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u/Texas1911 · 2 pointsr/bigseo
  1. Assess strengths, weaknesses for each person on team - review previous work, get feedback from other teams they worked with

  2. Meet with each member individually, ask them what they like/dislike about their roles, what they would improve, and where they see themselves in two years

  3. Roadmap improvement plans for each member that has clear improvement areas, how they can do it, and a baseline measurement of their current skill set

  4. Roadmap all SEO tasks currently in play and for the next quarter - assign tasks to team members in a strategic plan

  5. Get with your manager (Director, VP, etc) and present plans (who, what, value, cost, measurement). Approve costs for training, and secure everything you need. Recommend approving significant rewards for completion and progress.

  6. Present improvement plan to individual team members

  7. Present strategic plan to team with clear tasks, goals, and outcomes. End with a “commanders intent” and let everyone know that the second something is unclear, reach out to you.

  8. Start a daily standup at business start time. Go over yesterday’s tasks, today’s tasks, and any blockers. Start on time, this is about discipline and structure.

  9. Create biweekly checkins with each team member to go over skill improvement and strategic plan progress. Use 30m - 1hr to conduct 1:1 feedback and training. Give them the first 15m to discuss anything.

  10. Create a reporting dashboard for the team that shows progress towards goals, value of their work, and transparently communicates team output/value to leadership.

  11. Read books on leadership and team management — recommend several: - The Ideal Team Player - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Extreme Ownership - Dichotomy of Leadership
u/patrickcoombe · 1 pointr/bigseo

here is my recommendation on how to learn technical SEO (assuming you already mastered using a computer)

  • Start by learning basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'd also recommend codecademy for this. Build a basic website with a few features. Focus learning on responsive web development.

  • Once you've gained an intermediate familiarity with all 3 of those, I'd recommend learning another advanced language. PHP / Python come to mind right away but you can get away with learning just bash.

  • Study databases and pick one to learn such as SQL / MySQL

  • Install a Linux server from top to bottom on a local machine, and learn enough Linux to make programs, edit server configuration files, optimize servers, local and remote filesystems, ssh, etc. Focus on Apache (web servers), response codes, optimization, etc.

  • check out the book .htaccess made easy on Amazon.

  • Learn about DNS / Bind - also practice by learning dig, nslookup, purchase a domain name, edit and fwd nameservers, etc.

  • Start studying the principles of UX (user experience) and check out Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.

  • Fully digest Google's webmaster guidelines, and Bing's while you are at it.

  • Learn to use and administer an eCommerce and CMS framework. My suggestion is WordPress and Magento.

  • Read my complete guide to on-page SEO.

  • Pick an analytics platform (I use Piwik) but the popular choice is Google Analytics.

  • Learn the basics of regex to make your life easier.

u/jonalonso7785 · 1 pointr/bigseo

Looking to get a review of my book: Here is the link: I created this for local seo retailers, managers, franchise owners looking to understand local SEO. If your willing to read my book I can send you a free ebook version. You can DM me here on reddit with your info and I will email it to you right away.

I wrote the book because I really want to help small businesses succeed and with the new wave of entrepreneurship I have seen businesses come and go as quick as they opened. Hopefully with this book they can start to understand how local seo can help them grow their business.

u/paulshapiro · 2 pointsr/bigseo

Pick up a copy of Danny Dover's Search Engine Optimization Secrets. It's a great resource for a new SEO freelancer. Study his chapter on freelance rated :-)

u/skyrocketjames · 1 pointr/bigseo

It depends on what kind of level you would consider yourself to be. is pretty good if you are getting started or want a good overview. To be honest I don't think you learn much about SEO or link building by reading books... getting your hands dirty is the only way because by the time its been printed in a book, chances are a competitor has already deployed it or the industry has already over-indulged in it and you're working from an outdated textbook so to speak.

u/jesusinthebox · 1 pointr/bigseo

good job changing the link after i pointed it out, it was clearly going to ?tag=vl-something... here is the other one.

there is nothing wrong with putting affiliate links anyways.

u/maBrain · 1 pointr/bigseo

HTML is extremely easy to learn. Honestly, unless you're trying to get into the new stuff with 5 (and that's unlikely) you could probably learn all you need to know in a day, and be zooming through page source code by the end of the week. CSS is also pretty straightforward to learn, but shit gets complicated when you put it into practice, what with browser support and display sizes. I used this book to learn and would highly recommend it:

u/chrisfromthelc · 3 pointsr/bigseo

Check out the one Rand Fishkin contributed to, Inbound Marketing and SEO. I think that's going to fit what you're looking for.

There's another one he contributed to that was headed up by Eric Enge, but I haven't personally read it. I would say it's probably a solid read as well, knowing Eric Enge's pedigree.

u/BetterGhost · 1 pointr/bigseo

Almost entirely PR 1. By the way, my comment was a joke. This tactic worked great in 2006, but that was a long time ago. Penguin crushed link buying, and Panda crushed the low quality content where these low quality links lived. We do still buy links occasionally, but we pay a LOT more now and they're usually single links on specific websites. Bottom line is that you're better off finding a way to earn links.

Since you commented though, recently I've had the most success with a couple of the tactics listed at Backlinko. I also found Ultimate Guide to Link Building helpful.

u/KnockKnockPizzasHere · 1 pointr/bigseo

This book sits on my desk and I loan it out to new hires and interns often. Still relevant for doing techinical audits, understanding how to view the web, and a great launching point for any SEO career.

u/wherestand · 1 pointr/bigseo

Great ideas, no execution is a problem I used to face too.
And yes, I thought it was because of laziness too.
Then I read this book, and things changed for good.
Now stuff gets done, and I actually make the money I thought I could.

Seriously though, 13 hours a day is no overload!

u/Meziroth · 4 pointsr/bigseo

The Elements of Style. It's dirt cheap and a short read, check it out I think it'd help you hone the conversational voice you're looking for in your post!

u/searchcandy · 1 pointr/bigseo

How many devices do you use via USB? I have USB C ports only on my new laptop, but I only tend to use a mouse - so I just have one or two of these little bad-boys

u/Intrinsically1 · 7 pointsr/bigseo

I found this really good. Plenty of copies of the PDF floating around online.

I found blogs and twitter kind of infuriating as everyone is trying to sell something and you get a very scattered approach to the fundamentals.