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u/Donkeyslapper84 · 1 pointr/beards

I use a soap that takes care of the itching. It's called Grandpas Pine Tar Soap..

It completely eliminated any itching I had and I was my face and head with it every time I shower. It has a very distinct smell that some folks don't care for but I like it. Suggest giving it a try to help with the itching.

As far as beard oils go I first used this..

It worked well and can be found at Wal-Mart but it had a bit of a feminine smell to me. I then went with this brand on a suggestion of a fellow beardsman..

They have an amazing selection of oils and even some odd scents like cut grass and dirt. I enjoy the cedar, bacon, chocolate and a few others. I ended up getting the sample pack to satisfy my curiosity and they sent me small bottles of every scent. I have gave quite a few away but I still have a great deal to use and I don't see myself having to order anymore for the next few months.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me anytime. I always enjoy sharing what knowledge I have with a fellow beard enthusiast.

u/Vicktaru · 2 pointsr/beards

The picture gallery is empty, how long have you been growing for and how old are you? If you've been growing for less than a month the answer is to just keep growing. If you're past the month and your beard is a faster growing one you can cut your cheek and neck line. If your hair doesn't grow that fast give it longer, personally I think you should wait until your face is obscured but your hair is not yet too think for a pass or two of a DE razor to cut.

If you're past the two month mark and your hair grows thick you may want to start thinking about grooming. Personally I like to start my shower by putting a good conditioner in my beard and letting it sit as I shower. I wash it out last and then after the shower put some leave in conditioner on it that will stay in my beard the rest of the day. This keeps my beard shiny and soft, and makes it easier to work with while combing.

If you're past three months and your hair grows thick you can then start thinking about trimming. This is not something we can help you with, it really depends on your personal style. I can almost guarantee that everyone here is just going to tell you to let the beast grow. It's not a bad idea either, it's easier to cut beard off than to grow it back so why not let it grow for a while. Personally, I'm almost at three months now and my expectations of what I wanted have completely changed. At first I just wanted a nice flat bit of hair on my face, a very neat and tidy full beard. Unfortunately my hair doesn't grow that way and it had to get pretty thick before it covered my face well. Now that I have grown it thick I find I like the size of the beard and want to keep growing it. Does that mean I'll have a yeard? Couldn't tell you until I get there. I plan to keep growing it until I don't like how it looks anymore, then and only then will I trim it back to the point where I do like it. This is my recommendation to you. That and get your pictures working, everyone wants to see that beast of a beard!

u/ilovefatgirls · 3 pointsr/beards

From top to bottom:

Beardology Beard Balm

Swissco Mustache Comb

Beardology Beard oil. (same link as above)

Honest Amish Beard Balm/leave in conditioner Also available on Amazon and eligible for Prime(save on shipping)

Bass Boars Hair Brush


Coasters hand made by a friend out of reclaimed woods.

Fox Pelt Which it looks like they are out of at the moment.

I like the Honest Amish Beard balm much more than the Beardology. Its softer and easier to work with. I got the Beardology balm as part of a package thing with the oil. Beardology is closed until after the holidays. In my search for "the perfect beard oil" I found that you can't really go wrong with whatever you pick. There are so many companies, small and large, that make the stuff. You can make it yourself if you're so inclined. Most have jojoba or argan oil as the main oil and then other oils to add scent so it's preference really.

All I can say is read up on what you like or what you think your brothers will like and go from there. You really can't go wrong with most of these beard products.

u/zrganza · 7 pointsr/beards

Hello beard friend. I will recommend a product to you. Amazon carries a Hair Mask product. Pure Body Naturals Hair Mask
Use it up to twice a week, it will soften and make your beard hair silky and so damn soft. Its the ultimate conditioner for hair.
Also, beard oil is your best friend. Use a high quality one. I recommend a simple one Leven Rose use it multiple times in a day. Your beard length 4-5 drops 2-3 times a day will keep it soft, supple and your skin under the beard quite happy. Good Luck Friend!

u/assalokj · 3 pointsr/beards

The beard looks fine in terms of coverage/growth/etc. Definitely not a neckbeard. But, it looks horribly maintained.

> i dont know style or fashion or whatever-the-hell at all, and im not entirely sure i care enough to buy into it

If you don't really care how it looks that's great. You should look however you want to look. But, I think you could make it look very good by getting a few bearding basics like:

  1. One of these: These brushes vary in stiffness of bristles quite drastically. For me, I got one that was way to tough and would scratch my face. You may like a tougher one. It's all personal preference. I found a softer one that is great for me. If you want to know which one I got specifically, let me know. I'll check it when I can. You can check out a bunch by searching Amazon for "boars hair brush".

