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u/Elliedee1 · 3 pointsr/benzorecovery

These lavender pills are research based and I shit you not- they are MORE effective at managing my anxiety then benzos .

I am not into hippy dippy shit - my brother and I were both addicted to high amounts of kpin and Xanax for years. THIS is what helped free us both.

It is WORTH the price and I take at least 2/day.
I have not met anyone who has not benefitted from this. Is is amazing at managing anxiety , ptsd, depression, benzo wd, the works.

Check this out: Integrative Therapeutics - Lavela WS 1265 - Clinically Studied L...

Beyond that, managing the physical symptoms such as racing heart palpitations and temp disregulation , clonidine at night was helpful (the blood pressure med) and beta blockers can be helpful.

Eating a low carb diet high in protein can be helpful,

Mag supplements like natural calm were super helpful.

My night time routine was :

Big dose of natural calm + trace mineral drops.
3 lavender pills
1 clonidine

Big cup of “yogi lavender stress release”.

And my favorite cbd : nuleaf cbd - I have tried every single cbd available in Oregon and this is THE stuff that works for me and benzo WD.
Also helps with my seizures and I was a huge skeptic .

u/shantivirus · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

Dissolving the tablet takes too long, you'll want to crush it instead. I bought a simple mortar and pestle from Amazon, but you can also use a spoon and bowl.

The key to a liquid titration is to use a 100mL measuring cylinder so that 1mL = 1%. It makes the math super easy. Then you just use an oral dosing syringe to measure out the amount you need. You can get one for free at any pharmacy.

It's also really helpful to write down your daily dosage somewhere, instead of trying to remember it. I made a simple log with the date, the number of mL removed and the number of mL left.

So, for example, if I used the oral syringe to pull out 2mL from the solution, 2mL = 2%, so I'd have a 98% dose left over.

Hope this helps! :)

u/td42 · 3 pointsr/benzorecovery

Less is more, be careful taking anything that might be stimulative.

In my case I introduced more vegetables and occasionally eat paleo/primal meals (but have yet to adopt it completely), along with a basic multivitamin/mineral once a week.

Supplement wise, it's hard to say what really helps. Anything that does provide improvement will be minimal.

The only things I personally used (and still use) is Turmeric+black pepper (this brand specifically), for the anti-inflammatory benefits -- during benzo withdrawal I should imagine inflammation is increased.

After recovery I introduced probiotics, because years of benzo usage, and often the things we do while on benzos can't be good for the gut. Some of them can (in theory) help improve our mental state, and indeed the brain-gut link is often underestimated. (I used this one for 30 days, and now I'm using Primadophilus Reuteri, once it runs out I will probably just take 1 a week of a general one)

It is hard to say if any of these had any significant benefit, because I have been using them for months and haven't really stopped.

Recently (now that I'm 6 months clean) I added Lion's mane for the nerve healing benefits (specifically Time health's brand) -- but I probably won't take it long term (just a few weeks of 'treatment').

u/JM91Six · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

I actually have used melatonin in many forms and doses. There was some sort of research about the effective dose of melatonin being far lass than what is normally sold..

I take this Sundown Melatonin 300 mcg, 120 Tablets (Packaging May Vary)

Not sure other people’s experiences but this has worked just as good if not more than any quick dissolve, gummy, liquid melatonin fat higher doses

I also have used unisom that works awesome as wlel

u/kermtrist · 1 pointr/benzorecovery Magnesium potasium powder they sell at every CVS or Walgreens or whatever corner drug store you shop at. Or Amazon for that matter.

Natural Vitality Calm, #1 Selling Magnesium Supplement, Anti-Stress Drink Mix Powder, Original, Unflavored - 8 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

u/benzOzneb · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

I'd HIGHLY recommend you read Dr. Stuart Shipko's book "Xanax Withdrawal". It's a very easy read and highly valuable to someone specifically coming off of xanax. Combine that with reading the Ashton Manual and you will have for yourself a very nice idea of what you'll have to look forward to coming off of xanax in the coming weeks/months/years. These two books together are some of the best knowledge on xanax/benzodiazepine withdrawal that I know of to date. If you happen to also struggle from anxiety/panic aside from the xanax, Dr. Stuart Shipko's book "Surviving Panic Disorder" is literally a panic disorder sufferer's bible. It's the best explanation for what panic disorder is and how to approach it that I've ever come across. Saved me in many ways to be informed:

u/M45_WRX · 2 pointsr/benzorecovery

If I can make a recommendation it would be to read this Hope and Help For your Nerves by Dr Claire Weeks I've read it last week in the midst of my taper and it put a lot of perspective on what's anxiety and what it can do and convince you of. It also has helpful methods of coping as well.

u/Ssuperkay · 3 pointsr/benzorecovery

It’s a neurotransmitter supplement. You actually get a little tingly just for like 10-15 Min. GABA is the same thing that Benzos mess up bit helps.

u/2Turnt4MySwag · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

KSM-66 Ashwagandha 600mg - Organic Root Extract - High Potency 5% Withanolides - Health Benefits Include Reduced Stress and Anxiety, Increased Energy and Focus (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

u/river0tt3r · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

You're golden. Half the battle is exposure. You'll start to get annoyed at that billboard, I bet.

Since I dont get enough benzos from my dr., I can't blame her- I have to use diclazepam, which is legal in the states, (Colorado). It acts very similarly to diazepam and has a long half life. I'm going to buy these items to titrate with efficiency due to the differing nature of the potencies:

It's much easier going through your doctor, but there's a stigma in the states so I am personally avoiding the doctor route unless I absolutely have to and going by the ashton manual and I'm very confident I'll be ok. It might take time for me- but for you, I bet it'd just be a couple of months tops. It sucks you live in a country that glamorizes alcohol. I mean, we do the same thing here, actually. It's just such a shitty drug compared to others. Get used to drinking water or non-alcohol drinks- it's really no big deal and if anyone gives you shit you can tell them to fuck off, it's not their life. Or tell them you're supporting your wife! :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

Haha no, think drug dealer scale

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size, Black

u/unsemble · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

Try reinstating at 0.125mg, hold that for a few weeks, then drop.


This is a good pill splitter, it's expensive but better than buying 3 shitty ones that don't work.


u/sizlack · 1 pointr/benzorecovery

Yeah, there is evidence that gut bacteria can affect mood. I feel like when I got my gut right, it helped my mood a lot. Maybe just because I wasn't in pain so much or maybe because I had beneficial bacteria, I don't know. I don't think you can do irreversible damage to your gut bacteria. Maybe you're not taking the right probiotic for you. There are a lot of different types of gut bacteria. It also might not be the bacteria making you sick, it could be some other additive in the pill. I think this is really more likely. Probiotics don't act that quickly. And there can be binding agents in some medication that can exacerbate irritable bowel syndrome. Take a look at the label and do some googling on what you find.

But for my mood, I did some research on which bacteria to get and found that (I think) L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri might produce GABA, so I take them daily. I take a combination of Culturelle (which has a good mix) and L. reuteri on it's own:

I also got a SIBO test and found that I had bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. I took a specific antibiotic that only works in the small intestine (where you're not supposed to have bacteria) and leaves the rest of the gut alone. Once I did that, my gut health really shot up a notch.

Keep trying. Keep doing research. You're on the right track.