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Name: Insten RJ45 CAT 5 6 LAN Ethernet Splitter Connector Adapter PC.

Price: $5.99

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u/mastersword130 · 1 pointr/assholedesign

You ever had smeared peanut butter on your hand? You ever try to clean it up? A wet wipes won't clean it as much as you just rinsing your hands off in water. It's a preasure thing.

Bidets are especially great when you have a smeary shit. Used to use wet wipes before and when I got my bidet I stopped buying those entirely since they do better in cleaning up and I've saved money in the long run. Even use less toilet paper since I just use it to dry my bum.

$25 for one bidet vs $40 for every 4 months. I've saved much more. This is the one I use. 5 star rating, had it for two years and had zero problems.

But fun fact, there already is particles of feces everywhere in a bathroom, that spreads when you fart

u/Reacher-Said-Nothing · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Not that it's likely to make a huge difference, but it's better practice to reduce the number of connections you have to make since they waste heat. Splitter cords like these are probably better, though I wouldn't use them for anything but mobile device chargers. Construction workers use the good ones.

u/giaa262 · 2 pointsr/assholedesign

Take a look at this thread that covers this topic in great detail:

However most of those suggestions are US focused. I looked on and can’t recommend Micca because they’re stupid expensive.

Instead I would go with something comparable like these:

This version has less features but is all black and should sound similar

Hope that helps.

u/kingofducttape · 4 pointsr/assholedesign

Hmmm interesting enough I searched Amazon and found this
Advanced Placement Human Geography, 2020 Edition

So yeah looks like you just clicked on the more expensive seller.

u/hab136 · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Are you sure all your equipment is gigabit capable? If you had a 100 Mbit/s port somewhere in your chain, then the most you'll get is 100 Mbit/s. Also check your cabling; gigabit requires all 4 pairs (8 wires), while 10/100 Mbit/s can get away with 2 pairs (4 wires). Ethernet splitters that let you run two cables over one cable are only giving 2 pairs (4 wires) to each cable, so you can't do gigabit if you're using them.

You can also check WAN to LAN throughput here. Search for your router specifically and see what its max throughput is.

And of course, only run speed tests over Ethernet, not over WiFi. Your local WiFi speed may be slower than your internet connection, but that's not your ISP's fault.

u/Marstead · 3 pointsr/assholedesign

You can buy a 24.99 bidet attachment on Amazon that goes under the seat, easy to install uninstall and move even when renting. I've brought one of these with me to a hotel before--5 min install coming in, uninstall on the way out.

u/I2ed3ye · 6 pointsr/assholedesign

Kind of depends on what you're willing to spend and future projects.

I'd recommend to give you something extra to play around with for the most bang for your buck. It's basically what I use as my PiHole and NAS. You could get by with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but it's pretty barebones and you'd need adapters to plug anything into it. It's kind of a pain in the butt to be honest unless you're wanting a very small footprint.

You could also go with the which would open up a lot of doors when it comes to more taxing server and computing applications.

The Vilros kits are a bit cheaper, but I find their power supplies to give inconsistent voltage/amperage.

u/Popetown · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Yep, first thing I thought was that doesn’t look like don’t think they...74, 7-motherfuckers! I’m gonna go look up this company and find their social media presence...

Ah, well, I don’t know if it’s against the rules but so far I’ve found the amazon listing in case anyone wanted to weigh in on these real quick.

ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket (150 Pieces)

u/Dobypeti · 1 pointr/assholedesign


Only a bold but normal size text at the bottom of the product description tells you it doesn't come with a CD/DVD:
> PC Game is Download Only. No disc included. Requires Steam Account to Play. Internet Required. Game code may be redeemed only once and is non-transferable.

u/-jp- · 2 pointsr/assholedesign

I got my folks a couple of these for Christmas a few years ago. It works like a regular french press but fits in your cup holder so you can just take it out the door with you and your coffee or tea will be ready shortly into your commute.

u/saarlac · 55 pointsr/assholedesign

Get a laser printer. You will love it. I got a this dell about a year ago. It's a rebranded xerox product according to what I've read. It's seriously the best printer ownership experience ever. No more stupid ink cartridges. If you don't print a lot you don't have to worry about the ink drying in the heads. The toner lasts a long time and the image quality is so much better than any inkjet I've ever owned.

u/Vkolasa1 · 18 pointsr/assholedesign

Heres the matching link. Same rating and review count. Me thinks op had fun with the Html editor.

u/The_Bigg_D · 1 pointr/assholedesign

I found a hardcover version on amazon for $178.

Do your best to be smarter next time OP.


OP is either too dumb to look for any other option, or lied about this post.

u/Gnorris · 1 pointr/assholedesign

The product is real. The text about eyebrows has probably been added by someone sharing the pic.

u/cheapdrinks · 33 pointsr/assholedesign

Just going off prices here in Australia. The Logitech's are $129 for the set while those Edifiers are also exactly $129AUD for the set so I think it's a fair comparison.

