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u/MichJensen · 2 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

I like The Flavor Bible. It lists pretty much any ingredient you can think of and all the flavors that pair well with them.

I love it because if you know a few basic techniques and recipes, then you can greatly enrich your experience by knowing what flavors pair well. Like if you're making a rub for some ribs or whatever you're throwing on the grill but you want to change it up a little bit, you can get some great ideas that way and just try new and interesting flavor combinations. It will also tell you when there are combinations of like 3 or 4 flavors that work really well together.

And as you're trying new combinations, you start to get more of a taste for things. Like a made this rub for chicken thighs with brown sugar, cardamum, ginger, salt and pepper that was awesome. The chicken came out fantastic until I put the terrible barbecue sauce I made that I should have thought through more (I got cocky).

Anyway, because of The Flavor Bible, I made some basil and strawberry brownies because of this that turned out really well. Some orange, ginger, whiskey brownies that were pretty good. I made cayenne, lime, and paprika brownies that were mind-blowing. I made a blue berry tart with cardamum that was damn good. I like desserts... desserts and barbecue.

u/S-Vineyard · 8 pointsr/bingingwithbabish


This is not based on Andrew's recipe.

Normally my Mom makes this dish, but this time my dad did it for us. And for this he checked the Plachutta Recipe. (The Family has several Restaurants in Vienna, which serves Traditional Viennese Cooking. An English version of the repice can be either found in this or this cookbook.)

But to sum up the main differences:

- A bit more Onions.
- He used both Creme Fraiche (Though he said Sour Cream might have been better) and a bit Heavy Cream, actually putting it in the Sauce, than using at as a semi-garnish. Also used a bit of Flour to thicken the Sauce. (This actually improved imo. the taste.)

I love my Mom's Chicken Parikash, but the way my dad did it was actually slightly better and the best one I had for a while.




u/A-13-xF · 3 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

So I have a set of All Clad D5. To be honest its a pain in the ass to keep in great condition. What I do is refuse to cook on electric with them. I will only cook on gas and induction. I live in an apartment and have electric so I bought this. I highly recommend this to everyone. After I finish cooking I soak my pans in hot water for a couple minutes. next I scrap of food with this. I use these sponges because the scptchbrite side will not scratch. After I finish that I will get a Viva paper towel and rubbing the inside cleaning it and polishing it using this. Once that is complete I will rinse the pan in warm water then take another viva paper towel and wipe all the residue off. Once all the residue is off I will then go ahead and wash the pan with soap and water by hand then dry the pan immediately with a microfiber cloth. Yes I am OCD about my pans...

If you are looking for a good set without breaking the bank of stainless steal pans I would recommend this [set.]
( or you could also go to TJ Max and they have a good selection...

A water vinegar mixture will remove the rainbow. Just let it sit for a few minutes.

u/Spikke · 5 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

I get all my best recipes from good cook books. I highly recommend Cooks Illustrated ( ) and if you want to learn everything in and around food for any occasion then try Joy of Cooking ( ).

u/MachoNacho95 · 3 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

Here in Germany, you can get Mutti San Marzano Tomatoes in some supermarkets and they are good, but very overpriced (over 2€ for a 400g tin). Tbh, you don't necessarily need them. Any genuine Italian canned tomatoes that are from a respected brand will do just fine. If you definitely want San Marzano Tomatoes, these are available on Amazon

u/Knights-of-Ni · 4 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

In the meantime, check out "The Flavor Bible." It's a few bucks on Amazon but it's well worth the price. It shows you which spices/herbs work great with different types of food.

u/Rutthed · 6 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

On that note, you can also use a cast iron Aebleskiver pan, which you can find on amazon or antique versions at yard/estate sales for dirt cheap. Much easier to find and cheaper than the Japanese version!


Ask your grandma if she has one laying around! She probably got one as a wedding present and it's still perfectly usable. Shoutout to r/castiron!

u/inverse_tiresias · 6 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

That looks like a swivel peeler with the material surrounding the blade being steel or silver colored, a black handle, and a dimple in the tip to scoop out spots and eyes.

After some Googling my spouse and I have narrowed it down to two candidates. Personally I think the first is closer to the one in the video (but they think the handle is too thick) while the second is a little too curved.

u/rabidpirate · 3 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

Yeah i'm stuck with the electric range (I rent), however, my uncle has an interesting solution. He has a giant cast iron wok which is too large for his gas range, but uses [one of these] ( when it's nice outside.

If I don't end up upgrading my video card, or buy any more kit for my knife set, I may end up investing in one.

u/Rubberbabybuggybum · 1 pointr/bingingwithbabish

This is a similar one to the one he's using. $150. Completely reasonable to me. A knife is an investment. If it's something you use every day for years and years, a few hundred bucks is a completely reasonable amount to spend. And the difference between a good knife and a a cheap knife is something you'll notice every day. Plus if you look at the really high end knives, a few hundred bucks seems practically free.

u/Spiegs- · 9 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

Is this what you're looking for? I am not sure what the exact pan is, but I do know that this would be good for the smash burgers because of its large size.

Edit: His website says that be uses Lodge Cast Iron, this may be what he uses.

u/cooleyad · 7 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

If you don’t own it already, get the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

The story alone is great. And there’s some stellar burger recipes in there.

u/randomlurker2123 · 2 pointsr/bingingwithbabish

That's a Bob's Burgers recipe, and if you want more click that link, there's an entire book!

u/troubledwatersofmind · 1 pointr/bingingwithbabish

Get this and follow the directions to the letter...

with the exception of the flour mix that they use, in which case you'll want to use this.
Also, if you bake at an elevation above 3000 feet above sea level, you should look into recommendations on how to alter your recipes accordingly.

u/argetholo · 1 pointr/bingingwithbabish

I believe it's a relatively standard butane torch, but I don't recall if he's ever really talked about it.

An example;