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u/justalibraryguy · 4 pointsr/batonrouge

I just have to add, I personally wouldn't recommend Crossfit. I don't have anything against it, and I've never been to a Crossfit gym, but for someone starting out in exercise and fitness I wouldn't advise it. Just from what I've seen it can be pretty intense, and it seems the chance of injury is higher than with other forms of exercise. Having said that, I totally believe it will get you in incredible shape, but it might be better suited for someone who's fairly experienced in fitness/exercising. Just my two cents.

I would start on mastering good form in some basic bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, and pullups. A book that I've found extremely helpful is You Are Your Own Gym. It's great for beginners and more advanced users alike because he offers good progressions for exercises. But, I'm biased because the majority of my workouts are bodyweight exercises.

TL/DR Try bodyweight fitness but maybe stay away from Crossfit for now.

u/kni9ht · 3 pointsr/batonrouge

Gonna +1 the first guy's suggestion. Amazon has a lot of really nice ones for pretty good prices. eBay and Cozycatfurniture are also good choices.


I saw this one on Craigslist if you want to look into that.

u/jebert32 · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Bifen XTS Bifenthrin Concentrate 1 Quart

You’ll also need a garden sprayer

Chapin 20002, 2 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle, Translucent White

Also, it’s not a bad idea to get a respirator, this stuff is strong. I picked mine up from harbor freight but here is a link to a similar one.

Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) Reusable Professional Breathing Protection Against Dust, Pollen, Pesticides, and Organic Vapors - Perfect For Painters and DIY Projects

u/LSUAlumni · 1 pointr/batonrouge

I bought my parents this:

Would love to have your insights so that I can relay to my parents.
Thank you sir.

u/BRstickman · 2 pointsr/batonrouge

This book, The Luisiana Capitol It's art and architecture by Vincent Kubly is a great coffee table book that tells the story of the building and is full of pictures of things you can't see from the ground and of places the public an't get to. It's worth a flip thru.

u/AmericanWigeon · 3 pointsr/batonrouge

Read it in this book a long while back.

Update: This graphic seems to indicate the switchover between 1920 and 1930

Update 2: And this is great from 1860.

u/digiblur · 2 pointsr/batonrouge

I use this one for many installs. Even snagged a couple Lafayette channels with it raining and installed in the attic.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range

I have this one myself mounted outdoors.

Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P Long Range TV Antenna (Outdoor/Attic, 4K Ultra-HD Ready, ATSC 3.0 Ready, High-VHF/UHF) - 45 Mile Range HD Antenna

u/elkoubi · 1 pointr/batonrouge

I'm interested, but won't be able to participate until after May. I'm an experienced foil fencer, though I haven't had a bout in several years. I have a pair of [waisters] ( I can bring, but I lack other equipment. You guys still going to be going strong in a few months?

u/csc033 · 3 pointsr/batonrouge

I've got the same watch. Bought it the day they came out and have this on it. Easy to apply an no issues so far.

u/abyssea · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Point towards the Mississippi River if you aren't already.

I get BR, NOLA (sometimes) and Lafayette feeds (only at night). So it could be your antenna.

This is the one I have -

u/GeauxRecovery · 1 pointr/batonrouge

I get everything on the list except 48.1 using this mounted on a 20' pole in the backyard. It has a rotor but it is set to where I get everything without moving.

u/quickclickz · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Unopened Turtle Beach headset. It was a duplicate sent. Did not even open. $40

u/StephenNesbit · 2 pointsr/batonrouge

Black Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar

I have an Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar, Black that I bought myself and now never play. It's just sitting in my closet.

$200 OBO

u/loki7714 · 1 pointr/batonrouge

There's a snub nose and a 4 inch barrel model. For your purposes I'd go with the 4 incher. Also, this grip makes the gun a million times more comfortable to hold.

u/SlinkyAvenger · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Always check the Kelley Blue Book value.

You may also want to look online for common issues that the vehicle has.

Make sure the check engine light isn't on, and that they haven't disconnected the battery recently (since this is a quick way to clear any trouble codes detected by the car. You should do that with a scan tool, but you can also look for other less definitive clues (like the radio presets being reset).

A scan tool is definitely worth investing in. I personally purchased this bluetooth one, and have some apps on my Android phone to connect to it. If you have an Apple phone, you will have to look elsewhere, or carry a bluetooth capable laptop to check on the sensors.

If you do notice any issues, it's sometimes worth asking the seller if they will be willing to fix it, or if they will be willing to lower the asking price to compensate. If it's something like the battery not charging, the alternator may be bad, but that's something relatively cheap. If the transmission is fucked, you'll be looking at a serious repair bill in the thousands. At that point, however, the seller will probably be interested in finding a sucker elsewhere.

Finally, find out why the seller is selling their car, and how long they've been trying to sell it. If it's been on the market for weeks, that's usually a bad sign - decent cheap college kid cars get snapped up quick.