The Edifers will get down to 75hz while that big clunkly logitech sub will only get a bit further down to 55hz. It also doesn't say where it starts rolling off, pretty sure the Edifiers are -3db at 75hz while the logitechs could be -6db or -10db and still claim it as part of their FR, and given how up front they are about the fake tweeter i'm almost certain that it's not flat down to 55.
I also guarantee you that the bass from that sub will sound like ass, it will be super muddy and boomy because the sub will be filling in for a large section of low end for those satellites. The sub only has an RMS of 24 watts or something so it's going to be distorting like crazy at any loud listening levels.

Your choice is then some nicely designed wooden Edifiers with wireless remote, an additional aux input and a silk dome tweeter that will actually sound good, or an ugly set of black plastic Logitech's with a corded volume knob and big space sucking sub that might make your desk vibrate a bit but will sound awful. For an extra $20 you can get the Edifiers with bluetooth as well.

u/rvrtex · 1 pointr/assholedesign

I bought this one and like it.

We switched to brother at my office and never have issues with them.

u/pobody · 2146 pointsr/assholedesign

LOL it gets better:

> There are only 25 unique markers in this 150 piece set. 75 markers total, with a giant hole in the middle covered by the sticker to trick you into thinking there are more. And of the 75 markers, you get 3 of each color. So basically 25 markers. The box it comes in counts as one of the 150 "pieces". Completely deceptive marketing.

These assholes should be sued out of business for false advertising.

u/fuzzyblackyeti · 106 pointsr/assholedesign

Because buying bulk peppercorn is less exepnsive than buying those cheap grinders.

2.5oz for 4.20
($1.68 / Ounce)

17.5oz for 14 dollars($0.80 / Ounce)

If you cook a lot and are going through it at a decent rate, its worth it to have a refillable one.

u/jareehD · 2 pointsr/assholedesign

Try this Avantree Leaf Class 1 Long Range USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter for PC Laptop Mac PS4 Nintendo Switch, Wireless Audio Dongle for Headphones Speakers Only, Plug and Play, aptX Low Latency


u/sociallyinactive · 1 pointr/assholedesign

I use this one. Works with PS4 and my Airpods. It’s a bit on the quiet side for PS4 unless you switch it to microphone mode, but then you get a little hiss in the background. It’s probably because Airpods don’t have any volume control built in.

u/crazygringo · 18 pointsr/assholedesign

Nope it's still there -- need to scroll to the most expensive seller on page 4 of sellers:

$13.69... +$288.10 shipping from TradeStandard, the same (evil) company.

u/Satlymathag · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Take a look at this book sometime. Someone with a phd in physics wrote it. I think he knows more about logic and what can or cannot be deduced from the scientific method.

u/SirEdwardthe4th · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Buy a 3 prong to 2 prong converter from a hardware store to push the plug up an inch so you have enough room to plug in something under it

One of these.

u/D3AD_M3AT · 8 pointsr/assholedesign

Karma whoring ?

It's an activity bucket with 75 washable markers and activity pages

u/justAreallyLONGname · 2 pointsr/assholedesign

You mean one of These.

[Insert text here] (Link in here)

Yours didn't work because you used \ before the [].

u/Tack122 · 2 pointsr/assholedesign

Probably something like the HL-2350, I buy these for my users who need desktop printers. Ink's usually about 10 a cartridge in the 8 packs, like 15 in singles, lasts ages, fairly few issues other than needing to learn the "toner reset" procedure which resets the toner counter.

Been managing a small fleet of these a few years, quite effective and low maintenance. The few times they've screwed up bad enough I can't fix it, I don't regret buying a new one.

u/poemsavvy · 1 pointr/assholedesign

Here's one by bounty that's the same thing but prime eligible and is Amazon's choice:

I'm not sure why they'd show you the one you got and not the one that's the "Amazon's choice".

u/Hazinge · 33 pointsr/assholedesign

No it's not? It clearly says on the front of the box: "DOWNLOAD ONLY - NO DISC INCLUDED".

Although that's stupid and the warning should be even bigger in my opinion, it's still explicitly labeled by the publisher. The bigger problem is the sellers e.g. Amazon not making it obvious at all. It's nowhere in the title but just a tiny single line at the end of the description

u/Burner_Acount · 1 pointr/assholedesign

>Can you show me where on the packaging it’s labeled as disposable?

The fuck it isn't. It right on the damn label.


>It isn’t there. Pick up any other spice bottle on the shelf and the top will screw off so it’s reusable. It’s entirely reasonable for someone to have assumed this would be the same. I made the exact same mistake years ago.

Here's a clue, this costs virtually the same as the ones with the screw off lids you'd use to refill it.