB of it. The rest of my files were on a second internal drive that I put in the optical drive bay. I have a bunch more media, so I had to make use of a couple external drives as well, but, as I said, I used just a bit more than 1/3 of the drive.

I've since upgrade to a rMBP with a 512GB SSD. I've moved a few things over to it that I previously had on another drive, so I've got about 170GB used. That, though, is composed of an 82GB music library and about 32GB of files I've got to get moved over to another drive when I get some energy. So, around the same usage in terms of System files, Apps, etc.

Obviously, if you're using more Apps than myself, you'll see a difference there. I've only really got SimCity, Parallels, Photoshop, Keynote and Steam in the half-gig range. The whole Apps folder is about 8.5GB. I'm not sure what you'll need regarding your degree, but, there is a lot of wiggle room there. You'll probably want to keep at least 10% of the drive free so performance doesn't degrade, but that still leaves 116GB or so. Plenty to keep System stuff, a lot of Apps, and that small music library.

If you need more onboard storage, you can always grab something like the PNY StorEDGE. $50 or so for 64GB, about $100 for 128GB. It sits flush with the MacBooks, which is a big complaint with regular SD cards and MicroSD-SD adapters.

u/Hollabit · 2 pointsr/apple

I have a StorEdge from PNY and it's magical. The only thing I use it for currently is to store my iTunes library and I've had no problems.

I've been using it since November or so, and not once have I taken the thing out. My battery life is as good as it always was, the card is plenty fast for playing music or movies. The card itself hasn't been damaged and it hasn't damaged my MacBook Air.

> Would this work as well and as fluidly as I'm hoping?

Yes. It would. Here is a link to it if you're interested (I got the 128 GB version):

u/All_the_X_squared · 1 pointr/apple

OP: Get an SSD (I highly recommend this one, which I use in my Mid-2012 cMBP 13")

Also, get some more RAM. I have 16GB of this Crucial RAM and the machine runs great.

Make these upgrades and you should be in a better place.

u/Polarwarrior · 1 pointr/apple

If you still want to keep a slim figure case I wholeheartedly suggest the Spigen Tough Armour Case I've been using these in conjunction with a matte screen protector and its fantastic. The case covers all the buttons nicely, protects it from moderate drops, as the front has a lip as to not harm the screen. I've dropped my 5s loads in this case.

u/getthething · 1 pointr/apple

I know you said you didn't want to use Bluetooth as to avoid sacrificing audio quality but you may want to look at this. I have one and I love it. The audio is slightly quieter but not any worse than direct with aux.

You plug one cable into the aux and one into the cigarette lighter. It adds Bluetooth calling and buttons to play/pause and skip tracks. And it gives you a USB port so you don't lose the ability to charge when you want.

u/lump532 · 2 pointsr/apple



Directions -

You'll need to search for your model. Swapping the parts is really easy. If you don't already have one, make a Time Machine backup. Then, after swapping the parts, just pop in your OSX disk and restore from the backup.

Edit: I did a clean OSX install and then just restored the stuff I wanted, but if you're not sure what to do them just do a full restoration. It's easier.

Edit 2: There is a lengthy thread about this in the sub somewhere if you want to search for it.

Edit 3: Here it is.

u/ichabodsc · 1 pointr/apple

I recently added an SSD & moved my HDD to the expansion bay. I am very pleased with my decision. As others have said, it feels like a new machine.

You can also probably upgrade for cheaper than the ifixit estimate:

u/MikeWaz0wski · 2 pointsr/apple

Swapping the card in a MBP should be straightforward, but the replacement card which will work will depend primarily on the year of your model, as the interface changed on newer models.

If you're trying to upgrade an older model, you might have to look for a 3rd party card which uses the same chipset as an official apple model but utilizes the correct interface (mini-pci-e)

Lookup an iFixit guide for your particular model - they should have clear info on how to replace the card.

As far as using an add-on dongle, I know that the GBU521 was a direct plugin-and-work model (at least the ones Amazon was shipping in 2013)

u/nfeld9807 · 6 pointsr/apple

I bought a SD card to use on my laptop. It's a smaller version of the SD card and sits flush in the slot. It's not the fastest, but perfectly fine for iTunes.

