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u/AlexHimself · 2 pointsr/arizona

Your reaction means you don't really understand what is happening.

I could care less what they try to sell me. Here is a better example that might make it more apparent what they're doing. Imagine your Mother sent you this email.
> Hi DrLariat, how are you doing? Are you coming home for Thanks Giving?

But you received instead:
> Hi DrLariat, how are you doing? I saw this and thought you definitely need to get one! Are you coming home for Thanks Giving?

It's incredibly invasive. They're misleading by pretending that the website you went to is serving the ads. If they paid to advertise on a webpage you visited, that'd be different. They're not even paying to advertise.

u/saguarro_you_today · 1 pointr/arizona

Pick up this book:

Except in a few posted areas, dispersed camping is allowed on all National Forest and BLM Land, which is clearly marked in the map book above. (And State Trust land if you get the 15 buck a year permit).

Arizona has a LOT of public land.

This map shows all the forest roads in the National Forests. If it's a solid red line, should be passable in a passenger car. 4x4 roads are marked differently.

There are miles and miles and miles of beautiful forest road around Flag, payson, that you could explore for hours, and camp anywhere. You'll also find sites, clearings, and fire pits. Please leave clean campsites and pay attention to fire restrictions as the summer heats up.

EDIT: This is no longer true for the Coconino. As u/robinchageheavenrage points out, you need this map, as many forest roads are now off limits:

u/asdfasdf123456789 · 2 pointsr/arizona

This is what I typically use but I also used this on a rim to rim up at the Grand Canyon a few years back.

There may be better products out there but this just happens to be the brand I'm familiar with.

u/az_liberal_geek · 4 pointsr/arizona

Okay, I've killed hundreds of scorpions on my property and have developed a technique that works.

First, you need to prep the battle area. Buy some Cy-Kick concetrated spray and a sprayer to use it with. Hit any cracks, baseboards, entry ways, and places where you've definitely seen them. This will only occasionally kill them, but it definitely softens them up.

Next up, get a UV/Blacklight flashlight. Scorpions glow very brightly in the dark when you shine this on them. Then, have two tools for killing them on hand:

  1. A stick. Some kind of stick that's two feet long or so and maybe an inch wide at most. Scorpions have a habit of staying still when the lights are off thinking that you can't see them (which is true if you don't have a UV light) and so you can easily position the stick above them and then squish it! It's very satisfying.

  2. Terro Scorpion Spray. Sometimes the scorpions will be in a place where the stick can't get to and in those cases the Terro spray is needed. Spray a liberal amount directly on the scorpion and it will die in the next few minutes. It's not instant but it will eventually work. It also looks like the scorpion suffers when using the spray, which I also find satisfying (I hate them so much).

    I go on roughly weekly hunts during the summer and those techniques have proved to be very effective.

    Don't bother with a blow torch. They will almost surely get away in time. The stick and spray is a much more reliable method.

    And don't worry about getting too close. They don't move very fast (relatively speaking) and I've never seen one that will attack -- they just try to hide, if they know you see them. Wear sturdy shoes and have your UV light, stick, and spray on hand and you're practically a scorpion killing machine.
u/Capn-Steve · 1 pointr/arizona

There's plenty of places near Payson where you could go fossil hunting. Not exactly Mesa, but it's a bit cooler up there. There's a place literally right off 260 where you can pull marine fossils from the side of a road cutout.

Paleo Site (Google Maps)

There's also a place on top of a hill between Payson and Pine where you can pull coral fossils out of the ground. I'm about 95% sure it's on private property, however. Go to this at your own risk on this one.

Coral Site (Google Maps)

Apart from that you can find lots of interesting places around the site in this book I highly reccomend. You may want to brush up on your Geology terms, though.

Roadside Geology of Arizona

u/Awatovi · 5 pointsr/arizona

David Brown literally wrote the book. It comes with a fold out map. It’s a pretty huge 4’x3’ map. I had it laminated and my son now has it on his wall.

Here’s the book

Here’s the map

u/wiseblueberry · 1 pointr/arizona

I've always liked the Oatman Massacre but I'm from the boonies so I don't know if this stuff is interesting to other people.

u/agenttina · 1 pointr/arizona

I have a book titled "Weird Arizona" that is great. Here is the Amazon Link.

u/Kalgaar · 2 pointsr/arizona

Amazon seems to have a few, along with some titles about edible and medicinal plants.

u/singlejeff · 2 pointsr/arizona

Amazon has sellers that 'stock' them.

Our has darkened considerably being outside it's whole life.

u/j0nnyb4n4n45 · 0 pointsr/arizona

You can see in the video that they were actually Bandage Scissors

u/hvyboots · 3 pointsr/arizona

Welp, time to reread Paolo Bacigalupi's The Water Knife!

u/hookedupphat · 2 pointsr/arizona

Ah, got it. What's in it for me by Joseph Stedino. Looks like I was wrong it wasn't written recently.