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u/charlieblimey · 3 pointsr/badMovies

It can be purchased via Amazon UK and in theory the import duties should be covered in the price.

And you can get it via ebay as part of this box set. I can't see it via Amazon right now.

Frankly, unless you need to use it for making some kind of youtube video or viewing party or you're drunk and have watched every other movie in existence, I would recommend the Rifftrax version. It would be the cheapest option and I'm not sure you lose anything by watching this version. Personally, I think you gain a lot more. The only question then is do you find it funny, and you get a preview on the site to make a decision about that.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/badMovies

On the recommendation of someone in this sub, I grabbed the Girls, Guns, and G-Strings collection from amazon a while back. 12 Andy Sidaris movies for 5 bucks - AMAZING deal.

u/lake_troll · 3 pointsr/badMovies

Yes! I bought this set about a year ago and me and my friends have been slowly making our way through them.

u/FertileProgram · 7 pointsr/badMovies

Found an Amazon page with a synopsis, year, and director. I'll keep looking. Apparently it's also know as "Dear Santa" and "Secret Santa" and combining either of those with the director name could help you a lot

EDIT: Found a UK import DVD if you live in the States. Apparently it's region 0 so I don't think playing it should be a problem despite the copypasta description - UK is usually region 2 and 0 is all regions.

Also, for anyone curious, I found a trailer, and oh boy

u/vonshavingcream · 1 pointr/badMovies

A couple of my lesser known favorites.

  1. Bail Out - David Hasselhoff / Linda Blair

  2. Shaker Run - Cliff Robertson / Leif Garret

u/Ultrameyda · 3 pointsr/badMovies

Amazon sells the Trimark DVD which claims to have the original audio for $6.59

Hercules in NY


u/rule2productions · 2 pointsr/badMovies

For my birthday one year, my wife bought me a copy of The Portable Grindhouse and I sometimes use it to find promising bad movies. Even if the movie isn't all that entertaining, it's guaranteed to have great cover art.

u/PAL18 · 3 pointsr/badMovies

Check out The Disaster Artist. Greg Sestero goes into what that clip is and why Tommy made it. Really interesting and hilarious.

u/levisimons · 1 pointr/badMovies

I recall that this movie guide ( ) put this movie on the list of films that no amount of pot could improve.

u/saintbrodie · 2 pointsr/badMovies

I picked it up off of Amazon for a few bucks a while back.

u/Nintendofan81 · 2 pointsr/badMovies

I'm not sure if you mean you just can't find it on streaming, but Amazon has the VHS for sale for about ten bucks.

u/DedParrot63 · 2 pointsr/badMovies

Grindhouse: The Forbidden World of "Adults Only" Cinema

Back issues of Psychotronic Video and Cult Movies are something else to keep an eye out for.

Cult Movies by Danny Peary. I think the genre group titles, like Cult Sci-Fi Movies is a repackaging of material from Cult Movies 1, 2 and 3.

u/Bearrunner44 · 1 pointr/badMovies

Amazon if you're willing to spend $30 on a DVD. Hard pass.

u/TheColonel · 2 pointsr/badMovies

Just so you guys know...

All 12 of Andy Sedaris's films are available on Amazon for the low, low price of $6.99.

u/Rimshot1985 · 6 pointsr/badMovies

Like Pulgasari? You won't believe the story behind it.

I sound like I'm advertising this book, but it really is insane.

I mean, even after the North Korea stuff, Sang-ok Shin produced the last three 3 Ninjas movies.

u/AnyaSatana · 3 pointsr/badMovies

Sadly, possibly not, as it sounds amazing. His ex-wife wrote a book about him, which might be the closest you get. Edited to add that there's a comment in the reviews that says they've found a negative of the film, but it had been thought lost.

u/Foxhack · 2 pointsr/badMovies

According to the interwebs, this includes the US cut, but it has forced (but not burnt in) French subs.

u/AirwaveRanger · 1 pointr/badMovies

Let's also have a look at the actual trailer:

So, many years ago I found this movie as a VHS tape in a pawn shop. My brain was never the same.

Some of you, being bad movie aficionados might be a bit confused as to why you're seeing clips from other classic films. A quote from wikipedia might illuminate: "The film is referred to as a full-length "cheater" in that it takes advantage of film highlights gleaned from previous Roger Corman films Space Raiders, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, Deathsport, Chopping Mall and Wheels of Fire."

See, the titular character has been sucked into his TV by the power of a magical video cassette, cue 70 minutes of him being awkwardly spliced into other bad movies and kool-aid commercials, between befriending TV static and rescuing his sister from a rapping color thief.

I haven't found anyplace to watch the whole movie online, but it can be bought cheaply on Amazon: or

u/davisaj5 · 2 pointsr/badMovies

Finally got around to watching my "Too Hot for Hell" collection bought from a dollar store many years ago. 4 pretty bad movies, listed most to least enjoyable:

Crystal Force II
Evil Sister

Crystal Force II was just enjoyable overall because of the bad acting, effects. Evil sister had the better softcore type scenes, and the other two were just meh.

Amazon link for the set: