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u/SurvivingBeingaTeen · 1 pointr/bipolar2

Me personally? I journal. I used a guided journal made for people like us. The ones that have goals, hopes, and dreams.

You can find it here.

Becka's Best Bipolar Mood Journal: Mastering mood disorders one day at a time

It's not perfect, and it doesn't solve my problems but it keeps me going in one direction. It reminds me that every day is just a new page in my book called life and there will always be a new chapter. It also helps motivate me to establish some routines, set goals, and reminds me to take care of myself. It's become the one thing I do for myself on my down days. Even if I don't do anything else on my adulting list, I at least try to write in my daily journal.


  • there is no "think positive" or "be grateful" bullshit
    -it's a quick and easy check-in (I try to start and end my day with it.)
    -it helps me put my phone down and just think about myself for a while. I really find putting pen to paper (in addition to some other apps I use like Habits and Fabulous) that it is really therapeutic.

    I won't lie, this sounds a bit like a sales pitch doesn't it? Well, the truth is that it is and it isn't. I really do use this journal and I love it. I honestly feel like it has improved my life and understanding of bipolar for the better. But I did create this journal and made it available for purchase on Amazon.

    I made it in a hypomanic haze, post a massive panic attack. I actually predicted the hypomania and planned out how I was going to best utilize it (I get hyperfocused and obsessive) and decided I needed this book. I also have a touch of ADHD on top of my bipolar which is why I love my hypomanic states so much (too bad I can't harness that power for when I want it). I can literally do anything I set my mind to when I'm like that but the rest of the time it, life, bipolar, all of it is a struggle.

    But anyways, I hope this helps. You're not alone. Take care of yourself. Life is full of seasons, ours are just more frequent. ❤
u/lookgoodforme · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

I was going to ask whether you were Mormon, or had grown up Mormon. I grew up Mormon myself, and it's now 15 years after leaving the church that I'm realizing that there are still some latent issues I carry from growing up in the religion.

Your own experiences are yours to explore with compassion for yourself to get to what might be the underlying issues behind your compulsions / "addictions". It won't be easy, especially where your wife is an active member. If your experiences are like mine, you'll be happier and healthier when you find your own voice with respect to who you are, what you believe, and how you want to live your life... and I'm confident that you'll find the compulsions around porn simply fade away without much specific attention given to them as you grow into yourself outside of a Mormon identity.

I might suggest a book to help you move down the road a little: Healing the Shame that Binds You. It did a lot for me. Taming Your Gremlin also was a good read.

Individual therapy helps a lot too - and it may take you a couple tries to find the right one for you. Group therapy might help as well. Explore different things! There's no prescription here.

Don't rule out revisiting medications. I took only Lamictal for a long while, and recently added an antidepressant (Latuda) - which has helped.

AND be nice to yourself!!! Try to look at things objectively, removed from the shackles of religious (aka moral) understandings of porn and masturbation.

Journal everyday by putting pen to paper - just word vomit - get everything out of your head you might be internalizing - you'll know when to stop writing, something will just 'click' - look at your thoughts written down on paper - just observe - no judgement - let's give the negative critical thoughts a little less power - is there a specific voice where these are coming from? - some specific church leader? - just give him a "seat at the table" so to speak, a table you might sit around like at a Thanksgiving family gathering - just let him run his mouth - you DON'T have to listen to him - take his power away - treat him like a crazy aunt that's always spouting bullshit - just tune this person out - find your own words of encouragement - be your own best friend - what, after all, would an ideal best friend say to you - he certainly would not have horribly discouraging things to say - he'd probably just chuckle and confess, "everyone masturbates and looks at porn from time to time - let's get out of the house and go for a walk."

u/alwayspickingupcrap · 1 pointr/bipolar2

There is a huge misperception about melatonin. 1mg or less is all anyone needs. Too much and it can have the opposite effect. (I can try to pull the article, but trust me.) When I took 1mg then 2mg then 3mg all that happened was I’d conk out and then be awake 2 hours later, unable to sleep. When I switched to 1/2 mg (there is even a 333mcg tablet) I slept through the night.

[Basically you make your own melatonin, just not enough to make you sleep. So a little bump from a pill helps boost your drive to sleep. BUT, if you take a large dose of melatonin, your natural production of melatonin shuts down. Your brain says, ‘there’s plenty of melatonin out here, let’s turn off the melatonin factory!’ So a few hours in your body isn’t making any, the pill runs out and you wake up.]

Magnesium is a muscle relaxant. When I went into premature labor, they had me on IV magnesium to stop the muscular contractions in my uterus. It also made me feel like a wet noodle and I slept all day. Epsom salt is a magnesium salt and is readily absorbed into the body. It works better for me than oral magnesium. But try Natural Calm (a powder you mix with water) or a magnesium pill.

There are lots of different forms of magnesium with various but similar benefits. I take this one which is a blend of a few different types. It keeps me calm.

Also consider reducing all your lights in The house at sunset to signal your brain to wind down. And make sure your computer and phone have f. Lux or similar to adjust out blue light at night which can cause insomnia.

u/BrianRinko · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

I have been hospitalized 2 times in my life. Both times from mania.
I have never regretted spending the time to get help.
Time with care from professionals will help you immensely. Think of it as a chance to decompress and focus on yourself.

Your family will be happy you asked for help. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need help. Suicide is not the answer. Your pain MAY end but you will create exponentially more pain by doing so.

Research some psychiatric In-patient hospitals near you. Then admit yourself for treatment. Life has just begun at 17.
You have so much to experience still.

Also look into meditation. Clearing your mind of constant thought can really help. It will be very hard at first. It just takes practice.

This book helped me get control of my mind.

