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u/coldize · 2 pointsr/capoeira

Get this book

It's awesome. It has a ton of exercises and some workout regiments already in there.

Like someone else has already said, the best way to get your body in shape for capoeira is to do capoeira, but this book is good for doing workouts that incorporate capoeira movements.

My particular favorite is called "serpent running" or something like that. You get in pushup position and then you rapidly switch between your left and right foot, like you're running. It's really hard and a great workout.

I also found this was a great way to supplement actual classes because I felt like I could try to just do the same routines and movements we learned in class but doing them by myself, I felt a huge lack of direction.

Good luck! Axe!

u/znewbie · 1 pointr/capoeira

There are lots, of varying quality.

Off the top of my head are the books by Nestor Capoeira, who is deeply respected for lots of reasons. He has a series of three books, only one is formatted as a sort of technical manual, but the others are highly entertaining and fascinating in their own right and discuss important elements beyond just the movements of capoeira.

There is also the Capoeira 100, and Capoeira Conditioning. These have some issues, while the contain photos of various movements, the instructions seem to go like "First, prepare to do the flip, next, perform the flip, finally, finish the flip." Also be aware that different capoeira groups use different names to refer to moves, there are very few that are completely stable between groups, so the names of the moves in the book might not be how they are referred to by any group you meet.

seriously though, google is your friend. So is amazon books.

There are lots of youtube videos, around too. Like Com Expressao who have a basic movements video, and some tutorials on more advanced moves, but those that i've seen do not discuss the use of those movements in the roda. They post here occasionally as well as /u/comexpressao .

u/GameClubber · 3 pointsr/capoeira

Mestre Acordeon's book is a trip but is not technique-based. It's a story of heroism and selfishness like none that I've ever read. In the realm of Capoeira I have nothing but respect for the man but as a family man, if what he writes is true, well...

Anyhow, here is a book that is pretty nice.

And also this is very good for beginner's.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/capoeira

Going on my 2nd week, and yoga has helped immensely. I've been taking it easy because I do about 10-13 minutes of backbends a day and have been for quite awhile now, but have been taking it easy. Btw I can't recommend this enough. It is a phenomenal tool for helping the back. I'll try to take it easier on the yoga and focus more on Capoeira for awhile :]

u/simtel20 · 2 pointsr/capoeira

It's been a while since I read it, but I recall thinking at the time, as a non-academic, that its conclusions were contrary enough to my understanding of the art that I didn't feel convinced. But it was an interesting read.

I'd recommend Downey's book, and as someone else recommended T.J. Desch-Obi's book is good too.

u/Olemied · 1 pointr/capoeira

I use these as well! I use this pair specifically and I have been really impressed. No more blood blisters if you come back after not training for a bit, great grip but can still slide, and they're pretty cheap so they aren't to bad to replace if they wear out.

u/Alnun · 3 pointsr/capoeira

Tires wires are the best, but I saw once someone using stainless steel fishing wire. It looks and sound nice.
It was one of these:

u/smellsofelderberry · 2 pointsr/capoeira

Thanks! I'll take your word for it. As far as books on Capoeira go I've only read a few so I don't have many to compare it to. One of those was Nestor Capoeira's The Little Capoeira Book which also has a nice bit on maliçia. On that topic, I also once heard him comparing everything you do in the roda can be analogous to something in life. You wouldn't trust a complete stranger not to deceive you in certain situations and you should do the same in the roda. It's something I've always remembered.

My issue with the book would be with the person who wrote it. I could not trust an author, who claimed to be something he wasn't, to write a book about the capoeira journey. It's ironically an example of real life malicia. It's snakeoil.

u/Iwantmymago · 3 pointsr/capoeira

Monitor Varal, the author of this series of articles, has been training capoeira since 2013. He's a super-talented capoeirista, a ridiculously humble guy, and a fantastic writer.

He recently published a book based on his research into capoeira and his own lineage that you can find here.

Mestre Rony, the subject of the article, is a phenomenal teacher no matter what your standard is. If you haven't met him or trained with him, you need to put it on your bucket list. Plus, who needs another excuse to visit Sarasota, Florida?

u/cookiesforall · 1 pointr/capoeira

Sorry for commenting so late. It's important not to forget the rest of the body, especially from the hips down, when preventing knee injury. People tend not to think about hip and ankle mobility, or whether they're walking like ducks all day, when their knees start to hurt. Studying K-Starr's stuff from Mobility WOD and his book has helped me a lot. This article explains it pretty basically.

u/DugganSC · 1 pointr/capoeira

>#61. Short sections on women or racism in capoeira, long sections on family trees, and great illustrations.  A review of a classic capoeira book.
>The Little Capoeira Book by Nestor Capoeira
>The Capoeira Guidebook by Varal

u/toofaroutthere · 1 pointr/capoeira

Halo headbands manage your hair and redirect the river... Check out the rubber thingie

u/Fistymcqueen · 5 pointsr/capoeira

A few people here have mentioned knocking and kicking so far, and also T.J. Desch Obi, who talks about it in detail in his book. As he points out, black communities in the Carolina Low Country are very insular. It appears to be difficult to even get practitioners to admit there is such an art, which would of course make it difficult for it to become well known. It is easy to see why they would be so secretive, given the pervasive systematic violence against black communities in the United States, and especially the justifying narrative of black propensity to violence.