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u/fozzie33 · 1 pointr/boxee

I have the live TV thing, and got one of the paper-thin antennae's, i pick up about 30 channels, (DC metro area)... i think it works pretty well... on my other TV, i use my roku and enjoy having the Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus... definitely miss that on the boxee though.

If you live in a good metro area, i recommend the live-tv adapter... get this antennae and you will get most digital channels (

u/willfull · 2 pointsr/boxee

There are several threads at the Boxee forums that comment on this issue. Plenty of Boxee Box owners have found success using various wireless keyboards and mice. There are also a few wireless keyboard/touchpad combos that are popular as well:

u/RobotJoe · 3 pointsr/boxee

I haven't had the freezing issue you're referring to, so I can't speak to that. As for the remote, the problem of course is that the Boxee remote is Bluetooth and the Boxee has no IR receiver.

I use a Harmony One, and I just ordered this based on a discussion on the boards. (Haven't received it yet so I can't speak to how well it works.) For text input I either snag the Boxee remote or use the iPhone app.

I do have a mini bluetooth keyboard that I like quite a lot, and I use with my PS3. I keep meaning to try pairing it with the Boxee, but so far the remote and iPhone have been sufficient.

Hope this helps.

u/Tomji · 1 pointr/boxee

Note: my initial CR2032 was a super cheap maxwell battery, the remote didn't work with it (tried 3). I had to take one of the more expensive energizer batteries for my remote.
These batteries are fairly popular on amazon but for me they only work in LED lights, they've also not worked well in my car key remote.

u/tronbrain · 2 pointsr/boxee

I am very partial to this media remote from Lenovo. It should work, though it is one of the more expensive options.

You can connect the new remote dongle to the USB port. For the time being, you can just connect a mouse and keyboard just so you can use the device.

You may wish to check eBay for a Boxee remote, though I have not seen one on there for quite some time.