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u/doot_doot · 3 pointsr/burbank

Just a few ideas for you because I used to do this sort of thing when I was your age too, but first -

Definitely don't solicit work over the internet. Don't go work for people you don't know. If you DO, make sure your parents or guardian or an adult you trust signs off on the person you work for. There are creeps out there.


  • Yard weed picking service. Go through their yard and pick out all the weeds.
  • Plant watering service. People have sprinklers but often have nice flowers or bushes that require more specific watering. Offer to show up and water their nice flowers/plants on the schedule they prefer.
  • Offer to pass out flyers from local businesses/restaurants. They pay you a few bucks and you attach 500 menus to front doors.
  • Sell water/drinks to workers. Gardners, builders, construction workers, whoever. They bring their lunch so selling food is sort of pointless, but Burbank is hot most of the time. If you roll up on a few guys mowing a lawn, sweating their butts off and offer them ice cold bottles of water for a reasonable price, you might make a few bucks. You could easily attach a rolling cooler or cart to your bike and ride around looking for people to sell to.
  • Trash can cleaning. This one might not be super obvious, but a ton of people's trash cans get really gross, stinky, and sometimes filled with spiders and other nasty bugs. You can spray them out, scrub them, get all the gunk out, and make it so when people take their cans out they don't have to worry about getting bit or holding their noses.
  • On the same note, trash can take out and in service. My old building complex manager would pay me $50 a month to take the trash cans in and out for the complex every week. If you went down the street and offered to take out people's trash cans and return the following day to put them back, you'd probably get a bunch. Especially where there are a lot of seniors who struggle with doing it themselves.
  • De-webbing. People's yards and the corners of the exteriors of their homes get covered in spiderwebs in high bug areas. Lots of moths near outdoor lights, so spiders set up shop to try to catch them. You can get one of those web remover poles for very little money then go around and offer to de-web people's homes.

    The name of the game is to stay outside and get paid in cash. Don't go into someone's home. Don't carry a ton of cash, just enough to break change. Don't go too far from your home. Work during the day when there are lots of people around. Try to be friendly to people so they are happy to give you their business. If you see a house getting built, go make friends with the dudes building it and they'll be glad every time you show up with cold water for them. And don't put up with someone trying to rip you off. If someone tries to haggle just say "this is the price." It's better to turn down the business than deal with an angry adult you don't know.

    Good luck out there!
u/whiteymcgroovenhaven · 2 pointsr/burbank

what kind of antenna are you using?

i use this one
i velcroed it to the back of my entertainment center. i get great signals on some of the networks, but some are spotty. when that happens, i pull it out and move it around to higher areas until i fix the signal. i rarely can't get a channel when i try.

i know people who swear by this pricier box, but i've never used it.
SiliconDust HDHomeRun

and if you're not up for doing the antenna thing and cable's too expensive, there's tons of streaming options out there that get basic cable and local channels. pretty sure they can be as low as 20/month.

youtube tv, sling, playstation vue, directvnow, the list seems to be getting bigger everyday.

u/ripcd503 · 1 pointr/burbank

I’m using this one:
HDTV Antenna, Liger Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna 35 Mile Range - Receive HD Television Signals for Free - Plugs Directly Into Your TV - Includes Adhesive & Stand

I have streaming services but I’m mainly just looking for abc right now for the nba playoffs and nbc and cbs for nfl later on. Thanks for the suggestions though.

u/AngryBeads · 2 pointsr/burbank

A pretty good book written by two guys who grew up here in the 60s.

Lost Burbank

A real quick read and loads of pictures.

u/hotdoug1 · 1 pointr/burbank

I'm in an apartment building (sandwiched between other apartment buildings) near John Burroughs and I kinda get a some reception. Initially I had something like this ( That got everything, but I needed to turn it different directions to get different channels, which was annoying, so any DVR option was out.

I have one of those window antennas now and I get everything except for CBS, I think, but sometimes it also craps out on the channels I do get.