  2. One of these: The one I linked is plastic. I prefer a metal one. Never tried a wood one. You can check out a bunch by searching Amazon for "beard pick"

  3. Some beard oil: This is extremely helpful in keeping it looking nice. It has many benefits and there are tons of articles detailing what oils will help different problems (beardruff, itchy skin, etc.) It just keeps the hair quite healthy. We've got tons of online shops in the side bar that offer discounts with the code bearddit.

    A lot of people seem to have one or the other of the brush and pick. Personally, I find they each have their separate uses. I will get all my hair going in the same direction with the boars hair brush and then I'll use the pick to make it look fuller and make sure it's nice and even.
u/CliffOriginal · 3 pointsr/beards

So, first and foremost you need to read this sidebar link. The jist of what he is saying is; oil it, trim it, brush it, and condition it.

I use this boars hair brush I got on Amazon. It's great. As he says in that post, brushing it does stimulate the hair follicles and speeds up growth.

Trim it often, but don't use clippers and a guard. You will never get the fullness and beard shape you want if you are using clippers and a guard. Instead use some good barbers shears. Just trim the wild hairs that are cooperating with the direction the rest of your beard wants to grown in. Give it time, your beard will fill in.

Oil & condition. This is really what makes your beard soft and healthy. If you're itchy at all while your growing it out, this will help with that too. Check out our beard care page for more info on different products and what they do (and how to use them). I really like using a beard balm as a leave-in conditioner. If you are looking for stuff to use, I recommend going with kit like this to get started.

u/Louisianabeard · 1 pointr/beards

I am no expert, other than my almost 2 yeard. Here is what I do & I do not have problems with itchy, dandruff, etc.

I use Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap.

I use it for my head, beard, and really, everything else. Never use dandruff shampoos. This is great for the whole body, and easy to bring with you.

u/0vercast · 1 pointr/beards

New to beards, but I immediately experienced nice results with Natural Man Beard Oil - Bay Lime. I love the smell, it softened my young beard, and it alleviated itching within a couple days of using it.

I found it on Amazon for $15 for 4 oz. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but this is bargain compared to the rest. Maybe you'll find something you like more eventually, but Bay Lime is not a bad place to start. Frankly, I'm tempted to put it on about 5x a day because it smells and feels so good, but I only do it once in the morning after showering.

u/Whiteoak789 · 3 pointsr/beards

I just bought a pack with 4 oz bottles of Almond oil, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil I also bought a 4 oz of grapeseed oil and mixed them all in a little 1 oz bottle with a dropper (You can buy 6 of them for $5 on ebay). I also bought some Cedar and Pine fragrance oil to add to it for smell that is also Phthalate free vegan and cruelty free just added bonuses it was only $3 for 10ml and smells awesome. Ill link em below if you wanna check it out. I just applied it to my beard this morning and to my head hair and it smells great and feels great.

Edit: Here is a good comb set to if interested

u/cHorse1981 · 1 pointr/beards

To be honest it just looks short. Nothing wrong with that but on some guys it makes it look thin when it’s really not. Some areas might stay patchy no matter how long you wait but the rest will be thick. The typical advice I give is let it grow for 2-3 months then cut/shave off the parts you don’t like and keep the rest. Have a barber do it the first few times. My beard has saved my beard several times.

As far as maintenance goes here’s my routine.

I rinse my beard everyday with hot water till I feel it relax. 1-2 days a week I use a beard shampoo and rinse it out almost immediately. Most days I then use a beard conditioner (use as often as you feel it’s necessary). While that’s doing its thing I wash the rest of me. Again rinse with hot water. I towel dry my beard. Next I apply beard oil. When my beard got longer I started adding a beard balm.

Short beards benefit from a boars hair brush . Once it gets longer a wood comb it great.

u/NW_Nutmegger · 2 pointsr/beards


I’m often asked this, so here is my two cents on my personal routine, which goes from my beard to my handlebar.

For me, the most important thing when starting out is to apply beard oil daily. Yes, daily.

Start your morning with beard oil. Place the bottle right next to your toothbrush so right after you brush your teeth, you are applying the oil. I can't overstate this enough.

For my beard I use 8 drops of beard oil every morning, which when dropped into my palm measures about the size of a dime. That's plenty.

When beginning, start with 2-3 drops and work your way up monthly until you reach a dime size (maximum nickel size and that's for much longer beards than mine) and make sure you get that oil right into your beard and onto your skin. Trust me, your face will thank you later.

I can honestly say I've never experienced the "itch phase" do to disciplining myself with the beard oil, some days applying it before dinner when I get off work after a long day (I work outside for FedEx so my beard takes a pounding with the wind coming into my truck and the elements).