This is it:

u/omegis983 · 3 pointsr/apple

If you decide to try an SSD to replace the slow 5200rpm hard drive that came in that iMac, I'd recommend checking out the Samsung 840 Evo SSD. Best bang for your buck and an SSD should definitely speed things up.



u/jbreeden · 1 pointr/apple

Okay, I couldn't wait to hear if anyone else was able to use this successfully with a 3rd party adapter. I'm using a custom-built Hackintosh with this adapter:

It found it immediately, and works brilliantly.

u/qlpc · 3 pointsr/apple

I can really recommend the Dell U2713H, it's the same pannel with better color reproduction and the light mate coating is far better then the thunder bolt display's coating. For half the price.

The design and build quality are worse though, but the stand has a lot of positioning options.

I'm using it right now with a Macbook Air 2013 and it works flawlessly, just don't forget to buy a minidisplayport to displayport cable or a displayport to displayport cable + a minidisplayport to displayport converter. I recommend a minidisplayport to displayport cable though because it's a lot less hassle.

u/AlexanderPortnoy · 1 pointr/apple

Any chance you could link me to the SSD you're talking about? I just ordered THIS memory kit upgrade, but I'm interested in a SSD soon as well.

u/Mykem · 2 pointsr/apple

The best option until OWC or any 3rd party replacement PCIe SSD is available is something like the Transcend Jetdrive:

Unfortunately, it's nowhere as fast as SSD.

u/j-mar · 2 pointsr/apple

Upgrading your hdd and ram in a macbook pro is super easy to do yourself. $150 got me a 128gb ssd and 8gb of ram vs apple trying to charge me $500 for that.

Also, I just found out about this:

So I'll be putting my "old" 500gb hdd in there.

u/cs_anon · 2 pointsr/apple

I got this 27" ASUS monitor 5-6 months ago:

I've had a fantastic experience so far. It's very adjustable, has a bevy of ports, and is 1440p. I don't think you'll be able to find a better monitor without spending a lot more money.

u/blueman541 · 1 pointr/apple

In the future everything should be usb-c, but for now you need adapters. But, realistically, how often do you actually need to plug things in?

Something like this is enough for travel.

For anything more, you can get a usb-c hub, attach everything you need to it and it will be like a docking station.

u/PernixNexus · 3 pointsr/apple

I've heard really good things about the Samsung Evo 840 and it seems pretty affordable. Here's a link:

u/themaincop · 2 pointsr/apple

I'm not the same guy but I have this one and have been happy with it for a couple years:

u/abspam3 · 7 pointsr/apple

You could get a bluetooth USB 4.0 dongle, here is the one I use:

It has flawless support for OSX.

u/CirqueKid · 2 pointsr/apple

I bought the Logitech Easy Switch keyboard thinking it might be cool to switch between my iPad and MBP and it ended up being my favorite keyboard I've ever used. It feels really nice, is similar to the Apple Wireless but has just enough extra consideration and lighted keys to take it over the top. I will actually go out of my way to use it over my MacBook keys.

u/marekh · 2 pointsr/apple

For the most part SSDs are ready to replace hard drives. The speed increase from switching to flash memory from spinning rust is worth the capacity tradeoff. Unless you're one of a few groups that really need 1TB of space in your laptop, SSDs are cheap enough to be used instead.

I got a Crucial 256GB SSD for my MacBook to replace the spinning drive in it last year and it's performed very nicely for a very reasonable cost. They have a 512 GB as well that's a bit faster, and not too much more.

Also, as a PSA: These SSDs don't need TRIM enabled. The controller on the SSD handles the garbage collection just fine on its own. A lot of SSDs now handle it fine as well. Feel free to turn it on as it won't hurt anything or degrade performance, but on these SSDs it doesn't help either. Plus it saves you the pain of fighting with 3rd party TRIM support on Yosemite and whatever's next.

u/fuckyeahjake · 3 pointsr/apple

Upgraded my 2009 MBP to a 2013 rMBP. My advice:

  • Max out RAM when you buy it, because that's the one thing you really can't upgrade.
  • Get a reasonable amount of storage. I have 512, and although I occasionally run close to filling it up, I always have junk I can delete to free up enough room.
  • I got one of these and put my music library on it. My reasoning behind putting music, specifically, on it is that music a) takes up a significant portion of my storage, b) doesn't suffer from slower read speeds, and c) when I need my SD slot to import photos, I can just quit iTunes and eject it.

    I do graphic design work, and this setup affords me more than enough space and power for my computer to function as a personal and professional machine.
u/boppop · 5 pointsr/apple

Is the Thunderbolt Display a good display? Yes. Is the Thunderbolt Display worth the $1000 price tag? No. There are displays with the same specs that are less costly. For example, this.

