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u/jamor9391 · 2 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

Sorry if these have come up before, but I am new to this subreddit (where have you been all my life?). I am 5'11 and around 280 -- I have found the best jeans of my life within the last year.

Lee Men's Big-Tall Modern Series Custom Fit Relaxed Straight Leg Jean

They have a great waistband that has some flex in it for not only comfort but small weight fluctuation. But the best part is that they are made with a small amount of spandex so they are super comfortable (i.e. they don't smash my balls all the time).

u/Joe-The-Philistine · 2 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

I ordered this chair last year, and it's held up great. I was about 350 last year and am at 320 now, and it seems to support me fine. The frame is all metal, and certainly seems a lot sturdier than most other chairs I've tried. It's super comfortable to boot, and the adjustable headrest means I can actually lay my head back, which is a luxury I'm not usually afforded by a desk chair

u/annoyingbranerd · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

> Where they do that at?

Any place that does alterations. Should be fairly cheap, I would say around 15 USD? You don't want football player-sized shoulder pads, just a thin layer of foam to make your shoulders stick out less than they do currently and make them look a bit wider. It is a common alteration for plus-size women. I am plus-sized too and had it done to many of my shirts to balance me out. Many women's shirts already have small shoulder pads sewn in to make them look nicer on a hanger.

If you are unsure, you can buy the shoulder pads online example stick them into your shirt to see whether it looks better or not and if it looks better (I can assure you it does!), you can attach them yourself with a few stitches.

>I’m also trynna find some decent blank long sleeve shirts and others with some designs on them.

If your narrowest part are truly your hips (hard to tell with these pants), you will always look your best with shirts that have some sort of elastic at the bottom.

u/-Jehos- · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I have this in black cloth at work and black vinyl at home. Awesome chair, comfortable for long periods, good for my messed up back, and cheap. Can't ask for anything better.

u/itsmooseboxduh · 3 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

I'm 6'1 325 and this pack was the perfect size. It's actually pretty big and nicely made. It's lasted 10 years and was only recently replaced with a satchel.

u/7U5K3N · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

i have several of these jeans. I love them. Best jeans ive ever owned.

u/injineer · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

Amazon has you covered

As long as white, khaki, and grey count as exciting. Sorry, just saw you wanted interesting color choices.

u/drwise2312 · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

My Targus XL backpack came in today! It's the one that's designed for 17" laptops. This thing is HUGE. Every day I carry a laptop, iPad, small tablet, charging cables for all of them, a book, a binder full of whatever paperwork I have that day, headphones, and a spare t-shirt. This thing still has lots of room to spare. AND it looks proportional on me! Couldn't be happier. If you're a big dude looking for a backpack, this is definitely the one I recommend.

u/Excesstential · 2 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

2xist XL compression shirt from Amazon. I'm 2XL in shirts and wear a Large. It fits super tight but it legit keeps things in.

u/Amator · 2 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

In addition to business attire, I like wearing tradesmen button suspenders (Duluth Trading, Carhartt) with jeans and other work pants. Not a lot of places sell pants with buttons, but Key is one of them and I'm wearing those right now. They're not fashionably cut, but you can get your own suspender buttons that you can hammer-on or use pliers ("bachelor buttons") for other jeans. I've done this with 541s.

u/all_alluvial · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

First off, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I wear a size 8 in hats, and my face is huge, too.

I've worn standard black nylon BluBlockers (which have a frame width of 148mm/~5.82 inches) for years because they come closest to suiting my enormous melon, but even those are a little small. While I haven't picked them up yet, I've had my eye (lol) on these VonZipper Elmores. In the Q&A section, someone mentioned they measure about 150mm/~5.9 inches across, which is the biggest non-lame-looking pair I've come across. Not quite ready to pull the trigger, though, since they're about $100. I'll post again if I find anything better.

u/FubsyGamr · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I ordered 6 tops, in varying sizes, and I was happy enough to be able to keep 4 of them! The denim shirt just didn't work (I ended up getting one from Amazon Prime Wardrobe), and the fashion shirt was.....just kinda ridiculous. I wasn't sure how it would end up looking on me. Answer: not great.

I find that you have to really pay attention to their sizing grid. I know my chest size, and that helped a lot.

u/ryguy125 · 4 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

If you wanna take advantage of Amazon Prime, there’s some options:

if you’re up for all in on linen

Otherwise, there’s also this bad boy

Or the Cubavera

At Macy’s, there’s a Tommy Bahama in silk

Or a linen Nautica at DXL

u/GorgeousChrome · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I fought severe odor for years. Nothing worked for me and I tried literally every brand on the shelf. My problem was that I could not get 100% of the odor to disappear with a shower using the strongest deodorant soap, oxy wash, baking soda, shaving my pits (!), even soaking them in alcohol. A faint odor would still be there and in an hour it was bad even after deodorant/antiperspirant. I tried all these natural "cures" too. Nothing. I just washed my pits 2-3 times daily and used excessive cologne to cover it, but that bothered my woman, too.

Then about 10 years ago I can across [Crystal Deodorant] ( which was just a solid rock of mineral salts. It cleared up the problem 100%. It took about 3 days for odor to be 100% gone.
Now, a single shower and the deodorant is all I have to use. After my normal shower, I may have a slight odor, but I'll apply the crystal and use a blow dryer to remove all dampness. The odor is gone completely, and it stays away. In the summer I might use 2 "coats" to last all day - apply it, dry it, apply it dry it.

For years I used the [solid crystal] ( , which you have to wet before you rub it on. Now they make it in a [liquefied rollon] ( which I prefer because I can use it easily in other locations where a big guy may have odor issues.

I can't believe how well this works. Now all of my family uses it and agrees. Sorry for the long post, but obviously I'm passionate about having conquered a problem that caused serious problems.

Lastly, it is not an antiperspirant, but I have less dampness now as well. So...

u/QZT · 3 pointsr/bigmenfashionadvice

Not related to mattresses, but do you carry your wallet in your back pocket? I did for years and had the worst sciatica for nearly 6 months. Moved the wallet, and things cleared up completely.


As for the mattress, I bought This one a year ago, and havent had any problems with it (for reference, I am 6'2" and 365 for the first 8 months -- 295 now and still going down!)

u/NonPlayerCharacter78 · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I cut my own hair. Every 2 weeks when I cut my hair I put the "blending" guard on the clippers and run them over my armpits to trim back my arm pit hair. Its long enough that its not itchy but short enough to be more hygienic.

I use Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone under my arms. It has no scent and it doesn't stain. Its Potassium Aluminum Sulfate which is sometimes referred to as Alum block. There is a debate as to whether its safe because of the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. Some people claim the Potassium Aluminum Sulfate molecule is too large to pass through your skin. Its up to you to research but from what I've read its no worse than any other under arm deodorant product sold in grocery stores.

I think the stuff works great. No gummy feeling under my arms and no stains on my shirts. A Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone lasts me 8 months to a year. I get from Whole Foods Market for about 8 bucks. It requires you to wet the stone with cold water and rub a wet hand over your armpit then vigorously rub around under your arm for 30 to 60 seconds but after the area has been covered I've gone up to 3 days with no pit odor. You apply it right after a shower. It won't do anything if you already stink, it prevents the smell from developing in the first place. When stones get too small for under my arms I use them on my face after I shave and on small cuts to stop the bleeding.