In regards to my personal routine, I comb the beard oil through my beard with a Kent comb (highly recommend!) upwards, then downwards — getting all the oil into all parts of my beard — and then after this I apply a thumbnail size amount of beard balm, repeating the same process with my Kent comb, up and down.

After this, I apply my mustache wax. I use about a half of my thumbnail. That’s plenty to get the ‘stache to stay put.

I rub the wax between the pads of my index finger for about 10-15 seconds to get it pliable and then apply with the assistance of my thumbs, working my way from the center to the ends.

I comb the wax through a few times with one of those small mustache Kent combs and then lightly use my fingers to form the handlebar.

The entire process takes no more than 5 minutes. Certainly beats shaving, which I despise.

Here are the 3 products I’ve been using over the last few months of growing my “yeard” (year long beard) and have been VERY satisfied.

1️⃣ Honest Amish Beard Oil

2️⃣ Honest Amish Beard Balm

3️⃣ Bearded Bastard Mustache Wax

All the best on your beard journey. 👊🏻

u/BigBadJohn13 · 1 pointr/beards

This is the Honest Amish product that I use. I found that their original stuff left my beard too oily with little mold-ability. I have much thicker hair that gets out of control, and like /u/The_DaHowie mentioned the wax is good to keep it down. This wax is some thick ass stuff, but it conditions well. I typically slap some in my beard after I shower, so my beard is already moist and it goes in easy.

I've heard good things about Grave before Shave wax too but never tried it. Best of luck on finding the best product.

u/Grgy · 3 pointsr/beards

Get him the following

Beard Balm (not the one i use, but the one most seem to)

Beard Soap (The one I use)

Boar Bristle Brush

It will help tame his beard, and i would be really surprised if it caused a break out.

You could always go the oil route, and personally, I love these (super cheap compared to most and the scents are awesome, Oak Moss and Bay Rum are my favs)

u/twyphoon · 1 pointr/beards

Disclaimer: My hair is pretty dry, so I doubt you'll moisturize as much as I do, but you can at least check out some of the products I use.

I actually just got some Stubble 'n Stache Moisturizer/Conditioner that really makes the hair feel a lot softer, and the skin beneath it feel great. I'll say I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and would really recommend it. I usually put this on in the mornings before i head out the door.

Midday if i need it, I'll take a pea-sized amount of Honest Amish Conditioner and work it in.

Before bed, I'll usually just work in whatever I'm using in my head hair, which is just a mix of some coconut oil, tea tree oil and argan oil.

Careful not to use too much of any of these guys, because you'll quickly go from curly and coarse to oily and sticky.

u/thatsjustdandy1 · 3 pointsr/beards

It does make a difference. It helps keep the follicles moisturized, preventing your beard from getting dry and brittle, but also keeps your beard soft and more manageable. The different scents they come in are very pleasant as well.

Along with combs, I use these daily, you'll want a good boars hair brush to evenly distribute the oil and also to exfoliate the skin underneath the beard to avoid any dry skin or dandruff.

I started using oil about the 1 month mark and I'm now almost to 5 months in. I've used oil every single day since. Hope that helps get you started at least.

u/MTNlogistics · 3 pointsr/beards

Remember that most shampoos dry out hair...

  • Try to shampoo your beard as little as possible. Once a week is enough. When you do clean it, I recommend using organic soaps or at the very least shampoos that moisturize and are designed for kinky/curly hair. There are also numerous shampoos and soaps made specifically for beards. You can use a moisturizing/detangling conditioner as much as you like, but don't get crazy.

  • Apply beard oil or balm at least once a day. I recommend this or this, but I hear good things about Fuzzworthy as well.
  • Buy a boar bristle brush, and brush your beard throughout the day.
  • Take your vitamins! Vitamins and minerals such as b-complex, d, zinc, and iron all promote healthy looking hair.

    Follow these steps and your beard will be lustrous in no time!
u/wonkinakilt · 1 pointr/beards

Not really what you asked for, but if you genuinely don't hate the beard and just wish it were less unkempt, I second Mabe's advice of getting him some beard care stuff. I'm a big fan of Honest Amish's conditioner - softens a bit and makes it a bit more manageable. Also, this comb is fantastic.

u/Rotten_Chester · 2 pointsr/beards

I had this exact same problem, where my skin would get super dry whenever I grew my beard out for more than a couple of weeks. Beardruff like you wouldn't believe. So i usually would keep it pretty trimmed, that seemed to help. But about 2 months ago I decided I would give it a full-effort try. Same issue, super dry skin. Using dandruff shampoo on it kept the beardruff down but the skin was still really dry and itchy. I was about to trim it down again but then some random post brought me to /r/beards and I did some reading here. I decided to try some beard-specific products and a good brush. I ended up with Honest Amish beard balm ( and a generic boars-hair brush ( and my beard has never been better. Beardruff? Gone! Itchiness? Gone! I give my beard a good rinse every shower and wash it with shampoo two or three times a week and then brush this stuff in afterwards and its never felt better. Seriously, worth every penny.