That being said, Apple will also likely release an updated Thunderbolt Display that has the same 5K panel as the riMac when Thunderbolt 3.0 is released as part of the Skylake generation of processors (maybe this summer).

u/spdorsey · 2 pointsr/apple

You said:

"I see Windows 7 Ultimate as the standard Windows 7 version, and if you want to save some money, you can actually remove some features to lower the price to one of two lower tiers. If you think about it this way, Apple essentially forces you to buy the most expensive version of their OS: their "ultimate" version, if you will."

How can this be true when Apple's OS is $35 (with a $30 upgrade to Lion in a few weeks), And Windows 7 Ultimate is between $250 and $300?

It seems to me that the Mac OS X experience is a far greater value in terms of OS pricing. This has to count for something in terms of overall cost.

u/iDoctor · 0 pointsr/apple

Dell U2713HM is an amazing display. I have one myself and really want a second one....

u/jmarch5 · 1 pointr/apple

Yes, when I got my 128 GB MBA I had to move my iPhoto and iMovie libraries to external drives. iTunes in the Cloud helps; I only have a fraction of my music library stored on the MBA and I don't keep large iPhone apps in my iTunes library. Even after all that, I got a Trascend Jet Drive to give myself some room to breathe.

u/geekwonk · 1 pointr/apple

The U2713HM is also a great option at a drastically lower price. They've got a newer more expensive version available (U2713H) but I'm still madly in love with mine.

u/HKrass · 2 pointsr/apple

If you are looking for a good 27'' 1440 monitor, Asus makes a really nice one.

Apple Cinema displays are nice too, but pricey.

Stay away from the cheap Korean ones if money is not an issue.

u/Ender519 · 1 pointr/apple


Crucial RAM has worked great. I have 24GB of RAM in mine Their memory is Mac certified and works flawlessly

Fair warning. The process of adding the ram is enough to make your balls shrink to the size of raisins because you have to pull the existing 8GB of ram (2 x 4GB sticks) with considerable force using an anti-static cloth and a pair of pliers. You see although there are two slots free you must swap the 16GB kit into where the 8Gb kit is and the put the 8GB kit in the empty slots or else the iMac won't boot. I don't know why but this is also corroborated by other reviews. You have very little leverage on the factory RAM which is why you must resort to these tactics. I'm not kidding - Superman couldn't get those sticks out with his 'batin arm without using tools.

u/spadedracer · 2 pointsr/apple

I really dig my Spigen Neo Hybrid case. It doesn't add any bulk. It gets complimented a lot, people don't believe there is a case on my phone and it has protected it from a drop already.

I also have the Spigen case with the kick-stand which added some bulk but not bad at all, and the Spigen Card Case which is the biggest(I haven't used it yet).

u/griff431 · 1 pointr/apple

Heck, you can get a copy for $24.99 on Amazon.

If you can add $0.01 to that you can get it shipped free. Don't pirate the thing dude.

u/JesusFartedToo · 1 pointr/apple
  1. Get one of these for a fast and easy storage upgrade. It stays inside your SD slot and sits nearly flush with the case. Read/write speeds will be much faster than any network storage.

  2. If you need more storage, get a NAS for additional media storage. You may also want to get a faster router if yours isn't fast enough.

  3. Back up to an online backup service. Crashplan lets you back up NASes, while Backblaze doesn't. Crashplan is slower, though.
u/iMurderzJoo · 1 pointr/apple

Ah, thanks so much! I actually went ahead and emailed them and they linked me the one (and only officially supported) dongle that I should use.

u/hqze · 2 pointsr/apple

I absolutely love my PNY StorEDGE for my Macbook Air. The 128gb version was only 70$ at some point when I got it last year, but even at 130$ I think I would get it. You can keep any kind of media on it (I keep all my music, movies and PDF's) and while the speeds aren't as fast as the SSD, it's barely noticeable. A must for me if you have a 128gb or 256gb MBA!

u/magn2o · 8 pointsr/apple

I opted for the Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim along with an Orzly iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Guard.

Both are sitting on my desk. Just waiting for AT&T to decide I'm worthy of having my phone shipped..

u/z6joker9 · 3 pointsr/apple

Actually I have a Pontiac but it's just a factory radio with an AUX input. I tried a few aftermarket stereos over the years trying to find the right level of iPhone integration, but finally settled on the Kinivo BTC450 and it works great and should be somewhat futureproof. I ran the wires so it's reasonably integrated looking.

