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u/peacesweater · 1 pointr/asktrolly

as ladyfolk, i use crystal deodorant. my SO, male, also uses it.

its amazing and you do not have to worry about such invasive scents, if that is what you dont like. plus, it does not mask odor. the crystal controls bacteria growth which is the source of bo. it works flawlessly for my SO. i keep a stick of deodorant in my bag, just in case. read about it yourself, obviously, but yeah.

eta: if relevant, we are 25-30 years old. if your tween showers everyday, as you apply it after you have cleaned your pits, then it will work well. and no scent, which i have, means no scent. no perfume. no bo. they seem to all be fragrance free, so i do not know why one of them is marked "for men."