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u/DANCOroommate · 1 pointr/badroommates

Over the course of the last year I have had 3 morbid examples of bad living situations. I think the universe is telling me something.... like clean up your credit and apply for the IT job you are avoiding because you don't like working with IT guys.... yes I have a degree and the employment background which is why I am avoiding getting back to that career path.

I am considering writing a small saga of bad living situations.

After leaving my mother's house (she had major surgery, recovered, went back to work, then as I was just starting a job) she took her boyfriend's advice to "tinker" with the electrical wiring in the kitchen and massively injured herself ended up in rehab after 2 weeks recovering from burns/being electrocuted and the house had to be partially rebuilt. Mind you this is the second time she has done this.

So I move into a friend's place I have known for 5 years. He's an open-minded free spirited and spiritual air line pilot. He's into shamanic drumming, reiki and what I didn't understand what it actually was "orgasmic massage". I kid you not.

One of the main cult leaders chronicaled in the book is Victor Baranco, he taught the 4 hour extended female orgasm to Nicole Deadone. She in turn knew this friend of mine in the 80s when he was stationed in Hawaii as an airforce pilot. Search "Clit cult" on

Naturally the friend of mine who is a pilot spent 5 of 7 months pressuring me to move to Sanfrancisco to live at the "One Taste" commune so he can visit regularly. I think he's banned from the place. Needless to say I haven't spoke to him again except to inform him I am blocking his number and to not contact me again.

Next was a house owned by a woman who claimed to be a social worker, a licensed social worker with a bachelors degree.

Neither which was true, she didn't actually live in the house and renting out rooms when she doesn't live there is illegal. I also checked with 8 states if she was licensed as a social worker, then the university she claims to attend isn't offering a masters degree in the field she claimed, so its obvious she is working on her undergrad degree. She mostly rented to people in substance abuse rehab on social security and was looking to get away from that.

Problem was the guy she left in charge of the place was on parole from federal prison who regularly relapses from meth. Methodone by the way is a hell of a drug to help people get their meth addiction under control. It makes them psychotic, and their bowel movements smell like a 4 month old rotting corpse. My bedroom was next to the bathroom and shared a vent. I nearly died from the stench.

The meth head threatened to make my life miserable living there, I recorded it sent it to the landlord and she told me it wasn't legal to record. Well this is a single party consent state, its legal. The meth head also hated the landlord yet wanted to fuck her. The meth head hated all women. Yet the landlord defended the meth head because he was in a large rehab and she volunteered there, hoping that if this guy 13 years into 15 years of parole turned himself around she'd get the credit thus an actual job within the state. Landlord worked in a different stated because she had looked for work for almost 2 years in this state, thus had to actually take any work she could.

I didn't mention there was a Nigerian living there as well who was an investment sales person who wanted me to believe he was the most buff, handsome and richest person I could know. Yet he took public transit like me and rented a room in a house just like me. I know the work he did, its pure commission and that's why his girlfriend and brother was paying his bills.

At least at the last house the landlord demanded neither roommate speak to me because she didn't want to risk me recording more audio of threats.

Now this place. I won't describe it in detail but its all audio recorded and I have photos of the immense shitload of mess the DANCOroommates made all summer long.

I also have court in 2 weeks because the girlfriend of the DANCOroommate is contesting the HRO I have against her. And some fucker applied for a discover card in my former married name (I got a divorce a decade ago) with the current address I live at.

The DANCOroommate had this nuts idea that my ex husband would testify against me at the HRO hearing so they are trying to find him.

Its pretty obvious both of the DANCOroommates are using skip tracing and applying for credit cards in my former married name to commit identity theft/bank fraud (which is the very first criminal conviction for the guy) to ruin me and to find out everything about me.

Not going into detail about the roommate/landlord who is running around bitching at me, because he's just a spoiled brat who won't pay child support even if he has told his father he needs more money to pay that child support, and he gets the money. It just never makes it to the county. I've tried to certified mail my rent payments to him, he won't pick up the certified mail (possibly because he's afraid it might be related to his child support case) and in the last couple days that certified mail was supposed to be returned to me at the house.... The certified mail with the rent hasn't shown up. I think the landlord took it. He has bizarre idea that money orders are like german barabonds and that they cannot be traced nor proven when the money order was purchased/made. So that's going to make him look crazy when I take him to small claims court.

I think I am at the point in my life that it can't get much worse. My divorce was bittersweet, this is absurd.

after I get a my own apartment, change jobs, clean up credit (possibly freeze my credit for a while), I will work on getting a federal job and move out of the mid west entirely. I've been told by a friend who is an attorney from DC (he travels for work, non-profit legal advocacy) that most of what have been through this last few months would be swiftly taken care of by law enforcement and courts. That either one of them would be in jail right now because enforcement is so much better outside of this Midwest hell hole.

The state I live in has to get better about providing affordable housing and enforcing laws. And yeah I am writing a book on this. Fuck it enough of its audio recorded.