In case anyone is trying to figure it out, I added an extra 12v accessory behind the dash to hide the plug, then added a usb extension so the USB port in the plug isn't wasted (the extension pops up beside my seat). I did need the Ground Loop Isolator that so many mention in the reviews.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that Siri was difficult to hear until I changed a setting that made her not speak unless over Bluetooth. For some reason that made her speak over bluetooth at a higher volume. Almost remember you can adjust her volume while she's speaking using the volume keys.

u/giubaloo · 1 pointr/apple

This is what you need.

I have the exact same computer as you and just purchased this a month ago. Took 5 minutes to swap out. I'm 99% 8gb is the max amount of RAM the mid 2010 model can support.

u/ITatAHC · 1 pointr/apple

It's ridiculous really. They charge $200 to upgrade to a 1TB fusion drive, especially after removing our ability to replace parts ourselves. I could go buy the 512GB Crucial SSD for $175 and be in a much better position. Sigh...

u/SHUT_DOWN_EVERYTHING · 2 pointsr/apple

I'm surprised you've blasted both so concretely without ever having owned or even tried one.

On Amazon the Logictech keyboard scores 4.6/5.0 from people who've actually used one. The Moshi keyboard scores as highly, though with fewer reviews.

In fact both Keyboards score higher than Apple's own keyboards on Apple Store.

u/CheapBastid · 1 pointr/apple

FYI, that link to the Crucial is not compatible with Mid 2009 MacBook Pros which need 1066 and won't run on 1600.

This one should work.

u/Sandurz · 1 pointr/apple

Posted elsewhere recently:

I've used a Kinivo for 2+ years now. Plugs into the 12V power port with a USB port so you can still charge, mounts somewhere you can reach it, plugs right into the Aux port. Don't have to worry about batteries or anything and gives you a big button for play/pause/track controls.

Sounds great too. Has a built-in mic for calls which isn't the greatest quality but it's functional, and the sound quality and big button more than make up for it for me.

u/DunderN8 · 16 pointsr/apple

I've ordered this as I've always had slim minimal black cases on my iPhones.

iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen® [Non-Slip] [Perfect-Fit] iPhone 6 Plus ...

Although overpriced, I am curious about a black Apple leather one.

u/blackbirdrising · 1 pointr/apple

Cool, would this hard drive enclosure work for swapping the HDD to the optical bay? Also, would I lose speed on the HDD? I'll still be keeping things like music files and what not on it.

u/cloudform · 5 pointsr/apple

Note that regular sd cards will protrude, which could cause damage if you travel with it, but there are ones made with custom fit to be flush with the edge.

u/tomster135 · 1 pointr/apple

You are right. I gave it a look and it requires Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices. Which is a shame, but I wonder if I get this and put it into my mac, somehow maybe I would be able to use it as a updated bluetooth.

"Allows any computer with a USB port to become a Bluetooth enabled computer" Hm.. I have Bluetooth 2.0

I am not sure about that, it would be a nice work around. Maybe I can find some more information on it somewhere, unless someone stumbles upon this thread and reads my comment with Bluetooth 4.0 LE knowledge and if it could possibly work.

u/ClarkZuckerberg · 2 pointsr/apple

Sure thing. These are Canadian links though, sorry.

RAM: Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3/DDR3L 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) SODIMM 204-Pin Mac Memory CT2K4G3S1067M

SSD: SanDisk Internal SSD 240GB 2.5-Inch SDSSDA-240G-G25

u/PM_ME_DOG_PICS_PLS · 1 pointr/apple

I have this which I'm using with my keyboard, working fine so far.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/apple

I've seen people buy SD cards that fit flush in the SD slot and people use them as a second drive. Not sure how well that would work though. Here is a link

u/x2phantom · 1 pointr/apple

Go for the 512GB version + you can extend the Storage with this memory card:
It does not stick out of the case.
I use ist to store my iTunes library on it. When on the go I use Spotify or iTunes Match, so no need to carry around my lossless files.

u/third-eye · 1 pointr/apple

Oh, I misread your comment above. What's on your external disk? Your complete music folder including the library files (creating a symlink), or just the music? I'd recommend setting iTunes to manually manage files, then drop music onto iTunes after you've moved files to the external disk or card. This way the library files (ITL files) are still on your internal disk and you still have a functional iTunes even if the external one isn't connected.
The drive has to spin up after some time of inactivity so it often hangs for a few seconds. This might be a factor too.

