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u/guitarburst05 · 4 pointsr/buccos

Ownership is notorious about not wanting to spend money to get better. Solidly in the bottom of payroll, but without the success and innovation of a low spending team like the Tampa Bay Rays.

You've watched for a decade so you saw the glory days of 2015. A team that won 98 games. Utterly phenomenal. What did we do to bolster that roster and prepare to win again in 2016? Next to nothing.

Here's the important part of his 29/30 ranking:

>Bottom line: Bob Nutting is proof positive that it doesn’t take half a brain to make a fortune. Fact is, very few mid-market teams pack this kind of potential. Insanely passionate sports town. Great baseball tradition. Out-of-this-world ballpark.

>If the 17th-richest team owner put the 17th highest-paid team on the field, it would be a fairly consistent playoff contender and even bigger money machine. But no, they opened the 2019 season with a puny $76.1 million payroll, 27th overall per Spotrac.

>As long as this once-proud franchise is held hostage by the tight-fisted owner, it’s destined to be a chronic underachiever.

As far as coaching goes.. it gets tougher. They were present for that 2015 team, and for all the winning seasons we had around it. Searage has been considered a miracle worker in revitalizing many damaged careers like Burnett and Liriano. Hurdle has been an incredibly inspirational, and surprisingly innovative manager. Their coaching methods were even largely the subject of a book by Travis Sawchik, Big Data Baseball

The magic just can't last forever. Teams learn. Strategies change and evolve. The Pirates didn't. Searage seems to have one type of pitching he can teach and if a pitcher doesn't work in his mold, they don't succeed. Check out Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton and Tyler Glasnow thriving elsewhere as proof.

So to sum it up. All the coaching changes are much needed and may help, but they can only go as far as our stingy asshole owner will allow. One of the best sport cities in the entire NATION is shackled to one of the worst owners who doesn't give a damn about the passion we all desperately want to have for our baseball team.

u/seege12 · 3 pointsr/buccos

worth the investment. This should be good for you. It's 20 bucks. Tons of recipes for it. but for now I'll still hook you up.

Whole wheat pasta

can of diced tomatoes

fresh (little cannister) minced garlic

olive oil

red pepper flakes

italian seasoning.


Cook pasta until your desired tenderness I like mine chewy. Add a small amount of olive oil and garlic(1 tablespoon maybe) in a skillet. Let it start popping and then add diced tomatoes(draining is optional but that's what I do). Cook the tomatoes and add the pasta. I use red pepper flakes to taste because I like my things with a kick. Same with the italian seasoning.

Cheap meal and takes less than 20 minutes to make. Add chicken breast if you want some meat.


under 300 if you measure your pasta correctly.

u/witzelsuchty · 2 pointsr/buccos
  1. The weather really is weird, it's sweltering one week and fall the next. Not real sure what to think about it.

  2. This is the foot peel. It's a bit pricey but worth is purely for the entertainment factor, it's like a science experiment.
u/BEGA500 · 2 pointsr/buccos

Hooray seathole. My shorts are Canari brand. I recommend the tight fitting under short ones. They sell short that are real shorts and the tight padded ones sewn together like swimming trunks. I think the all-in-one feel weird and are hard to adjust while riding. Also they need to be washed more often.

Not these.


u/rollo1207 · 12 pointsr/buccos

Hello guys this is Jason from Pirates Breakdown.

Some fellas and I got together and wrote a 280-page season preview book with some nice in-depth studies and features.

The paperback is on-sale today so I thought I'd leave a link here (prime eligible!) version available also

We have some excerpts up on also if you want a preview.


u/DarthYoda2594 · 8 pointsr/buccos

Seriously guys, it's obviously dated, but watch On the Waterfront.

Stands the test of time better than any movie I've ever seen. It's on Amazon instant video, if you have Prime.

u/JustinCook33 · 2 pointsr/buccos

Kiss It Good-Bye: The Mystery, The Mormon, and the Moral of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates

u/travgyse · 6 pointsr/buccos

Find Big Data Baseball by Travis Sawchik at your local library.

It's a great book that will bring you up to speed on how the Pirates were able to end their 20 year losing streak and their current philosophy for contention.

u/killyouintheface · 3 pointsr/buccos

I like historical nonfiction a lot. I've got one about Jim Jones that I found at the used book store that I've been putting off reading for a while because I know I'll disappear until I've finished it.

u/cmmn518redux · 5 pointsr/buccos

The Giants sideline reporter wrote a childrens book. Our sideline reporters are slippin.

u/reggiecide · 6 pointsr/buccos

Boom! Buy one of these, rub some dirt on it. No one will know the difference.