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u/fnkdrspok · 4 pointsr/bald

Thanks dude! I just started cutting my hair bald for the first time this year. I found the best clippers where I don't have to use a razor and the hair looks super close: Andis T Outliner! I love em, I now shave my hair maybe every 3 days. Is that what everyone else is doing?

u/Meestermills · 1 pointr/bald

here you go friend!

The only thing about these is you’d have to shave every day or every other. There best used when your hair is already short(shaving a lot of hair off will wear the foils quick) but they really work well! I believe they’re usually $60 so they seem to be on sale. I know I’m coming off very shillish but after a year of cycling through different methods, these have been the best!

u/pangalaticgargler · 2 pointsr/bald

My process. I shave my head in the shower but you may not want to, like to, or feel comfortable doing so.

  1. Shower with warm-hot water.

  2. Put on chosen type of shave cream, gel, substance. (I have been using this which has been wonderful)

  3. I use either a safety razor (this) when I am wide awake and alert, otherwise I use a plastic two blade bic.

  4. Short strokes with little pressure. This I cannot state enough as pushing too hard, taking too long of strokes makes you more likely to cut yourself and get ingrown hairs.

  5. Use your choice of aftershave balm. This is a personal preference. I find that if I don't I will sometimes get that annoying itchy burny feeling.

  6. When I wash my scalp I use a wash cloth and soap and scrub firmly. This has lead to my head having less ingrown hairs/pimples.

  7. Clean your blade. Get the gunk out from between the blades, and put it somewhere it can dry properly.

    Bald life protip: If you are going this way get to learn your scalp. Your skull probably has bumps and ridges that you may not know very well yet. Get to know them as most of my early cuts were from trying to rush and the blade catching a little.

    Shaving tip: Short, soft strokes with a sharp razor. I can't stress this enough.

    Last tip: When beginning to shave your head do it when you have time. Don't do it before school or work do it before bed. Take your time and you will get a better feel for what works best for you.
u/AxelAlexK · 1 pointr/bald

Buy a real barber style set of hair clippers. They cost around $50 but totally worth it as it should last for years and will cut your hair way easier and more effectively than a beard trimmer. I use this myself and it does the job well -

u/JustinitsuJ · 2 pointsr/bald

I’ve tried many different ones over the years, some have been slightly better than others but one never really stood out. I bought this one about two months ago and this one definitely stands out. I feel like I get a good even cut every time and it’s lightweight and easy to use.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

u/Narsil86 · 2 pointsr/bald

Wahl professional balding clippers are a good price/quality ratio. Just oil them after every use (which you will find are the directions of any good clippers) and they should last many years. Been cutting my own hair without a guard for about 3 months now (they come with 2 guards) and I've never cut or hurt myself (some reviews of other clippers got so close they caused skin irritation, never had that problem).

Took me a month of looking for clippers on and off before I decided on these. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

here's a link to amazon:

Good luck!

u/_olopops_ · 1 pointr/bald

Wahl Balding. Great hair clipper and will work great for your beard. Get some clipper oil and some cutting guides and you're all set.

u/BubbleLevel · 3 pointsr/bald

I love these cordless clippers. I just give myself a trim in the shower once a week before turning on the water. The resulting clippings are short enough that they just go down the drain.
Before or after, I clean up the neck line with a mirror and my shaving razor.

u/neoookami · 1 pointr/bald

A foil shaver can get you pretty close. I use a Panasonic Arc4 and it does the job pretty well, and much harder to accidentally nick myself. It's water proof so I just use it in the shower every other day and keep myself fairly smooth.

u/batman2k4k6k8k · 1 pointr/bald

It works be running it under the hot water for a second or two - I end up holding it in my hand while I shave, and rinsing it and the razor at the same time. That way I can hold at funny angle too.

u/scottyloots · 1 pointr/bald

i just bought this and i LOVE it. gets suuper close and holds a great charge:
Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men, 4-Blade Cordless Shaver, Wet-Dry with Linear Motor and Flexible Pivoting Shaver Head

u/Mikeyjay85 · 1 pointr/bald

For me:

Headblade Sport - only the regular/sport though, I really didn’t get on with the ATX design.

Gillette Sensor Excel Blades

Any “sensitive” shaving gel.

Against many people’s advice, I shave against the grain.