Get a Class 10 card, they're the fastest. This might be an option too:
It's cheaper than getting an adapter plus microSD card. They have a 128 GB model too. It's worth it. If I didn't have the setup above I'd just get the 128 GB model.

u/Scrubbing_Bubbles · 1 pointr/apple

If you are just writing papers and researching, go with the 13 inch. The 128 will be enough, but you can also get a flush out SD card with another 128 gb if you want to store some movies and other stuff.

u/YouJustSaidWhat · 1 pointr/apple

The wife and I are going to get our iPhone 6 phones over the weekend. I've been browsing Amazon for cases and keep going back to the Spigen Tough Armor Case series.

u/dexpid · 1 pointr/apple

This is the one I bought,

While they don't come with instructions the ifixit teardown guide has a step by step guide on how to remove the old superdrive.

u/donotswallow · 1 pointr/apple

I installed one of these with the adaptor and enclosure listed above, along with 16GB of ram a few years ago. Computer runs incredibly fast still. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)

u/whatthehelpp · 2 pointsr/apple

if you aren't using your sd card drive you can buy one of these badboys.

u/ceol_ · 5 pointsr/apple

It's impossible to upgrade the drive, but that's not to say you can't add space. Extra 128 GB for 13" and 15"

u/eragmus · 3 pointsr/apple

My research led me here:

u/about_that_crazy · 1 pointr/apple

If you don't used your dvd drive, get a hard drive tray caddy so you can use your current hdd to hold your music/videos/etc. Check for compatibility, but here is a search starting place:

u/baldheadslick · 1 pointr/apple

liked the idea. did some research.

i guess with the new rmbp it sticks out quite a bit. sad. i was actually about to pull the trigger on it.

u/alecb · 1 pointr/apple

You can get it at the store no problem the day of or if you want to make things easy on yourself, you can pre-order it on Amazon.

u/gitgat · 1 pointr/apple

If you are worried about space, most of my stuff is in the "cloud" these days between dropbox, and iTunes match. I just don't keep a ton of media on my machine. That I do keep is on one of these.

u/ImWithTheIdiotPilot · 2 pointsr/apple

I've recently returned my 15" 2016 tbMBP because whenever I connected devices to any of the USBC ports my WiFi just completely cut off. Almost like an on/off switch it happened immediately. I was told it was a defective product and am expecting my replacement. What should I do if the same thing happens again? Worth noting I tried 2 different devices, the first one was this hub:

The second one was an EastWest 1TB hard drive, USB-A 3.0 going through this adapter:

u/Jhoppa · 1 pointr/apple

The problem is that the StorEDGE apparently sticks out quite a bit more on a 13" rMBP than it does a MBA (the SD card slots are of a different depth). Would you feel the same if it stuck out about 1/8 of an inch?

Edit: Here's a link to some images of how it looks on a rMBP:

u/hab136 · 3 pointsr/apple

>The Blackmagic Disk Speed Test also showed the new models running slower than the older models, with write/read speeds as follows (in MBps):

  • 2013 13-inch with 128GB SSD: 445/725
  • 2013 11-inch with 256GB SSD: 687/725
  • 2014 13-inch with 256GB SSD: 520/676
  • 2014 11-inch with 128GB SSD: 306/620

    So 300 vs 520 MBps write, and 600ish read for both. It's the difference between stupidly fast and stupendously fast.

    Honestly if you only got 128 GB you probably aren't doing anything that will stress the machine in the first place, and wouldn't notice the difference.

    > Is it possible to upgrade my SSD down the road from these guys?. This one article says it can be done. What do you guys think?

    No, that part is for the 2011 Air. The SSD form has changed a few times in the Air, and an SSD that will work in a 2011 Air won't work in a 2014 Air. Looking at their SSD page they don't support 2013 or 2014 Airs.

    You can email them and double-check.

    If you just bought the computer, you can just return it and get a different model within 14 or 30 days (I forget which).

    If not, then get something like this or this if you want additional (although not faster) storage.

    Otherwise wait for a compatible storage to arrive, if it ever does.
u/RobertJP · 2 pointsr/apple

As far as I can tell there are two manufactures that have 128gb sd cards that sit flush or nearly flush so you can keep them in. There is the Transcend JetDrive Lite and the PNY StorEDGE which I have. It seems the PNY is more than when I bought it in February for 80 or so. I've had no problems with it so far though.