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u/macbooklover91 · 3 pointsr/bifl

Just to throw another option into the mix, I've always heard good things about Etymotics. They make some pretty great earbuds.

I have never used their concert earbuds but they're pretty well reviewed. (2401 reviews at 4.3 stars)

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Fit, Clear Stem with Frost Tip

u/cursethedarkness · 3 pointsr/bifl

I use this thermos for hot food like soup, stews, and some pastas for my husband's lunch. I've been very happy with it. Food safety is only an issue if you don't follow the directions (use boiling water to sterilize and heat it first, make sure the food is hot enough, etc). You can find several sources online that cover the food safety aspect.

For cold stuff, he uses this Coleman cooler. I had to link to eBay because apparently it isn't made anymore. He's been using it since the early 90s, so the older ones are definitely BIFL. I have no idea about the newer ones. I use ice packs to keep cold food cold.

u/CropRhombus · 1 pointr/bifl

This is the one I've got:

I'm not counting on it to be BIFL, but I have run through blenders in a month or two before and this one does a great job and hasn't slowed down yet, through 2 years of heavy use.

Maybe not every all-metal drive blender is great, but I would guess that they are much more durable than plastic parts, in general.

u/mckulty · 5 pointsr/bifl

Insulin pen user here. Pencil cases are perfect, as long as they're 8" or so. My pens are 6"+ and 7" cases are crowded at the opening.

My favorite is this goatskin zipper pouch for \< $10. It has a crinkly leather texture that I can identify by touch in my bookbag.

Next step up in size would be the toiletries/makeup bags.

Since this is BIFL I'll say I've banged my goatskin case around for a couple of years and it doesn't show any wear, it just gets a little more flexible and comfortable with time. I'd say for $10 it's pretty astonishing work.

If you don't like Amazon, shop these products at Etsy. Prices ~double but there's more creativity.

u/BeerBaconBoobies · 2 pointsr/bifl

To second and expand upon /u/JoshGTO's answer, a diamond-grit bench stone will work for anyone of any handedness in any direction. I have this one from DMT - I can't imagine it ever breaking (the base is a very solid plastic) and, while the extra-fine side makes up about 98% of my usage, I do occasionally flip over to the other side to help restore edges that are really badly degraded. Diamond grit works really fast, so you should only need a few swipes to get your knives back to top shape. Finish up with a sharpening steel - you can get them all over Amazon for $20ish tops, and there's no reason they shouldn't last forever also - and practice keeping your angles consistent as you sharpen, and before long you'll be able to shave with every knife you own.

u/efedora · 2 pointsr/bifl

I use a Brill. Keep in mind that you will have to cut more often then with a power mower. If you let the grass get too long you'll have to make a couple of passes. I've been very happy with Brill after 3 summers. Good way to get a workout.

u/qes · 3 pointsr/bifl

I can highly recommend this Oster:

It's no Vitamix, but it's about as reliable as you'll find short of an actual Vitamix. I've tried a lot of blenders and I certainly put them through their paces.

u/Beards_Bears_BSG · 2 pointsr/bifl

OP, if you're spending a lot of money on knives and you're not a chef you're wasting your money.

Get a set of Victorinox Fibrox like /u/WeShouldGoThere suggests.

Then either learn how to sharpen your knives with something simple like this and strop your knives or take them in once a month (Depending on use) and have them professionally sharpened.

I have a set of cheap $50 from Sears that have lasted me almost 7 years with no signs of stopping because they are regularly maintained.

The only reason I am going to replace them is I no longer like the ergonomics of the handles.

u/Morphemeaddict · 1 pointr/bifl

I just bought this one, looks well reviewed, will come back in 10 to update BIFLness ;)

u/Neotech8010 · 2 pointsr/bifl

I'm a guy with long hair, and despite my lack of understanding I've always found the classic hard rubber combs to be the best at avoiding snags and retaining rigidity.

u/Conner233 · 1 pointr/bifl

GustBuster umberellas are much cheaper than Davek and can withstand really high winds. I'm thinking of buying one of the large ones.

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella (Black)

u/benis13 · 3 pointsr/bifl

I've been using this Peugeot for about 5 years with 0 issues. My father told me to buy one after he'd had his for over 20 years. It's not fancy, but when frown when I have to use anything else. Don't get me started on those plastic grinders that you buy at the grocery store.

u/AbsoluteKel · 1 pointr/bifl

It really depends on what you're looking for. I personally swear by ConAir's i-Stubble trimmer for a shorter facial hair. Bought my dad one for Christmas last year and now the rest of the family wants one too.

u/brsmits · 1 pointr/bifl

So my Granny (tough old broad born in 1919, probably bought this thing a year later) has this SUPER old cast iron thing. Just a quick amazon search brought up this thing. it looks similar.

See: any argument about cast iron on this sub. Dude, you can't break that shit. I need new tiles in my kitchen floor because the pan broke them. Yes them. Multiple. More than one. These things are fucking crazy heavy.