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u/shortncurvypixie · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

my little black dress I've only worn this one for a few hours, so Haven't washed it yet, also I got it in black so I'd have something for funerals & stuff, but it comes in other colors

the only high neck thing I own the flowers camouflage the boobs, so they don't look 3x their normal size. Since it was half the price of other dresses I machine washed it inside out on cold and machine dried it I had great results :)

my favorite so far I love the flowers & shape. If you'll notice, unlike most dresses the "boob slots" are much larger & let the girls fit in without it looking weird.

my cotton plain one Purchased to have something I could wear for casual days

EDIT: let me know if you wanna know what sizes I wound up purchasing :) I followed review guidelines mostly

u/freebjae · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

I am also a 38GG, and my boyfriend found me this one: on amazon. There's a lot of colors, and I like the front closure, as I sleep on my back or side. The comments on Amazon said it runs a little small in the band, so he got me the 42F/G/H, and it fit's perfectly.

my boobs were constantly falling out of sports bras while sleeping, and this bra is both supportive and comfy like I haven't felt since middle school.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: the price ranges from $16.50 to $40. Mine was 18.21 for the all black, and 24 for black with polka dots

u/velociraptor1980 · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I bought this dress and LOVE it! I'm around 44-34-44 and bought a large and it fit perfectly. I buy a lot of clothes on Amazon and end up returning about half, but what I do keep is usually awesome!

u/IAmASquishyBunny · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

Well it's usually best to measure according to /r/ABraThatFits, so I'd recommend remeasuring according to their standards first.

Other than that, if she really is a 30E, there are plenty of options. This bra in floral and 30E is $22.10

Black Ombre in 30E is $28.29

Fuchsia 30E is $25.89

Plum 30E is $27.34

30E for $20 and amazing cleavage

30E in blue/black for $21.99

30E in black/purple $24, needs to be added to cart to show actual color

30E china blue is $28.93

30E is equivalent to a 30DDD

Malibu blue 30DDD is $21.83

Honestly, if she's spilling out of a 32DD, a 30E probably won't be much better, since the cups are the same volume. She might need a 30F. As I said, try again using the /r/ABraThatFits method.

u/mirburlyn · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

I’m having this same issue and this is what I’m going to try. I have been using boob lift tape from amazon and it works pretty well from my experience. Then I’m going to TRY to pair this with a sticky bra that will bring them together so I won’t have as much side boob. I know you said you’ve tried this, but maybe paired with the tape it’ll work? Good luck!

Edit: just for reference with the tape, I am a 34DDD but have also never been properly sized

u/jlaray · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

Try going to a thrift store, and searching through all the camisoles with a built-in elastic "bra". If you find a large enough one, they can support your breasts just enough to sleep comfortably without being too tight. This works for me, though mine are G/H so I'm not sure it'll work for you, but it's worth a shot! They also make things like this, which can help keep them separated while on your side.

u/localgyro · 52 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I'm a HUGE (no pun intended) fan of the Panache Sports Bra. I'm a 38FF and wear the non-wired version, and find it contains and supports the girls quite well!

u/iamalwayschanging · 8 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I love these ones that you can order on amazon. They are reusable and work really well!

u/imabratinfluence · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I'm not in your size range, and haven't tried going braless much, but I've seen things like these suggested for people who prefer being braless but don't want nipple display.

I don't know how well it would work, but if you want to find some sort of compromise you might try either stuff with built-in "shelf bras" or something like the Coobie bra. If you want to go totally without, maybe the reusable nipple guards and a half-cami underneath your shirt if you need a layer of fabric there?

u/CodexAnima · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

Get something new, that is strechy lace. The other main growth comes at the end when your milk comes in. You will save 5 month of pain.

Also, get some of these:
These are amazing for post pregnancy when your boobs will hurt like a son of a bitch and you just want support and easy feeding access around the house.

u/hatchetations · 12 pointsr/bigboobproblems

You might want to try the Panache sports bra if you haven’t already. Zero movement, very comfy, breathes well, no uniboob, looks good. Definitely use the r/abrathatfits measurement and sizing guide if you haven't worn Panache before. It’s not cheap and it’ll probably take a few tries to find the perfect size but it’s so worth it.

u/Pandaora · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

I have this sort:

They don't have a ton of extra strap space (at 32 G), but they've saved many borderline shirts and made them look fairly put together.

u/cincrin · 16 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I'm a fan of knit dresses because I find them more accommodating to the combination of boobs and waist.
I do hate not being able to find cute things because designers don't plan for breasts. I'm looking at you, cute Japanese and Korean styles. (At least I can wear the socks )

u/CrackpotJackpot · 19 pointsr/bigboobproblems

If you want something super supportive that doesn't hide things and won't give you the squashed-down uniboob look, check out the Panache underwired sports bra -- but only once you've been properly fitted!

u/Helplessly_hoping · 6 pointsr/bigboobproblems

Panache Andorra Full Cup

Cleo Maddie Balconnet

I did notice that some sizes were cheaper than others. I guess it depends what they've got in stock? Hopefully your size is as cheap! If not, shop around the other styles. I looked for quite a while.

u/oncompanytime2018 · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I bought this sports bra from amazon and for me it really got the job done. I’m 42H and this bra gives me so much support and it’s comfy to boot.

Glamorise Women's Full Figure Adjustable Wirefree Sport Bra #1166, Black/Grey' 42H

Edit: US 42H

u/Sheerardio · 17 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I wear genie bras to bed and for shlubbing it around the house. I find them more comfortable than old sports bras because they're not trying to do any kind of compression nonsense, so I just feel lightly held rather than squeezed. I'm a 38G and the 2XL fits me very comfortably indeed!

u/sympathyboner · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

Miss Mandalay have this bikini available in 32G if you like the strappy look - not cheap though! I don't know how they fit, but there are a few other Miss Mandalay ones on Amazon too.

u/Supermal · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

It's hard when I don't live somewhere where I can try sizes like that on. I'd prefer to just keep ordering sizes like the ones I can try on that fit reasonably.

Right now I'm looking at this one by Panache, but it's such a pain to order it and send it back if it doesn't fit. And a disappointment, like this Shock Absorber was.

u/Atojiso · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

Panache Tango has a wider than average side/back panels. Comfy too. Obligatory Amazon link, but you could probably find it cheaper with a little Googling.

u/squishyIMG · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

All Natural Bamboo & Cotton Bra Liner (3-pk) No Irritation, Rash Guard

These should fit under your bra well. If they fall out, your band size may be too large. They are amazing and I haven’t had a rash since I started using them way over a year ago

u/R3dl8dy · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

Found some that are transparent. But you’ll need to get separate pasties, and possibly use more than one.

u/t_maia · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

>even when I wear a normal camisole without a shelf bra, my boobs are low enough that the camisole gets pulled down and I show a lot of cleavage.

Shorten the straps of your cami. If the straps are not adjustable with sliders, sew - seam ripper, scissors and needle and thread. Done in ten minutes.

I would also recommend something like this, it attaches to your bra and can be worn at any cupsize.

u/personal_failure · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I highly recommend Gold Bond Spray Powder for underboob moisture control.

Just don't get the one that is supposed to be cooling because that shit burns.

u/dehue · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I have never used these so can't vouch for their effectiveness but there are these low back strap converters: The way they work is you add these extra straps to your current bras to lower the back.