u/LosExpendables · 3 pointsr/beards

Mine didn't really start to perform until I got into my forties. Until then my beard growth was kind of patchy and inconsistent. Now it's nice and strong. If you aren't in your forties yet, don't give up hope. :)

Oh, and I use Honest Amish Beard Balm (Amazon), a hair dryer, and a round brush. Trust me... it doesn't just lay like that.

u/Used_Taco · 2 pointsr/beards

I like this salve.

I make my own beard oil. It was like $30 to buy all the ingredients initially, but the expensive oils last forever. It works pretty good for beardruff.
1oz apricot kernal oil
1 oz jojoba oil
5 drops castor oil
5 drops cedar wood oil
5 drops tea tree oil

I have this comb for when I'm away from the house and this one for home.
I also use this brush for styling it.

Not all of that is necessary but I'd recommend a comb and beard oil at least.

u/gonzoimperial · 1 pointr/beards

Great, well definitely get him started then. I like jojoba oil because it's cheap and doesn't have much of a scent. I use this brush and some Firehouse Mustache Wax. All the Honest Amish products have always worked well for me too, especially their balms.

u/Jimbo571 · 1 pointr/beards

I can vouch for the boar bristle brush. I got one yesterday and it was much better than the comb I was using previously. Since the bristles are so dense it really penetrates your beard and controls a lot of the hard to tame hairs.

As far as oil, I use Mountaineer Brand which I like and kind of smells like tree sap (in a good way). I also have this one which I like a little more due to it's excellent aroma (if you like hoppy beers).

u/majorjunk0 · 2 pointsr/beards

Since we're talking about beard balms/oils. Give this a try, it's got a sandalwood-ish smell (some say licorice but i don't get that too much) and does wonders. I use this brush to work in the conditioner and get compliments on the feel of my beard and it removes flaky skin.

I will say OP has a nice setup, I'm just sharing what I use and like.

u/CookinWI · 1 pointr/beards

I got everything from Amazon.




As far as oil vs. balm, I use (or will be using) both. The oil I use everyday after I shower in the morning. This helps moisturize the hair and the skin underneath. The Balm, however, I will only be using when I wish to "clean up" my beard. I have thicker hair and a good portion of that hair doesn't really like to cooperate. So in my case, I'm using the balm as a styling product. It'll give a little weight to the hair and help reign in those finniky pieces.

Most people use some combination of both products, it just depends on the look you're going for. That being said, people with longer beards tend to use just oil unless going for a specific style because the weight of their beard is often enough to keep the hair growing in the same direction.

Does that answer your question? Do you have any more?

u/sweezey · 2 pointsr/beards

How far do you wanna go? If you are letting it grow, let it grow, length alone will help. Otherwise find someone who knows how to trim it up and get it trimmed just a little helps a lot. I used a leave in conditioner/beard oil, try to keep from washing it everyday and when I'm going out I use a wax like
Took me a couple times to learn how much, too much flattens the beard out. It helps keep everything together pretty well tho. Has a nice smell with it too.

u/Treypyro · 2 pointsr/beards

I personally use this beard comb and brush and Honest Amish Beard Oil. I really like the way Honest Amish products smell.

When I first started growing my beard I watched the Beard Baron on YouTube. He's got some great videos on how to take care of your beard.

u/gedvondur · 1 pointr/beards

I got this brush.

The soft side is...well useless. I use it to brush away hair if I'm trimming, but that's all it's good for.

The boar bristle side was good for the 'stache, but as my beard gets longer (about three months now) it really can't reach down to the bottom of the beard.

I'd go with something longer. (bristle length) I got another one from my wife that does that job (she didn't want it, "too scratchy")

Wish I could be more help.

u/-deflating · 3 pointsr/beards

Thanks for all the nice comments! Glad to hear I don't look homeless.

My beard care routine has gotten quite thorough over the last 5 months. I condition maybe one a week with a natural (silicone free, oil based) conditioner + black seed oil, and I use either rice bran oil, emu oil, or rosehip oil (or some combination of those three) as beard oil every day. I use Uppercut Beard Balm for styling because it has a little hold, however I've just started experimenting with a matte hair clay/wax as well. It has a lot more hold and I can really shape my beard into something that looks nice and full (like in the picture). It's meant to be a product for your head hair but there was nothing on the ingredient list that made me too nervous.

