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u/ElbowDeepInElmo · 9 pointsr/burlington

I'd highly recommend the ROAV A1. It's only $50 right now with a coupon and it's a great cam.

If you're looking for something a bit higher-end with GPS capabilities, better video quality, and an interior-facing camera, I'd highly recommend the AKASO Trace 1 Pro. That's $110 right now with a coupon. This is my current cam right now and it's awesome.

u/PhantomMadman · 3 pointsr/burlington

As pween said, layering is key. For really cold weather, having a base layer is nice for insulation. I have the Minus 33 merino wool long johns and top and it makes a huge difference in comfort.

You're also going to want a pair of good boots. See my post here for my thoughts on boots: Here

If you're adequetely prepared, the winters are bearable. The sunlight issue can be tough, so I recommend Vitamin D supplements, and possibly St John's Wort (depending on individual situations).

u/Catamount90 · 4 pointsr/burlington

I do not deal locally, so, unfortunately, I cannot recommend any institutions, however, it would be a good idea to understand the market and your options beforehand. Reading Investing for Dummies , Investopedia and subscribing to r/stocks & r/investing will be a good start. You do not need to be an expert, but having a solid base of understanding to get started will allow you to have a better idea of where you want to put your money.

u/AltAccount997543 · -3 pointsr/burlington

If you are referencing Gracie's Girl, congrats on being another 2edgy4u internet asshole. Clever and original 8/8 m8 gr8 h8.

Edit: Apologies, I was a bit oversensitive when I wrote that and assumed the comment was basically saying it was done intentionally to get attention.

u/contacternst · 2 pointsr/burlington

Yeah, I have had some luck. Honestly, you probably won't get many channels, but ABC comes in really well and a couple others.

I bought this one:

My one warning on this is that if your tv is over 4-5 years old, it may have some compatibility issues. If you have a flat panel, it should work for you.

And if you have a really solid internet connection, you can usually stream whatever you want. However, the quality if doing this isn't great, but to me it's preferable solution.

u/thespice · -1 pointsr/burlington

I think I've found your problem!. It's "Looking to buy a Charlie Hebdo in Burlington area". The best solution right now is here bonne chance!

u/time_again · 1 pointr/burlington

I know very well that this is not professional knife sharpening, but I'll throw it out there anyway. After hearing so many rave reviews on Cooks Illustrated / America's Test Kitchen, I orders the <$10 AccuSharp. Its amazing. Thew away my old much more expensive sharpener. I never even think about my knives needing to be sharpened because this thing works so quickly and so well. You may want to try it.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/burlington

If you want cheap, you could just poop in the truckbed until you have a full truckload of fresh compost -- dogs, roommates, and neighbors may also be willing to contribute. Humanure = best manure!

But that might not be recommended if you're planning on growing food crops. I'm not sure, though -- I have more reading to do on the subject.

Other than that idea, I'd just call around to local garden/farm supply places. Maybe check craigslist too?

u/TedWashingtonsBelly · 0 pointsr/burlington

Recommended reading for individuals who don't actually know anything about parking policy: The High Cost of Free Parking
, Walkable City

u/skiyuh · 5 pointsr/burlington

Might be worth doing a test of your water. Any alarming results could be taken to Public Works to hopefully find a solution to the problem.

u/wickedcold · 1 pointr/burlington

I actually just got this four key sample pack. I'm likely going to get blues myself. Although it still doesn't seem quite as nice as the clicky mechanical keyboards I remember from years ago.

u/therealrico · 7 pointsr/burlington

I do, it’s cheaper in the long run. Bought mine in 2014, still works great paid between 100-150 but can’t remember.

This is the model I bought in 2014.

u/Girls_dont_poop_ · 2 pointsr/burlington

How far out is it? I used this inflatable boat as a dinghy last summer and it worked fine. Cheap and functional as long as the water isn't too rough and you're not super far out.

u/OutsmartBullet · 3 pointsr/burlington

This sucks, and I'm sorry to hear it. There are motorcycle alarms with tipover sensors for not too much money, FYI