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u/budude2 · 6 pointsr/baylor

Oh oh I love coffee! Some cool products to check out on the cheap:

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder: It's a hand crank grinder, but it's a burr grinder so it produces a more consistent grind which in turn produces a better cup of coffee.

Chemex 3-Cup Classic Glass Coffee Maker: Not as cheap as the french press, but since it uses a paper filter so there isn't as much sediment in the cup. I find that I prefer it over the french press.

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker: Classic french press.


Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale: Scales are helpful in getting a consistent cup every time. You can measure out the water and coffee and dial in the perfect ratio.

Also check out Pinewood Roaster's coffee. I think they're on Franklin and 11th in the same building as Alpha Omega. Grab a bag of Ethiopian Beriti and enjoy!

u/secondyearsophomore · 3 pointsr/baylor

Scott Drew really sets a good example for these guys and whether or not you like his coaching style, he is the reason Baylor is even on the college basketball map. If y'all haven't read it, I highly encourage everyone to read The Leftovers by former Bear Matt Sayman. It really shows how much Coach Drew did to bring this program back to life.

u/ChrisM0678 · 1 pointr/baylor

Interesting, so you're saying that Max Lucado isn't endorsing Antioch by entrusting his daughters spiritual community to it's members and the pastoral leadership of it's about him preaching at Antioch on Sunday morning OR him writing the foreword for it's pastors most recent book:

As far as roaming campus spouting to expand on that? Did they claim to represent the church in any official manner in their conversations with you? If not then why label an entire group based on the actions of a few?

u/AStaton · 2 pointsr/baylor

Just a thought: Invest in a better mic. The quality of sound can make or break a podcast. if you're looking for a USB mic, I'd suggest this. If you have more of a budget for a mixer, I'd suggest this.