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u/GunzenRozez · 1 pointr/billsimmons

Here is my zombie novel. And there is a woman in it who is a great person... I love women. I just don’t think they go well in those rewatchables .I love that podcast and they are ruining it for me...

u/crjohn0 · 2 pointsr/billsimmons

Loved how one of the guys brought up the Posner book. That did it for me as well. Hits every major theory head on and goes into great historical detail.

u/war7eagle · 11 pointsr/billsimmons

Keep your eye off the ball NFL edition is good

Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look

Also the art of smart football

The Art of Smart Football

u/mclairy · 1 pointr/billsimmons

Kind of! It’s a comprehensive story of the league.

The book is also VERY good:

u/YourRealName · 5 pointsr/billsimmons

The Free Darko basketball history book is in the same vein, plus it has cool illustrations.

Unrelated, but am I alone in thinking the end of the Book of Basketball was incredibly corny? It’s been 10 years since I read it and one of the few things I remember about it is that he ended it by unironically quoting 2pac.

u/Staffatwork · 1 pointr/billsimmons

> He has a wide breadth of knowledge about wrestling but very little depth

He literally wrote an entire book about wrestling history.

u/RichieW13 · 1 pointr/billsimmons

> Until that horrible, horrible day comes when podcast ads are unskippable

I use an old Sandisk Clip to listen to my podcasts in the car. I hope that sticking with an old device like this will prevent me from having to deal with forced commercials (if/when they ever come). The problem will come if they stop distributing podcasts in mp3 format.