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u/washer_dreyer 路 1 pointr/bassnectar

eargasm earplugs
Tell her to get a pair of these. They are a bit pricier than others but I鈥檝e tried almost every other ear plug and these have the best fit and best sound in my opinion. I started wearing earplugs heavy after almost having hearing trouble from going to so many bass shows at loud clubs, etc. I don鈥檛 leave home without these now and they were the best investment for nectar sets that I could possibly find. I made all the homies get pairs and they love them.

u/ReeferSutherland24 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

Yeah, but you gotta spend a little to not ruin the sound quality.

These ones are supposed to be the best, according to this reddit thread. I am going to get some before the next show I go to.

Edit: they're $40 so they're not crazy expensive. I'd say it's worth the money to (a) not wreck your ears and (b) still hear that sweet, sweet nectar.

u/Whiskey_Water 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

Ahh, you found my spread! So glad it resonated with another Basshead. This is my last weekend in Savannah, so my best friend and I paid tribute at the art tree. I will post some past art tree photos, so maybe others will keep up the tradition.

Much, much love.

Edit: Here is a link to the flag.

u/esoteric_plumbus 路 4 pointsr/bassnectar

Hells yeah

Seconding the ear plugs, bass is gonna be massive, protect those little fibers! my favorites

If you value your hearing and expect to be coming back to shows like these do yourself a favour ppl!

u/i91809 路 20 pointsr/bassnectar

this is my shit right here, shoutout /r/headphones

Best bet for your price range is probably ATH M50x, nice punchy bass while retaining a lot of detail in the rest of the frequency range

The Beyerdynamic DT770 are a little more pricey but worth the extra cash imo, again you get nice deep bass without sacrificing sound quality anywhere else and these bad boys are built like tanks

On the more budget-friendly side of things is the Sony MDR-V6, this is a straight up classic headphone that punches above its price point as far as sound quality goes although I personally would have some reservations about the non-detachable cable

There are a ton of other headphones that fit your general requirements and price range but these are the first three that popped into my mind!

u/givememorebass 路 2 pointsr/bassnectar

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

Bought these before center and they absolutely saved my life for good stayed in and everything sounded so good still!

u/Jhivemind 路 1 pointr/bassnectar

Acid Dreams is the one that immediately comes to mind for me, mainly because the only reason I ended up knowing about it and picking it up was through a twitter recommendation by Lorin himself. It's quite an account of LSD culture and opened my eyes (pun intended) to some systematic lies that I never knew existed. Highly recommend if the subject matter is at all of interest to you! Cheers!!

u/_uhhhhhhh 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

haha I like your style, if you need earplugs/are going to go a different route than the lawnmower edition I'd recommend these

u/dcoopz010 路 14 pointsr/bassnectar

Also, good ear plugs make the show more enjoyable. You still hear everything clearly, and feel all that wonderful bass, but it doesn't physically hurt.

Good ear plug brands:

u/CTRL_ALT_DEL_ACCOUNT 路 2 pointsr/bassnectar

That's amazing. I can't wait to get these now. Do you have these ones?

u/channel4newsman 路 1 pointr/bassnectar

I use these!

DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs: Acoustic Filters High Fidelity Hearing Protection

They work really well. I have even gotten a couple friends in my group buy them.

u/laggy2da 路 1 pointr/bassnectar

It's your record player. The first $60 Bosley player I got did the same goddamn thing.

Invest in an Audio-Technica. It's around $90-99 and it's the best you can get for the value.

u/iOceanLab 路 20 pointsr/bassnectar

Let's go! NYE is incredible! Pro tip: Get earplugs. It's going to be loud. [These High fidelity plugs from Etymotic] ( will still allow you to hear the music perfectly while protecting your hearing from long-term damage.

u/Joan_Footpussy 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

My advice to you is to read What Color Is Your Parachute. Go through the chapter of the Flower Exercise and it should provide you with a step in the right direction to finding the ideal career for you.

u/electric__soul 路 8 pointsr/bassnectar

Downbeats are another good, inexpensive option. They come with an aluminum keychain case and don't stick out of your ears, which seems to be a love/hate feature. $13.95 on Amazon

u/hclpfan 路 4 pointsr/bassnectar

I use these which only cost $10-14 depending on the color you choose. Absolutely recommend them.

u/pikagrrl 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

I'd recommend an investment in these two fine products, used to drown out my Jungle neighbors at Tipper & Friends this year:

u/Whiskey_Rox 路 2 pointsr/bassnectar
Here's a link to some ear plugs I use at every show. keeps the ear drum from rattling. I can hear all pitches and still able to carry conversations with these still in my ears when away from the music. Just thought I'd share

u/bonegatron 路 5 pointsr/bassnectar

I have DownBeats and I know they're pretty-well regarded, and perform similarly to several ETY models.

Any worth/sense in switching it up?

u/wishyouwerebeer 路 3 pointsr/bassnectar

I've been using these for many years now. Get the large size unless you have baby ears

u/NoWorries13 路 2 pointsr/bassnectar

kind of a bummer tho, I think earasers increased their price I prefer them over the etymotics although I think the etys reduce the sound a bit more