As far as brushing/styling goes, I use two different boars hair brushes and a wooden moustache comb. I tend to leave my beard kind of damp straight out of the shower, then I oil it and brush it with a boars hair brush like this (not this exact one). I actually brush it up into a big fluffy mess, comb my moustache with a comb like this and then just leave it while I continue on with other parts of my morning routine. Then after it's settled a little on its own I apply Uppercut Beard Balm as per the instructions on the tube (rub it between my hands, run my fingertips through beard to distribute the balm, and then form into a nice shape with my palms). Finally, I give it a final, light brush with a brush like this (again, not this exact one) and I comb my moustache again and then twirl it between my fingers until it has a nice shape. This whole routine can take up to 20 minutes or so (sometimes longer) but I think it makes a big difference in the way my beard looks.

I am growing to like the two-tone, however I'd be lying if I said I don't still longingly look at the Just for Men at the pharmacy. I've just read too much negative stuff about dying beards to ever try it, but I'm always on the lookout for some other way to make my beard look a bit darker.

u/DownTrunk · 2 pointsr/beards

Don't exfoliate your beard, but get a separate beard wash to use in the shower, I use Professor Fuzzworthy's shampoo bar ( I put on balm, I use Honest Amish ( fresh from the shower while still wet. I let that dry and then after it dries, when I brush my teeth I re-wet my beard and add beard oil ( Rub them all into your beard and skin underneath. It will condition and soften your beard and your skin.

You can experiment with different products to find what you like, but these are the ones I've found work well for me.

u/DoomTaru · 1 pointr/beards

i thought you meant a conditioner you use in the shower (which i would recommend.) Unfortunately, as others have said, your wife is right in this case... as both products you ordered i would consider after-shower brush-in products to help your beard be more manageable, and shiny. I too just ordered some beard products after reading this sub and getting inspired. I'm going on a yeard but my type of growth tends to be very curly/wirey and mostly grows in thickness as opposed to length. I'm hoping to "relax" it a bit with these new products. I would suggest finding a good shampoo/conditioner for the shower then choose either the conditioner or oil to brush in afterwards. here's what i ended up getting: bar shampoo for the shower, after-shower beard balm, and this brush i have a nice conditioner that my wife bought me for xmas that i use in the shower. any other suggestions i'm all ears

u/mlee0000 · 1 pointr/beards

I've only had the beard for some number of months now. I've been using "Honest Amish" brand. There might be better brands out there, but it got good reviews on Amazon and it has worked just fine for me.

It has a faint licorice scent.

I use a pea-sized dab of the balm and emulsify it in my palm, then work it through my beard when it is still slightly damp. Then just a tiny bit of the wax on the moustache, after warming it between the fingers. The tin is seriously like a lifetime supply.

The wax isn't a true mustache wax that hardens, but I find it suits my needs. Additionally, you could use it on the beard itself to tame any strays.



u/tracedef · 2 pointsr/beards

It took me a while to figure this out, this is what works for me: for moustache, only moustache wax. For the beard you will find beard balms / conditioners and waxes. The balms are conditioners and can be shiny if you use too much ... they melt quickly when you rub them in your hands to an oily consistency ... they usually are very mild in helping shape your beard or help with frizziness or rattiness, IME, I've moved away from them or will use then once every week or two at night just for conditioning since I have some left over .... Beard waxes, on the other hand, give you more styling control, waxes help me with frizziness and give a bit of a more cleaner look instead of an out of control or sloppy look, if you will .... you can even use some hair waxes / clays as well, I've used American Crew fiber and Uppercut Clay ... they work ok .... I've been using this beard wax: ... and it works well enough but am almost out and am looking for even more control, so just got this today and haven't used it yet: .... Hope this helps!

TLDR; For most control, moustache wax for moustache and beard wax for beard.

u/CasualSuperHero90 · 2 pointsr/beards

Ok I was in the same situation. Work doesn't care about the beard, but I want to maintain a professional approach to work. So I heeded the advice of /r/beards awhile ago. Here's what I'll recommend:

Step 1 : Oil and/or Leave in conditioner

My current favorite

On the days I shampoo and condition my beard I dont use the leave in. Other days I use the leave in. Oil everyday.

Step 2: Brush

Pick up a boars hair brush and get the product from step 1 deep in there.

Step 3: Paste

Current personal favorite:

This process leaves my beard straight and soft. I still have to deal with the odd hair sticking out, but it looks more professional.

u/Tactical_Beer · 1 pointr/beards

Keep it clean and keep it oiled. I have terrible skin, and it wasn't until I got some good shampoo/conditioner and oil that I was able to finally grow a beard. Also using a beard comb to train your whiskers to grow in the right direction can help. There's tons of great products out there, here are the ones that I found and like.

