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u/time_dj · 7 pointsr/cardano

4 years ago i didnt know any programming either but then i found this guy who's sole mission was to help people integrate bitcoin into their websites and projects!

Since then i have leaped into the world of programming and i cannot tell you how empowering it is to be able to build projects and have your ideas turn into working apps or utility's.

The guy who runs that youtube channel is also the author of building bitcoin websites! ( Kyle Honeycutt )

We need to be able to build on Cardano!! We need dedicated teams putting up tutorials showing people how to interact with Cardano and deploy apps and websites powered by ada!

Yes we need marketing but .. No amount of marketing material is enough if people cant build on Cardano.

If building on Cardano will only be for people with long beards who have been coding all their life then i think it will impact adoption very much!

If we had someone as passionate as Kyle to help us wrap our heads around Cardano then i think we can make some serious moves. We need stuff like library's for common programming languages like PHP and JS so we can generate public and private key pairs for example.

More importantly we need a hub of sorts specific to this idea of expanding peoples knowledge of Cardano! Im not talking about the internals of Cardano.. Im talking about building stuff! Just imagine if the youtube channel i linked to in this post was all about Cardano instead of bitcoin. Thats what i think we need!

Edit: So yeah "never9-5". You hit it on the nail. Thanks for making this post.

u/djmedakev · 1 pointr/cardano

Is this what they're talking about?

I know all about Raspberry Pi... this link is to a ROC... not a Rock. I'm thinking this is it though... can anyone confirm or give me a link where I can buy a few of these things?