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u/sageredwood · 1 pointr/blazbluextagbattle

Using the Hori pro pad for almost all my fighting games on switch (and as a player 2 on steam) Great stick over all. I don't like the color so I am thinking about doing something with it??? but I'm not sure what art I want yet. Here is a run down of how I think it works with each game I have played it with.

|BBxTAG beta|Great|works well on default controls. |
|Ultra Street Fighter 2|Good|You will need to change the controls to type B, Works great after adjustment|
|Waku Waku 7 SNK classic|OK| you will need to adjust the inputs before playing. Works great after adjustment, but some experimenting was required|
|GunBird|Great|works well out of the box, very simple game so no adjustment needed for me|
|Namco museum|Great|Perfect pacman, need I say more. |
|Pokken Torment |Poor|Game runs great after set up. The control set up was not intuitive in anyway and there is no preset. Controls must be set up in training mode (or V.S./single player) and always go back to default after turning off the game. You can play well with the arcade stick but I found the Wii U game pad to by easier and better.|
|Super Bomber Man R|Great|So we used this in a pinch to get 8 player bomber man. Worked better then expected, no adjustment needed.|
|Sonic Mania, Shantae Half Genie Hero, Puyo Puyo Tetris. Games that don't need the Right A-stick|Very Good|No adjustment needed and plays responsively. I still preferred the game pad and even the pokken Wii U controller for a more classic feel. However I will say any game that isn't using the 2nd A-stick works pretty well.|

u/PhoenixRadiant · 2 pointsr/blazbluextagbattle

Not sure if it's something you'd like, but I use this controller and I really love it:

You can set the analog stick to act as the right stick, which effectively deactivates it for fighting games. I use the stick myself, but I find the d pad to be quite high quality as well. As for the buttons, they are very slightly placed differently than the regular ps4 controller, and slightly wider. Their positions are closer to the traditional fight stick layout, but the placement of the x, o, triangle and square buttons still feel easy enough to use with the muscle memory from a regular controller.

Also, don't be turned away because the maker is Mad Catz; I believe another company actually took over the product, and the controller is perfectly sturdy anyway.

One of my favorite features is the ability to set the left trigger buttons to L3 and R3, and the right triggers to L1 and L2. This removes the redundancy of the R1 and R2 face buttons, and gives you two extra triggers

I suggest buying a version of this controller that is listed as having the "new and improved d pad" (I linked this one). The older version of the controller, when Mad Catz made it on their own, had a simple + shaped d pad, not the circle one pictured. Just to let you know, in case you find the older one elsewhere. Also, when I bought mine, the controller had a slightly nicer d pad than the one in the picture. :P

Best of luck finding something that works for you! :)

u/Tuwiki · 1 pointr/blazbluextagbattle

I'd go PS4, there are more people to play in general and most tournaments run PS4 so it could be an easier transition.

The actual net code is fine. Not that most people actually understand anything about what they call 'net code'. But for BBTAG it largely depends on your connection and the connection of the person you pair up against.

I always suggest playing with a controller first. Especially with a game like BB TAG. I played with a controller for a few months and later picked up the Mayflash F300. It's not like the best fight stick in the world but it's been a good stick nonetheless. No problems with it and I'd say it was a solid investment for the amount it cost.

I am also fairly new to fighting games. I watched the Central Fiction Top 8 at EVO 2017 with a friend and absolutely had to get into it. Picked up Central Fiction and shortly after DBFZ. Now BBTAG and UNIST. I competed at EVO 2018 last year for BBTAG, DBFZ, and Smash. I didn't win (Obviously) but I certainly didn't do bad. Especially having been playing for less then a year. So yes, you can do it if you have the drive, patience, and will to keep picking yourself up when youre down because fighting games are not easy. For the record, I'm almost 10 years older than you.

u/Blanc_the_gamer · 3 pointsr/blazbluextagbattle

Eh no problem just don't be convinced to buy one of the "gaming" Cards just get a san disk one like this

SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 100MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card - SDSQUAR-064G-GN6MA

u/OgGeek2016 · 1 pointr/blazbluextagbattle

The competitive scene is active and doing well, and if you're looking to get into the scene, PS4 is the tournament standard! Right now, it's $33 on Amazon, but I would wait until the actual update is live to see if the price of BBTAG gets any lower (it will in Japan, but no word on worldwide yet).