Beard Combs
Beard Oil

u/bearded_face · 2 pointsr/beards

I would highly recommend Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil. I've used it for about 2 years now. The stuff smells great and is also from my great state of WV. Check em out!

u/suxer · 0 pointsr/beards

I bought the following:




I like all three of those, though I think there surely are better brushes.

I didnt really mind the prices, some people here will say that you can make your own oils and balms or use plain coconut butter/oil.

Im not much of a handy DIY kinda guy, so a couple of bucks on beard care product wasnt a big deal to me.

u/ScubaSteve91 · 2 pointsr/beards

Beard Oil and Conditioner, Fragrance Free, Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper, Gives You a Respectable Beard That Is Healthy Looking, and Kissable

u/cup-o-farts · 3 pointsr/beards

I'd say first take a military style brush to it, something like this. Something with stiff bristles. See if you can tame it a little with that and some oil.

If it doesn't help I might go ahead and trim the cheeks a little but the rest looks ok and will probably look better with a little more growth.

u/iDreamtInception · 1 pointr/beards

I’m not super experienced in the beard area, as I’m growing my facial hair for the first time, currently 5 weeks in. I just received Honest Amish beard oil and balm/leave in conditioner yesterday and love them so far. The smell is like black liquorish and it leaves me feeling soft.


u/Holovoid · 1 pointr/beards

My wife just bought me this beard oil and this beard shampoo for Christmas. I technically got it on the 21st, and have used it 3 times since then. Its already had a pretty positive effect on my fledgling beard. Made it a bit more shiny and a lot softer. Smells pretty good too.

The only issue I have is if you use too much of the oil it makes your beard smell a bit like movie theater popcorn (just oily smelling) but if you don't use too much its not bad.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/beards

Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil - The Original (30ml/1 fl. oz)

Says I purchased it November 12, 2013. So it's lasted me over a year. And i wasn't always so scarce with it either. Im almost out now. Smells great. Enjoy

u/Syzygy117 · 2 pointsr/beards

I'm happy with Honest Amish beard balm, simple. smells good. and keeps it looking nice and soft.

u/thekiltedpiper · 1 pointr/beards

I use this beard shampoo everyday :

Then hit it with some beard balm, has kept my beard nearly beardruff free. Some people say "dont wash your beard everyday", I say you gotta find what works best for your beard. Experiment!!!

u/slickmickers · 2 pointsr/beards

Oh! It's called Honest Amish Beard Balm. I don't think it has anything to do with the place. My bad homie.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - All Natural -Vegan Friendly Organic Oils and Butters

u/Vindalfr · 2 pointsr/beards

Jojoba Oil is magic, great for daily use for wax I tend to use this for some gloss and whatnot. In fact, I actually add Jojoba oil to the beard gloss just to get it to spread through the beard better and then use it straight on the mustache for some light hold.

u/patio87 · 1 pointr/beards

Don't use oil, Amish beard balm, it's amazing! I would never go back to oil after using this. No druff, smells amazing, all organic:

u/glorious_spam · 3 pointsr/beards

I think he just needs to keep at it. Grooming wise I recommend combing that stache with something like and using a beard conditioner like Rub a pinch of that stuff in every morning after a shower and comb a little. Maybe get some trimming scissors to cut any long hairs if he wants to.

u/gootrm01 · 1 pointr/beards

Beard oil, will definitely help, and yes I bought my
brush off amazon

u/chancrescolex · 1 pointr/beards

Beard balm and a nice 100% boar bristle brush. Honest Amish is the first I've tried, but I love it so far.

u/bcgpete · 1 pointr/beards

I agree. I recently bought this and it makes my beard look like a teenage girl's hair in the 80s on a humid day. I need something better!

u/seemzlegit · 1 pointr/beards

^ my current brush of choice. Love the two sides. One nice and soft and one for the out of control days.

u/SittingOnA_Cornflake · 1 pointr/beards

Thanks. Just one more question. Do you have experience with this shampoo?:

It's in bar form which seems odd.

Actually, after researching it more, I like it a lot. It's uses all natural ingredients, and I can cut it up to fit in a soap dish.

u/Ode2RoadRage · 1 pointr/beards

Honestly most oils are going to have the same effect.

That being said, that oil is pretty expensive.... $20 for 1oz??

I use Honest Amish -- $14 for 2oz.

u/Customwise · 1 pointr/beards

I'm still learning as well. I bought my first beard oil at the Art of the Shave store at the mall. It worked well, but I feel that mall prices are usually higher than they need to be. I'm currently using this:

I've been using it for a couple of weeks so far and I haven't had any dander issues yet.

