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u/Ryvaeus · 1 pointr/beautytalkph

Thanks for asking! u/shnurshnur and I (along with the others in our party) will try to address these in the FAQ video we'll put out, but my personal take on these questions are:

>How would you explain it to someone whose only exposure to it is in The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things?

If you think of D&D as a kind of spectrum, both BBT and ST are on it; with Big Bang Theory leaning towards the more exaggerated, r/wheredidthesodago kind of roleplaying, and Stranger Things more closely approximating what it's actually like. In fact, depending on your group's dynamics, it could be eerily accurate, including the parts where they argue about what to do next. (As an aside, Stranger Things resonated so much with me that I wrote about how it reminded me of my high school D&D groups last year)

>is it an expensive hobby? How much can I expect to spend on starter and expansion packs and stuff?

It's only as expensive as you want it to be. The starter set is $26 (haven't seen it locally, unfortunately) and includes everything to start a basic game. If you wanted to get more in-depth (create your own characters), you could get by with sharing one single Players' Handbook among your entire group. And if you wanted more structured adventures, you could buy them piecemeal for $20-$40 each, or get the Dungeon Master's Guide to make your own scenarios, or even the Monster Manual to choose which enemies to sic at your friends.

The costs can scale up or down depending on how far you want to go. If you want all-out immersion then you could spend hundreds on figurines, tilesets/maps, supplemental books, etc. On the super budget side of the fence, you could even get by with just using electronic resources (even virtual dice) to try playing D&D with no up-front cost incurred.

Hope this helps, and even though I've answered your questions, I hope you choose to watch our video when we release it so you can get opinions from the others too!

u/blackstationzero · 1 pointr/beautytalkph

Not sure if it’s their best seller but their milk masks are amazing! Super moisturizing and smell like a dream (especially their chocolate variant). I haul them whenever I go abroad :-)

u/myhscharm · 1 pointr/beautytalkph

Hello! Sure i can post a pic but um.. how do I do that exactly? Haha dont know how. I searched on Amazon this is what it looks like -

Mine does have a plastic build, but it doesnt seem flimsy naman. Hanna is the brand.

But just to clarify - my dad didnt buy this from Lazada. He bought it from a friend from the US. What I saw on Lazada are pH strips.

Regarding how to test - at first I also wasnt sure how to test so I tried two methods:

  1. Mixed product in my palm with water then just put the end of the meter in my palm.

  2. Mixed the product in a glass then put the meter in it. (I used more product with this method, to submerge it in more)

    They both yielded the same results, thankfully. So I just use the product in palm method.
u/Kizzychii · 3 pointsr/beautytalkph

Hello po, I've been using my cup for over a year na and I love it. Sckoon Cup yung ginagamit ko. It's FDA approved and super soft. I bought mine on Amazon. It takes some getting used to but once it's in parang wala lang. I honestly don't feel it at all.
I suggest this video for more information! Of course do as much research as makes you feel confident, cause every woman is different! But I've never been able to successfully use tampons, they hurt a lot, but this Cup has honestly changed my period life!

u/misschurros · 1 pointr/beautytalkph

I enjoyed reading your posts! I'm planning on buying my first designer bag soon, and I'm inclined towards the following:

  • LV Neverfull MM
  • Givenchy Antigona small
  • Celine Trio
  • Prada Tessuto Nylon

    Any thoughts on these? I don't really know much about designer bags so I don't know which ones are worth it and which ones are tacky. Lol. Also, where do I buy these bags at a generally good price? A friend got her Prada in Florence for €450 (which is apparently already cheaper?).
u/twstdgrl · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

I'm currently using Lolane Natura Hair Treatment, I found out about it while I was shopping in PCX. The small size is only 100 pesos. Its not that bad at all :) after using it I apply HHN Hair Serum to make my hair less buhaghag :)

u/7teen38 · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

If you could get your hands on it I highly reccomend Tom’s of Maine

This is the only natural deo that worked for me & for people I reccomended it to

u/scubadance · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

Salamat po sa mga nagsuggest ng curling wand in my last post. I ended up ordering a Remington off of Amazon, tho. Mej sketch kasi ako pag walang reviews yung isang item.

It also ended up being cheaper than the good ones available in our market.

u/calacatia · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

I buy my pepper sprays from NelsonKRX on Facebook. Meron din sa Hahn Manila and some Ace Hardwares.

EDIT: This is what I have.

u/fmngblch · 4 pointsr/beautytalkph

Not OC but I use a Crystal deodorant and it works. You just have to use it on your clean and damp underarms. It really helped in lightening my armpits tbh.

u/dominiquetiu · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

Can I get a quote for this? :) Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

u/pen-wiper · 1 pointr/beautytalkph

I wanted to wear my nails bare. But my problem is parang di ganun kaputi yung nails? So I searched what to do. What I saw is yung Sally Hansen Nail White Pencil . Meron ba kayong alam na alternative?