Turning the Mind Into an Ally

Stay positive and ask for help. Humans love helping one another.

u/mjp141r · 3 pointsr/bipolar2

Okay. First things first, I think you need to have an honest talk with your doctor about your meds, side effects and your lifestyle. It’s gonna be hard to remember to take meds - especially if you think going back on them will negatively effect your ability to work or function. Not all meds do that to people. There IS a way to get an effective cocktail that won’t slow you down like that.

Next, I also have ADHD on top of bipolar because someone has a sick sense of humor. Anyway, I had to use this elderly talking medication reminder clock that would literally yell at me until I took my meds at night. I also worked with all my doctors to get me meds that I can all at once - at night. I take an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer- all at night.

Some doctors told me it couldn’t be done. Lots of doctors use their knowledge and authority to shut you down when they don’t want to do the extra work to help you. However, a doctor who understood ADHD and bipolar confirmed that it was possible and it happened. I’ve been diagnosed for about 20 years - and I’ve had to start getting these doctors together.

Link to medication organizer and alarm clock:

MedCenter (70265) 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

Also, CVS and Amazon will now presort you’re meds into little packets and that may help you, too:

Hope this helps!!!

u/keersten25 · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

zen meditation has helped me a ton.

as /u/BornOn8thOfJuly said, continue to steer clear of the booze. no matter what, if I decide to drink (even just a couple glasses of wine), my anxiety is higher and my mood is lower the next morning. Most of my emotional breakdowns occur after a night of drinking.

I also would highly recommend The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety

Best wishes, my friend!

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/bipolar2

Hi! Sorry you're in this club, too. I've had symptoms of this disorder since 1984, but wasn't diagnosed until 2016.

I've found this workbook to be very helpful. Probably the section on acceptance has done the most for me.

Here's a good source of information that you might not find elsewhere:

u/PeekShift · 1 pointr/bipolar2

I just tried the following diffuser thing out and remembered this thread:

5 drops of lavender, a 2 drops each of sweet marjoram, cedarwood, and frankincense. It smells both relaxing and medicinal. I put it in the bathroom while I had a bubble bath (purple light recommended), and have run it in the bedroom before sleep-time (red light recommended). Aromatherapy is not real medicine, but good smells are good smells.

u/berenoor · 3 pointsr/bipolar2

For me psychoeducation has been key to improving my insight. I am a reader, so I'll recommend two for you, if you're interested.

First up,

This one is a workbook that helps you figure out what your symptoms look like, what your triggers are, and presents some strategies for coping with them.

This is a pretty comprehensive book. Have just started it, but I see it often recommended around the bipolar subreddits and I like it so far. It covers everything from medications to therapy methods, warning signs to strategies.

u/Aluckypretzel · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

I read a ton of books, found this one very good: - focuses on equal importance of exercise/diet + sleep + meds in effective management of bipolar.

u/nicotinelips · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

This book was suggested by our therapist, was cheap And came quickly

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner (The New Harbinger Loving Someone Series)

u/dcphoto78 · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

The only thing that has ever worked consistently and without building up a tolerance is Seroquel. Xanax works great but leaves me lethargic, and I'll keep having to increase the dose. I went off the Seroquel last year because I couldn't stand the side effects, but I miss consistently getting 8 hours per night.

Now that I'm off the Seroquel, I have to cycle through various options because none of them work well for more than a few days at a time. 10mg melatonin tabs work the best, a medical marijuana tincture is also helpful, and I still sometimes go for the Xanax when I'm struggling with bad anxiety. If I take something that doesn't work, I have magnesium and valerian supplements that will help. They're rarely enough on their own, though.

u/Olanwa · 3 pointsr/bipolar2


Same as the "light box" that Lismox just asked.


It is set up to help get you going with broad spectrum light that you aren't getting with the dark. It's been helping a lot. My doctor recommended it.

u/fitsofthefather · 1 pointr/bipolar2

You're so welcome. Honestly I'm struggling right now, too, but helping others helps me heal as well. There is a book that helped me reframe my illness as not a burden, but a path. It's called "The Obstacle is the Way":

You might check it out if you're looking for some motivation + meaning.

u/roz-is-world · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

I bought this one back in 2015 and I found it helpful: NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp (package may vary)

u/SethRogen-Not · 2 pointsr/bipolar2

Read this book OP. It will resonate, I promise:

What the Man in the Moon Told Me: Living With Bipolar II A Memoir

u/rockerbabe28 · 1 pointr/bipolar2

I've been on this combination for about 2 years and I really like it. I started the Wellbutrin first, this was after trying Prozac and Paxil, both of which caused weight gain and didn't help much. I just looked at my Wellbutrin and I also take 100mg 2xday and the Lamictal is the extended release. Something interesting about Lamictal is that its also known to help with depression. Wellbutrin is also supposed to know to lower the risk of going into a manic state.
Before they put me on the Lamictal I was on a slew of anti-psychotics(3 different kinds), none of which helped and had many adverse side effects. My current doctor couldn't figure out why they would put me on the anti-psychotics.
From my understanding Latuda is a anti-psychotic. Anti-psychotics did nothing for me, at one point I actually went to the hospital and the only reason they let me go that night was because I had my fiance(now husband) at the time to watch me.
It's worth mentioning this to your doctor. When I finally got a doctor to listen to me about concern with the meds I was taking, they realized I was on the wrong combination of meds.
My diagnosis is bipolar 2 with mixed episodes, heavy on the depression.
Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide 3rd edition I read the 2nd edition and a workbook(there a lot of different ones) helped me the most. The survival guide book is kind of pricey in my opinion but I found mine at regional library so I had them send it to my local library.