The important thing to remember is that you should rub the oil in to your skin beneath your beard. I do that and then add my beard Balm before brushing everything to the way I like it.

u/Nightshade118 · 1 pointr/beards

On a side note while It is turning out nicely my whiskers are wild and super curly, i'm using this beard oil but my beard still feels dry and scratchy at times. Any suggestions? I have well water at my house.

u/mistergiantacorn · 2 pointsr/beards

I’ve started using this beard oil to help shape it and alleviate some dry skin issues I’ve had. I got this beard comb/brush set to help try to keep it somewhat tame.

I’ve only started recently trying to grow it out longer so still a work in progress! I have a Wahl trimmer I use to get any crazy hairs that don’t want to cooperate hah

u/clips_phrases · 3 pointsr/beards

Well, this is the brush I got for reference. In the picture, the topside of the brush is the stiffer brush and the bottom the softer brush.

Hmm, the softer side is more like light scraping on my face, but I wouldn't call it rough. The stiffer part is definitely scratchy. Perhaps your brush is of the nylon reinforced brush, instead of 100% boar?

u/se7endust1 · 2 pointsr/beards


Something like this

The balms seemed to add a nice shine when under 1", but noticed it did more bad than good.

Yep, probably half hour after the shower. Is when I took that last night. It looks similar after sleeping on it and a 10 hour day at work... probably be okay if I kept a brush with me!

u/SlickThickRick · 1 pointr/beards

I use beard oil that I make myself, along with a boar brush to groom it. The oil gets used after a hot shower and the brush is used after the oil and also the next day in the morning after I wake up. The exact brush is the Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush. I trim every once in a while with scissors, but that is it. Am I doing something wrong? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.

u/glissader · 2 pointsr/beards

I just got a kent tiny mustache comb, which is awesome, but for getting unruly hairs to lay down boars brush is the way to go. This one works really well for distributing oil

u/Mr_not_Lucky · 1 pointr/beards

My beard just wants to curl up and get bushy. I find brushing with a [boards hair brush] ( first thing in the morning after I apply my oil helps to keep my curl down to a minimum and I brush it a few times through out the day. I find the wide tooth combs are only good for removing debris.

u/IcemanBlizz · 2 pointsr/beards

I use Honest Amish Original Beard Wax and their Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard Wax can help if you have a really dense and unruly beard.

u/zef_ninja · 3 pointsr/beards

I have been using this product for a few months now. Very happy about it!

u/ZenThundr · 3 pointsr/beards

I'm also a fan of Honest Amish. They make a nice beard oil as well as the balm. The balm seems to give more control as far as styling, but most days I just use the oil. Feels niiiiiiice.

u/freestylesno · 1 pointr/beards

Having just gone though this with mine, it does go a way a little with length. what i did was grow it out really long and then trim just the sides down. The best thing i found was beard wax and then pulling it down though out the day. Also watch how much you shampoo it.

u/SamuraiJakkass86 · 1 pointr/beards

This is the one I use. Smells great, and I never have dandruff when I use it - which is about once a week.

u/Grizzly_Bears · 1 pointr/beards

Well I am new to having a beard, so others may know of better products. But I use tea tree conditioner in the shower and beard oil.

u/thibit · 1 pointr/beards

Free? Hahahahahaha...

u/jezusflowers · 1 pointr/beards

This is what I use, I've really enjoyed all of them. I just apply these once every day or two, and avoid shampooing or conditioning, as that can get rid of some of your natural oils. Just rinsing thoroughly in the shower with water is enough.

u/iam_foundorange · 2 pointsr/beards

Comb set:

I bought the Badger oil at an organic health & beauty shop in the town I live in.

u/snarkyrocko · 1 pointr/beards

Mine is fairly curly as well. After a shower, I towel dry it, rub some balm in and then comb/shape it. The balm helps straighten it a bit.

This is what I use:

u/DankVectorz · 2 pointsr/beards

I just picked up these combs per advice on this sub and they’re awesome. I didn’t think one comb was different than any other comb other than the width of the teeth but I was wrong! I don’t know how but these combs straighten out my curls with just a few strokes.

Kent Handmade Combs for Men Set...

For balm and oil I use Honest Amish.

Here’s the result of those combs:


After: (I did trim my sideburns in this pic)

u/Casanova-Quinn · 1 pointr/beards

Solid stache. I'd suggest a getting a moustache comb to keep it neat and out of your mouth.

u/BigBattleCat · 12 pointsr/beards

I've burned through oils, man. It's just not worth the investment. I get beard balm and the coconut oil. Shower --> apply coconut oil to wet beard. Let dry ---> apply beard balm to dry beard. Comb out through every stage.