On a positive note. I have good friends. I have repaired my relationship with my ex husband, my first fiancée (he's a shrink in the prison system, yeah he's had a good laugh at this), I am ready to move forward do some growing up and take steps careerwise and financially. Eventhough I am very good at my job, it doesn't pay well and its been rocky business as my bosses close an unproductive side venture; I was very angry at my bosses for their unfulfilled promises. It drained me, now that I have so much other stuff to be angry with my focus is much more in front of me, not fighting to make right on promises broken. I am much more able to leave things behind me.

u/workity_work · 11 pointsr/badroommates

$13.95. A 4 number would be better because the aunt would probably have the time and determination to get the 3 number eventually. But OP could just change it pretty frequently.

u/LoveMe-HateMe · 3 pointsr/badroommates

I hope you didn't actually throw it out. It looks like a zojirushi rice cooker like my brother has. Basically an older model to this: They start at $165. Anyway my brother and I made some chicken and rice and put the chicken in there to keep it all warm (they're SO nice like that even when off). Well, whoever never showed and we forgot. By the time we found it it was moldy and we closed the lid and didn't really know what to do. Well, dumb as it sounds we left it, unsure of how to salvage the cooker. I thought of buying a new bowl for it but couldn't find one. Fast forward maybe 6-8 weeks after the dinner and it's really moldy and nasty, smells when opened, etc. My cousin one day, bless her soul, finds it and cleans it out. It looks awful but that mess should just slide out with little resistance. I was amazed seeing how easy the clean up was. Then the nonstick surface can be cleaned and it's fine. He's been using it for the last 6 years with no issues. It's funny, when you buy quality the mess you found is cleanable and the cooker will continue to work. There's no contamination to your food if you wipe the lid and bowl holder. It's just food mold, not black mold. Not as safe as Bleu cheese but it's not gonna kill you. And when cleaned with dish soap it should work fine for years to come. If that sounds crazy you can mail it to me and I'll prove it.

u/maggock · 7 pointsr/badroommates

Cheaper even than a locking cabinet (if you can replace the door knobs) would be to just get a locking door knob and put it on your bedroom door. They're pretty easy to install too, usually just 3-4 screws and some assembling.

u/Asapara · 2 pointsr/badroommates

If it's just normal bread shape you can suggest they get some fairly cheap ones like [this one] ( and even 'advertise' that it seals the air better as well vs. the microwave.

Though it's really strange she thought the freezer was a weird place for bread.. What does she use the freezer for if at all?

u/pixieOanger · 1 pointr/badroommates

I'm a fit of petty, I researched lock boxes for control of the electronics. It locks the cord then you have to use a PIN to log into your allotted time. The master sets the time limits for all users. In my very limited free time I want to watch my shows. The responsible adults in the house are only home for 7 hours between our 12-16 hour shifts. There is NO REASON for her to waste our precious time with YouTube.

u/vincethebigbear · 1 pointr/badroommates

I recommend something like this. There are much cheaper options available. Few squares of this on your wall and ceiling should do the trick!

u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 1 pointr/badroommates

I have a sleep disorder and am sensitive to light. The way my bedroom is set up puts me under a skylight as well. (Great at night for stars, terrible past dawn. haha.)

This is the eyemask I have. It is comfortable and molds to my face, but it is thick as hell and no light gets through. You can't change the inconsiderate roomie, but at least something like that might help. :)

u/rpfflgt · 7 pointsr/badroommates

Well, if it says you're not allowed to change locks, just add one /r/maliciouscompliance

u/KZimmy · 5 pointsr/badroommates

Put locks on the plugs so she can't use them.
Plug Lock!

u/404funnotfound · 1 pointr/badroommates

I would buy some of these and call it a day

National Hardware N151-555 V834 Barrel Bolt in Zinc plated

u/FirstLadyOfBeer · 2 pointsr/badroommates

My parents swore by Nature's Miracle when their cat started to go senil and pee everywhere

u/PageFault · 9 pointsr/badroommates

Why not try to practice self control and talk to them like an adult first, and reserve losing your shit if it continues after the talk?

It's going to be tough to ask children to be quiet in the middle of the afternoon. It may be best just to move out.

Here are a few options to keep the kids out of your room in the meantime:

u/CingularIT · 11 pointsr/badroommates

Lmatfy - Master Lock 527D Padlock, 5/16 in Dia, 2-3/8 in H X 1-1/32 in W, Brass Black

u/hysilvinia · 1 pointr/badroommates

I have a full mosquito outfit. Mesh pants, mesh jacket that cinches at the wrist and has a full face covering that can zip open. Only problem is where it rests against your skin. Helps to wear something bulky but lightweight underneath. I pull my hands inside and tighten if I don't feel like wearing gloves.

u/micultra8 · 10 pointsr/badroommates

Buy one of these, and put three thick rubber bands around it. If he continues to take the eggs, tell him to start putting $1 in the carton for every 3 eggs he steals. If it continues to happen, then the issue is more serious than "borrowing" eggs, he'll be going to a lot of effort to be an asshole to you, and then you can have a serious conversation about respect.

u/sallen99 · 3 pointsr/badroommates

Use large tupperware containers like this to separate out what is yours and what is his. Maybe you each get two or 3. Label them with your names. You each can only put enough food in the container to fill it and that's it. Label the shelves if you don't want to buy the containers and label the cabinets. This is a shared space that you both pay for. He's being very inconsiderate.

u/imnotlegolas · 4 pointsr/badroommates

That's a tricky one. Normally I'd say get the hell out because the guy definitely does not know his boundaries. You just being nice to him makes him think you wants to fuck and that's just pathetic and wrong.

However realistically if you only have two months to go, it might be tricky to break your contract and find a new place just like that. And expensive.

Have you tried to specifically tell him at a neutral time (for example, not after he tried something with you in anger) that you do not appreciate his advances and that if he touches you inappropriately again, you'll go to the cops?

Or if that's a scary prospect, perhaps put it in writing? After saying that, ignore contact with him. Be clear about that - don't be polite, you don't have to be. He ruined that. Also get some pepperspray just in case.

As for your door, try and find one of these locks. They do not require any drilling what-so-ever (I assume because you're renting you can't drill in the doors for a real lock) and will still offer extra safety and security, so you at least will feel a bit more comfortable for the remaining two weeks.