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u/The_Waxies_Dargle · 4 pointsr/baltimore

Louder Than Bombs is in my Top 25 albums of all time. Marr is kind of an afterthought (in some ways) as the guitar stuff sounds pretty straight forward, but the shit he's doing on guitar is incredibly complex.

I'm the jackass that thought DinoJr was coming to Pier 6. Oh, hey, you a reader? This is one of the best music books I've ever read.

u/Bluedevil1945 · 16 pointsr/baltimore

It is basically garbage and a waste of my hard-earned taxdollars. The reason it is garbage is because the assumption is that building highways reduces congestion. This is not true. What it does is increases capacity which means more people will then drive as the capacity has you end up back where you started...a congested road. This is what will happen in the short-term.

This, coupled with trends of one-car ownership and the beginnings of driverless cars, means this is a waste of taxpayer dollars as the demand won't exist either so there is not a need to build more highways. This is what will happen in the long-term.

Indeed, sticking what what already exists may be enough to meet the demand of a reduced car culture and more efficient and computerized driving patterns.

Arguably, a better solution is to build out more efficient regional public transportation such as trolleys, busses, rail, bike lanes, etc for a more long term solution. In the short-term shore up what already exists.

Great book on the topic:

u/tonofclay · 3 pointsr/baltimore

I live right outside Baltimore and have used one of these:

It works very well and the picture is great.

You can use this site to figure out the best place to put your antenna based on the direction the stations are coming from

There are outdoor antennas as well that you could get but in my opinion the Leaf indoor is the easiest

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/baltimore

I live in the approximate area you describe. You'll probably be stuck with Comcast. Just get the economy or Performance Starter plan. 3-6 Mbps is fast enough for streaming.

if you want to save money, though, and you have a little cash up front, I recommend picking up your own modem. Amazon has a perfectly serviceable one made by [motorola] ( that I use just fine. If you don't have a wireless router, you can get one for like 20 bucks, typically. Here's a [tp-link] ( router for 20 bucks on Amazon. If you rent a modem/router from Comcast, it'll add 5-10 bucks per month onto your bill. If you're here for a year, it's worth buying the modem and router. Even if you move, the motorola modems tend to be usable with most cable internet providers.

Unfortunately, you're pretty much stuck with Comcast. The good news is that their service is reasonably reliable and fast enough for streaming. Their service sucks, but it's unfortunately the least bad of all your options.

u/Bluedevil88 · 21 pointsr/baltimore

Roads are like the Field of Dreams, "If you build it they will come" and fill up all the lanes.

Great book on Traffic and Traffic design:

u/ryanwalraven · 7 pointsr/baltimore

Getting in early this week! As usual, if you're a reader, consider checking out my book!

It's a surreal / urban fantasy book about an 11 year old girl who wakes to find Baltimore city is completely abandoned. Her mother has disappeared, the streets and buildings are empty, and the power is out, but there seems to be more to the silence than a mere disaster. Cats, crows, and ravens prowl the streets and phantoms loom in the shadows, but it's not clear what they're searching for, or why.

I had fun writing it and it has lots of local references in it that Baltimoreans will probably get. My cat says it's great and that it put her to sleep... er, well, at least it's an honest review. :P

I'm working on a new (actually old, but needs editing) book about Baltimore, too. It's tentatively called 'Rain' and is a dystopian mystery set in a futuristic Baltimore where it never stops raining.

u/wooitspat · 2 pointsr/baltimore

Howard Leight ear muffs are decent if you were curious as to what was being referenced. I have a pair and they're amazing

u/Charm_City_Charlie · 2 pointsr/baltimore

A friend was telling me he used one that was about the same size and thickness as a laminated sheet of paper with a wire hanging off. He said that he got better reception with that than with his expensive powered antenna - not sure of the brand info, I'll report back if I find out.

Edit: It may have been this based on the reviews.

u/bmoreguy · 1 pointr/baltimore

I have this one on my upstairs TV and it works perfectly. I was considering using this model on my downstairs TV if it might get me a few extra channels.

u/anbeav · 1 pointr/baltimore

Sharper Image Super Wave Oven

Never opened, never used - gifted, no use or room for it

I'll take $40 obo

u/verticalface · 6 pointsr/baltimore

The reviews of his book on Amazon are hilarious.

Edit: I spent a couple minutes reading the Amazon "Look inside!" preview.

These books are not worth the ISBN numbers they were assigned.

u/z3mcs · 6 pointsr/baltimore

We don't really need to speculate endlessly, there are entire books written about how the disparities in our community came about. We need to continue using the data and scholarship we have, including publications from professors at local universities and longstanding members of the community. It isn't simple and it is complex, for sure. But it's not a situation where we just throw our hands up and say "oh well, just send in people with guns, it's too hard to think through this situation."

u/tustinjucker · 1 pointr/baltimore

Who are you voting for instead that will be better?

Also, reminder that Frank Conaway Jr. is literally crazy.

u/wondering_runner · 3 pointsr/baltimore

Even though I know this is a loaded question and you really don't care, here are some books for you to read that will answer your question.

