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u/spiderman_666 · 2 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

Love your points. Gonna do a breakdown on them using the 6 Pillars of Self Esteem, a next level book on understanding the self and how to be the best version of yourself.

  • He is able to identify what is bothering him and is able to talk about it. The two big Pillars here are Living Consciously and Self-Acceptance. Clearly, as you stated, he is able to express and understand his emotions. Those who operate with a legit level of consciousness and who accept who they are have a huge advantage when it comes to understanding and accepting (and thus being able to honestly express) their own emotions. Personal Integrity is also clearly present here as he could have lied to the coach or feigned injury, but instead spoke truth.

  • The kid is Living Purposefully. He cares. Perhaps he feels like he is shirking his Self-Responsibility by not doing as well as he would like?

  • Here, Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Personal Integrity are weighing hard against Living Purposefully. He thinks he's not getting anything done. But his timesense is skewed. As a 12 year old, he only has a good catalogue of roughly 1 year worth of memories.

  • "He's listening to his coach." He Trusts his coach. He believes (whether intrinsically or explicitly) in his coach. It is not a coincidence that those with the highest self-esteem are the most easily followed. Think of the person in your life who exhibits the greatest Personal Integrity. Do you trust them? Do you want them to be proud of you?
u/tomtomdam · 3 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

I sense that your main objective when coming across these situations is to resolve conflict, in other words offering closure. Am I interpreting that right? This can be helpful in cases where people seem to be stuck in a rut. And I see where you are coming from with regards to offering insight, as it can be disheartening to see that people are not taking in your requests or the information you provide, despite your honest and good-willed intentions.

However, in my opinion, here lies the difficult part - recognising people's feelings and needs, and connecting the two together. For example, a person could state "You never listen to me". A simple response would be to dismiss it and say "Yes I do!" which would then be followed by "No, you don't!"

Now, by using this technique, you could instead offer understanding by replying to the first statement: "So you feel upset/frustrated (feeling) because you want to be heard and understood when we talk (need)?"

Yes, this requires guesswork, yet listening is a skill, meaning it takes practice to make it work. It might even take multiple attempts before you reach mutual understanding. In that case you could ask "I'm confused as to what you mean. Could you tell me what you're feeling and what needs aren't being fulfilled?" After identifying feelings and needs, a connection is formed between you and the other speaker, which can then give you the comfort to offer requests without a negative reaction.

There's so much more I could say about this line of communication. I would encourage you to read the book 'Non-violent communication' by Marshall Rosenberg, if you are curious about resolving conflict in a cooperative yet honest manner, while passing on the closure you want to offer to others.

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u/computer_enhance · 1 pointr/blackpeoplegifs

Amazon has an amazing all in one soap and shampoo called Puracy and I am obsessed. It came up as a top rated product while searching body wash one day. Comes in many scents ..not just this one Puracy Natural Body Wash, Bergamot & Sandalwood, Shower Gel for Men and Women, 16 Ounce (2-Pack)

u/adolph_h_christ · 2 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

Yeah, because you really have to like one if not the other, right? That logic is completely sound, right?

Both are bought and sold, it's just that Trump exploits one cliché, the old Eisenhower gig, "hurr, capitalism good, we christian, communism bad, they godless, durr(1).", which was completely —and quite effectively, I might add— created by corporate America in the first place. That's a plain strategy, but effective when the population is already brainwashed. Hillary is more nuanced in her propaganda, but relied too much on progressive ideas, that haven't really solidified in the public, due to less corporate interest/funding after the corporate fear of social politics kicked in. It's quite obvious that corporations want to keep the oligarchy, and thus will finance the brainwash, rather than the awakening, when it comes to social politics.

In the end, people tend to fall back on the braindead clichés when there is no trusted authority close by to tell them what to think ( ). So Trump won. I hate them both.

Anyway, really smart comment, fellow victim of corporate propaganda.

u/frizzykid · 4 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

Over the years abc extinguishers have been more common for sure. A lot of people don't use their fire extinguishers so they've likely had them for years. In my kitchen in my old house my extinguisher was only a class A and it was probably 11 or 12 years old.

I don't know if you can even buy a class A extinguisher anymore.. found one

u/________no · 30 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

u/unpluggedcord · 1 pointr/blackpeoplegifs

Thats from this DVD,

The Foo Fighters poured 500 lbs of spaghetti on Chad smith.

They did not however play Love Rollercoaster.

u/yourmomsnutsarehuge · 137 pointsr/blackpeoplegifs

LED Finger Lamp (2 Packs/4PCS) Thumbs Light, Magic Light up Finger Magic Trick, Fake Finger, Prank Toy Tool