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u/mistamo42 · 2 pointsr/askcarsales

Just to give you an idea on the markup on this, that 3M supreme package at retail if you want to buy it yourself is about $400. Note that they don't even sell the "full hood" because it's a waste of coverage.

The trade-in value of your car at the end of the lease (residual value) is locked into your agreement at time of purchase. Rock chips from daily wear and tear have no impact. Similarly if you bought the car outright and trade it in later chips from daily wear and tear don't really impact the value at trade in, and certainly not by $1700 (which is what difference it would have to make for you to get your money back from the cost of the paint film).

Fabric protection is Scotchguard.

Leather protection is easy to keep up on with Lexol Conditioner.

This is a pure cash grab by the dealer. You have better things to spend your money on.

u/smacksaw · 2 pointsr/askcarsales

Yeah, it's a bummer.

If it helps, you can get a key fob for about $60 off of ebay.

Chrysler have really, really bad service. I think you'll be frustrated, but you might call corporate and see if they'll do something for you. Chances are they'll tell you to go pound sand, but they might actually rectify the situation.

For the future, just make sure you end up getting a keyring with a release. I just randomly found this on google:

That's what we used. Gravity is still a problem regardless as they can be pretty loose in the module (It is the WIN module, BTW) no matter what, but at least you don't make it worse with all of the extra weight. They really ought to do a recall or something.

The next thing you need to look out for are the brakes.

What they did was put these OEM brakes and rotors on that are too small, so they get eaten up. When my pads went on my Journey, they went instantly. It was pulling teeth to get the money out of them. They were happy to make me pay for "negligence" when in reality it was their negligence in not putting substantial enough brakes in the vehicle. I have a friend with a 2009 Caravan that goes through brakes like a hot knife through butter.

Chances are you have that problem right now and it will show up unpleasantly with a ruined caliper. I put that Power Stop kit in my Journey and it was a night and day difference. $300 or so for the kit and maybe $100 for a mechanic to slap it in and you will never have to worry about the brakes.

u/cbwb · 1 pointr/askcarsales

I'm getting a hitch on my Murano for bike rack only too. It won't have wiring. I had the same question. $200 including install and parts (U-haul). For the $40 install i'll let them do it. I have a 2014 Murano and I think the exhaust has to be "dropped" to access the mounting holes. I think on the newer version you cant just use a jack and mount it without having to move anything. Still not sure it's worth the trouble to diy. I wish I could get a rack to fit my current one and switch it to my new car, but apparently I can't.

I might be getting a 2020 and wondering if I should just spring for the $400 tow package...not sure if that's factory or dealer installed.

I got a Swagman rack (for 2 bikes). We were using it on our Tahoe until we had to get rid of it. LOVE this style bike rack!

u/kobra1294 · 1 pointr/askcarsales

I've had really good luck with these. They make the car smell like a swimming pool for about a day, but definitely helps.

u/TreesLikeGodsFingers · 1 pointr/askcarsales

id go back to the dealership but I have no desire to wait for their service dept to get to me nor to go all the way over there.

but you've def inspired me to try again. I just got the larger screw heads linked below (FFS I really need these anyway since I lose them so often).

I don't think I need power tools. honestly, you typically get more torque out of your arm than the power tools can put out.

u/brian21 · 6 pointsr/askcarsales

You can also just get popcorn oil, flavacol, and any popcorn kernels and it will taste great. You just need a popcorn machine or a whirlypop.

u/TheAbdominal_Snowman · 3 pointsr/askcarsales

I recommend a seat protector like this to put under the child seat regardless of seat color. It reduces divots from the hard seat base and keep the inevitable dropped food from mashing into the seats and discoloring it.

Never had light colored seats myself, but I would keep them completely covered in the back where the kids are. Shoe prints seem like they’d be unavoidable otherwise.

u/deegeese · 2 pointsr/askcarsales

One of these is pretty handy to keep in your glovebox. I also use them for periodic wear checks on cars I own.

u/ChocolatePopes · 1 pointr/askcarsales

Thanks! I was just going crazy cause I couldn't find out why it was so low after seeing the carfax.

And its cool. I was thinking of getting android based gps for it later.

u/nordinarylove · 4 pointsr/askcarsales

Robert Cialdini wrote it to try to protect customers from various sales tactics, but it backfired and mostly sold to salesmen lol...