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.

This is one is more Baltimore specific Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City .

u/FirstTimeWang · 5 pointsr/baltimore

> Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysics: The Word: Hermeneutics

From the amazon listing:

"My reseach of the Holy Bible through Rev. S. Green's Baptist Temple incorporated with the martial arts style of Death Ki Do under Grand Master L. R. Butcher came in union to form the sub style of Spiritual Ki Do. In entering the internal styles of the martial arts and pondering the available life experiences lead me to a new term which I relate to the philosophical term "Spiritual Shock" as a form of awareness effect of raising the Brazen Serpent upon the pole of the spine using the Gnostic cypher key in relation to the book of the Apocalypse."

u/Talltimore · 2 pointsr/baltimore

Wives of Steel if you want a slightly different perspective.

u/Meat_Confetti · 2 pointsr/baltimore

I just bought this one. Though, after receiving it, I learned that they make a version that has a wireless router built in. But it's not cheap.

u/metagloria · 4 pointsr/baltimore

The "Look Inside" his first book is jaw-dropping. Check out the table of contents and the "editorial method"...

u/djazzie · 5 pointsr/baltimore

More Maryland than Baltimore, but check out The Sot Weed Factor. Historical fiction set in 17th century Maryland.

u/NoFunPat · 3 pointsr/baltimore

In regards to your Antenna recommendation:

For those of you who aren't already cordcutters, you should visit r/cordcutters for advice on where to point your antenna using TV fool. You can get your TV fool report at:

The local weather station for Baltimore is 45-2 (it's a substation for the local Fox affiliate).

If you're in the city, using something like the Amazon Basics 35 mile antenna ($25) should allow you to pick up the local stations:

u/limetom · 9 pointsr/baltimore

If anyone is interested in a good read on how racial prejudice has shaped the very fabric of Baltimore, check out Not in My Neighborhood by Antero Pietila.

One surprising fact he dug up out of the dirty (open) secrets was that the anti-Semitic sentiment was so strong in Baltimore, a third segregated tier of housing (i.e., in addition to segregation for whites and blacks), unique to the city, catering specifically to Jews developed and was even used into the early 1970s. It was so bad that Joseph Meyerhoff (yes, that Meyerhoff), a Ukrainian Jew who's family fled the pogroms of the Russian Empire when he was 7, refused to sell or rent to other Jews (Pietila 2010: 136-140).

u/JesusOnTheDashboard · -1 pointsr/baltimore

The guy's a nutbar (seriously, take a gander at this), but Broken Windows polices like Stop-and-Frisk do work. I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

u/Maaaaadvillian · 9 pointsr/baltimore

There are plenty of resources: One that I consistently return to is Not In My Neighborhood. There are others that are more general and deal with the post war north as a whole. As a geographer, I am partial to this one, because of the maps and detailed analysis. Its called Mapping the Decline and it primarily focuses on St. Louis.

u/ArtifexR · 3 pointsr/baltimore

There's a novel about Baltimore and my cat says she's chewing her way through the middle chapters!

The story is about Anne, a girl who wakes to discover that the city is completely abandoned. Armed only with her journal and a box of cereal, she and her neighbor's cat venture into the cold air to explore. However, they soon learn that something odd has happened to the city. The people have disappeared, the buildings are empty, and ravens watch every row-home and alley.

As they search for answers, Anne thinks back on the heroes in the books she likes to read. Books, she soon finds out, may even be the key to the city's fate. But autumn is here, the days are growing cold and short, and the dark forces controlling the city are quickly making things worse. When Anne finally confronts the ghost in the city clocktower, she may find that there's more to her story that she first expected.

u/Hypsomnia · 2 pointsr/baltimore

> I disagree because, much like the "Left vs Right" rhetoric, I think that labeling things as "racist" and blaming issues on "racism" is just too shallow of a discussion. Every issue that a country faces is almost never caused by a single factor. There are decades, if not centuries, worth of ongoing circumstances that lead to the present state of affairs.

Well, I'd say at least the problems we are seeing now have started with a racist foundation that was built upon rapidly without equal hastily accountability, and in the case of Baltimore, it's the White flight of the early 20th century in response to affluent Blacks moving into places like Bolton Hill that were the catalyst. This then spread to actions and polices implemented by municipal officials, realtors and housing developers like someone above mentioned such as Redlining. Add in Blockbusting where realtors used White Flight to sell the same property that was sold for pennies on the dollar for more than their actual value to Blacks. The exemption of Blacks from the G.I. bill after World War II that basically propelled many white families(which worked in tandem with Blockbusting as the rowhomes were abandoned for a suburban lifestyle) and was itself a key factor for laying the foundation for the American middle class. There's a few others like the creation of the interstate highway system(bottom of page 14) that also helped segregate these communites further.

So, to answer your question,
> Is racism a part of it?

Yes, in fact it's overwhelmingly the case here.

Annnnnd if you're interested in some light, well-sourced reading, I think you should check out a book that was recommended to me in this very sub called "Not My Neighborhood" Which focuses primarily on how Baltimore's segregated communities came to be.