Works very well for me, absolutely no hair visible or to be felt afterwards, and no irritation. I understand some people aren’t so lucky and against the grain doesn’t work for them - but do give it a go it may well work for you.

All done in the shower in like 3 minutes max!

u/pokerdot · 1 pointr/bald

Any opinion on this?

I didnt mention it in the original post, I'm looking for a razor to pretty much get rid of stubble every couple days.

u/Ownhouse · 1 pointr/bald

I've used an Andis Profoil Lithium shaver for the past year and I like it a lot. Easy maintenance and gets me smooth.

u/marcthedrifter · 2 pointsr/bald

It's expensive, but I really like this Jack Black moisturizer

u/HandwrittenHysteria · 2 pointsr/bald

I can’t recommend this enough. Covers a large area and easy to grip. You’ll be done in minutes:

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers with 9 Comb Lengths Curved Blade for Rapid Hair Trimming Detailing with Storage Pouch - HC4250

u/UnrealObserver · 1 pointr/bald

I've been using a pair of Wahl Senior Adjustable Blade clippers for quite a while... similar to these:

They are used by professional barbers and have a lever on the left side that allows you to adjust the cut from a zero no-guard to a 1 or anything in between. Just make sure to keep the blades cleaned with a brush and oiled before each cut.

The powerful motor and the adjustability of the blades are the main advantages

You might find these at a barber/beauty supply store locally in addition to Amazon, but check your prices !!

u/lovethebigd · 3 pointsr/bald

Go for the Wahl Balding Clippers!

Go ahead, order them now, don't give it a second thought!

BTW...sounds like the new haircut is working out for have reactions been?

u/FatHatCatBatSat · 1 pointr/bald

I clean it thoroughly each time, otherwise no special tricks to it. If you are really itching for an electric, I hear good things about the Wahl shaver a lot of barbershops use, but I have never tried it myself.

u/IeMang · 1 pointr/bald

I use one of these and have liked it for the 9 months or so I've had it.

u/sylviandark · 1 pointr/bald

I use this and I love it. No cord, wet or dry, really nice blades on it. It's quiet and powerful and shaves smooth. Cuts hair like butter. A little pricey but these last for decades so it's a good longterm investment.

u/deadgreysn0w · 1 pointr/bald

You look fine, brother. For me, I've just replaced shampooing with shaving in the shower. It takes a couple extra minutes, but you get used to it. As far as missing spots, you can usually tell by touch. I personally own one of these to help with the front and sides. (especially that nook above the ears)

u/arafella · 1 pointr/bald

This should work well for you.

u/BluesGuitarMart · 1 pointr/bald

Remington Quick Cut clippers are brilliant and really cheap. These ones: Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers with 9 Comb Lengths Curved Blade for Rapid Hair Trimming Detailing with Storage Pouch - HC4250

u/GreatMadWombat · 2 pointsr/bald

I use a Remington XR1400 on my head(and a safety razor on my face. IDK why, but my face gets irritated whenever I use any electric razor on it.). It's a nice midpoint between "Absurdly expensive Pittbull thing", and "Reliable won't-breakness".

It's also a small, easy-to-hold headshaver, just..less expensive than Pittbull, and more reliable/better build quality than the Chinese ones.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bald

That’s a fine look. Shave it down to a 1 and if I want to go closer go no guard. I use this.

u/rigpa · 1 pointr/bald

This is what I use, OP.

The larger one with no guard will allow you a rather close buzz.

u/RamblingStoner · 1 pointr/bald

How much worse it will get depends on you. The hair loss isn't going to stop unless you are willing to spend money on expensive and questionable hair-restoration treatments.

Alternatively, you can grab a good pair of clippers (I upgraded to these bad boys a few years ago and I love them to death) and take charge of not just your hair, but other people's perception of you.

Your choice.

u/beck___ · 1 pointr/bald

I recently buzzed it all off and immediately bought..

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers...

I buzz it twice a week with no guard and its easy/quick.

u/CheeseFighter · 3 pointsr/bald

Hot water dries out your skin, and especially after shaving and showering you should try to re-moisturize your skin.

Thats why i use a After-Shave-Balm like this one that combines sterilization and hydration.

For me it works wonders in preventing nearly everything from dry scalp to red skin irritation and pimples, so I hope this helps you, too.