Coconut oil for hair -

OGX Anti-Breakage Serum, Nourishing Coconut Milk, 4oz

Beard balm

Beard Balm - All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner - Handmade in Detroit - Original Scent

u/AceHiStation · 12 pointsr/beards

Good looking beard! As an owner of a Persian beard, I find just a little bit of gloss can help reduce the waviness of my beard and makes it look much more legit. Just a thought. Also I realize the product is expensive for how little you get, but you really don't need to use that much to see a difference. Let me know if you try it!

u/lonestarfisherman · 2 pointsr/beards

I use a boar hair brush with a little beard balm on it. When showering, make sure you don't use any harsh soaps/shampoos that will dry out your beard.

u/Majestic_Beard · 1 pointr/beards

Hmm, I'll have to pick up some wax. I'll try to use some Beard Balm as a substitute in the meantime. Thanks!

u/PapaJ0e4 · 1 pointr/beards

I will have to try that balm. Nice brush too. Here is the one that I use

u/hansSA · 3 pointsr/beards

I use this. It gives some control without looking too manicured. Nice neutral smell, too.

u/spruzo · 1 pointr/beards

If anyone would like to pay 3 times as much but get it via Amazon then I think this is it.

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u/fellasplendor · 0 pointsr/beards

Still not sure if I should using a special soap or not, or if the balm/oil combo covers it.

EDIT: Currently eying this.

u/Teriks · 2 pointsr/beards

I use this:

Seems to be one of the cheaper and good-working oils. Just need a few drops and run it through the beard to the skin, then use a beard brush and comb it all in.

Argan oil is popular along with Jojoba. There's a few others, but those are the main two.

u/str8_70s · 3 pointsr/beards

My needs:

  1. Simple wide-toothed comb, akin to a fro pick. Wooden is nice.

  2. Beard brush.
    Depending on your hair, you may want softer:
    Or firmer:

  3. Beard oil and or balm.
    I use a little oil after shower at night before bed, and a little balm after cold shower in the morning. For oil, I mix my own. Jojoba oil, maybe a little argan, and whatever woody essential oils I like for scent. For balm, I actually use this: Badger Unscented Balm for Sensitive Dry Skin - 2oz
    Technically not a beard balm, but it’s got no garbage in it, and there’s always a premium or up-charge on beard-specific products, and I’m not down with that bullshit.

  4. Beard wash.
    I also mix my own “beard shampoo,” basically just Dr. Bronner’s soap, diluted 3:1 or 4:1, add a little oil of some sort (jojoba, olive or avocado), and perhaps a little peppermint oil. Basically you just want a gentle soap. A bunch of recipes online, but similarly, beard-specific products will always cost more than their components. I pay almost nothing for great beard care, except a little time.

    Beard on!
u/satty · 1 pointr/beards

Beard Wax

That is all I'm going to say.

u/EmptyAy · 2 pointsr/beards

Barrister & Mann's beard oil is on sale today.

Also maybe a boar brush and some Honest Amish balm?

That's all I ever used when I was working on my yeard (though the B&M wasn't out at the time so I used something else.)

u/Puttzdog · 2 pointsr/beards

I got mine on Amazon so i assume they ship to the UK too.

u/yomaoni · 2 pointsr/beards

beard balm has helped me get rid of my flakes.
Beard Balm

u/Robby712 · 1 pointr/beards

The Heavy Duty provides a little extra hold and keeps the strays in check.

I also hit it with Tea Tree Oil after showers and that tends to keep mine from curling too much.

u/R3TR0 · 2 pointsr/beards

My beard is very thick and sponge-like. It tamed it just a little bit and made it less scratchy. Also gives it a little bit of a shine.

u/bmcclure937 · 2 pointsr/beards

Here you go bud...

Kent Handmade Combs for Men Set...

u/Brandon_S12 · 5 pointsr/beards

I'm not sure that this is a trimming issue (unless you took off some length), but rather after you grow your beard past a certain length you can start to see the natural wave that the hair has to it. Mine does the same thing.

I can usually comb the "flair" out using some Honest Amish Beard Balm. If it's a bad flair day I will straighten it out using a blow dryer on low/med heat and a comb, but I use this method sparingly, as drying out the beard too much can cause split ends.

u/Brendarrrr · 1 pointr/beards

I've been using this. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet

u/thedeadrabbit · 1 pointr/beards

This is the one I've used everyday, multiple times a day, for 4 years, and it's lost only a few bristles.

u/GoldenBeaRR6 · 4 pointsr/beards

I just had this one delivered today:

No complaints.