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u/Escaridole · 12 pointsr/bonehurtingjuice

Friends, allow me to take a moment away from our shared love of bone-shattering meme content to address an important subject. As an air engineer with the government air board, I see first-hand the daily toll that smoking takes on our air, and in our communities. This includes not only smoke from traditional tobacco cigarettes but also other recreational inhalants such as marijuana, hookah tobacco, the so-called "vapor" from electronic smoking devices, and certain images of a Larus gull.

You may be surprised to learn that, according to the World Health Organization, inhalation of these various forms of "Smoke Juice" is the number one cause of juice-related cancers throughout the United States and Europe, ahead of both free base cocaine (colloquially known as "powder that makes you smoke it") and second-hand exposures to the hundreds of thousands of smoldering cigarettes dropped to the sidewalk by accompanied men while turning their heads to observe the passage of other women. In fact, of all known carcinogens, only superficially ironic hints at asking for votes are considered more toxic under new community-level risk assessment guidelines.

Most of us have been affected by smoking, or know someone who has. Just remember the old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's why I suggest each of us take action today by purchasing Dr. Slick Hat Keeper, the quality accessory with powerful alligator clips to keep your hat from blowing away in windy conditions. In fact, Dr. Slick Hat Keeper makes a great gift for a parent, a girlfriend, or the entire population of the Gulf Coast of United States and Mexico. As an air engineer with the government air board, I can't think of a better way to kill smoking—before it kills you.

u/PoisonousPlatypus · 4 pointsr/bonehurtingjuice

Hold up, I think you're completely misreading my point.

>It protects me as a man in a shitton of things.

Of course it does, that doesn't make it an egalitarian movement though.

>The system is based on woman being submissed to men and men following a gender role of authority, competition, being mainly. They are countering that, for equality of relations.

Kind of, I think your summation of gender roles isn't the best, but yeah. I agree with the general point that men have a masculine role they're supposed to play, and women have a feminine role they're supposed to play. In most cases feminism challenges that or at least advocates for the freedom to choose what role you want.

The thing is that they're only kind of countering it. Feminism only counters sexism that negatively affects women. I don't think you're going to see a largely feminist campaign supporting putting more women in prison or giving women harsher sentences. In fact, the "Stop Violence Against Women" campaign was largely feminist supported, even though the vast majority of victims of violence are male, and, more importantly, the sexist standard that feminism initially challenged in the 1800s was advocating exactly the same thing. A lot of people get the idea that sexism was always "women are worse, men are better" when in reality the kinds of sexism that the initial feminist movements meant to challenge were more along the lines of "women are dainty, men are strong" which again, sounds similar, but isn't the same.

>Besides it's called feminism because they were the only ones defending these ideas for a shitton of time. The name was created because men didn't defend the cause until very recently.

It's understandable that you would think that, but it's factually incorrect, very significant quantities of men have supported the feminist movement since the very beginning.

>If a name called feminism offends you, you should rethink your worldview.

That's not at all what I'm saying. I was never against feminism, I'm saying it's not egalitarian, because it isn't.

u/mors_videt · 7 pointsr/bonehurtingjuice

A popular theory in mainstream biblical scholarship states that the OT was edited at least 4 times from pre-existing material by the "authors" designated E and J (because they call God Elohim and Jah, respectively) and redactors designated Deuteronomaic and Priestly. field of biblical scholarship, for instance r/AcademicBiblical, or this popular book:

See "Documentary Hypothesis"

u/FoxyKG · 49 pointsr/bonehurtingjuice

The Book of Dust comes out in October!

And I just realized it's book one! Maybe he has another trilogy in the works? Would make sense with the BBC show on its way.