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u/Bareen · 1 pointr/castboolits

.223 are going to be pretty hard to pan lube no matter what because of the small size mixed with the length. You could dip the bullets into liquid lube, but doing that is pretty slow and not really something you will want to to with bullets you will shoot mainly in bulk.

Another option would be use some small wire strung across the pan to form a grid pattern, drop the boolits in nose up to each square before pouring lube into the pan. Along the same lines as that, a baking cooing rack or some hardware cloth should work great and be easier than wire.

That said, is there a reason that you don't want to powder coat the .223 bullets?

u/cawpin · 2 pointsr/castboolits

Ok, wheel weight spray has some ton and antimony in it. Find a welding supply shop and get a 50/50 stick of lead/tin. Mix 9lb wheel weight with the 1 lb stick and you'll get a pretty solid approximation of a classic bullet alloy.

I'll try to find my source.

Edit: Here's where I got this info years ago. Right column, second from bottom. It's close to Lyman #2 alloy. Also, you can get the bars from Amazon now which wasn't an option when I found this.

Edit 2: /u/cornmastah can give you specific info about casting for .45-70 as he does a bunch.

u/SpareiChan · 1 pointr/castboolits

Coil type hotplates work (albeit slow) for melting lead, the BTU is low so don't expect to melt more than 5lbs. Ceramic type hotplates WILL NOT WORK, they just don't have the BTU for it. Either get a propane turkey fryer or boiler (most are about 50k BTU on max) or use a torch and bricks to make a mini oven.

My walmart had these on clearance for <20$ at the end of summer and I picked on up. works good, got a 15" cast iron pan to +700` in under 5mins.....

u/cornmastah · 4 pointsr/castboolits

I expand my case mouths (not just flare) when using cast bullets. Lyman makes an "M-Die" which actually expands the case mouth and works well. An alternative would be to buy a cheap Lee universal expander die and replace the expander inserts with the NOE M die styled inserts and expand your case mouths to the right diameter to avoid shaving lead or swaging bullets down. As far as making bullets harder, you can always add some wheelweight alloy to it, or something with tin and antimony. I like to use old printing press lead (linotype, foundrytype, monotype) to make my alloys harder. I usually buy mine from a guy on facebook, but you can buy it from rotometals or even scrap yards.

Link to lee universal expander die:

Link to NOE M-die styled expander pieces: (sorry, looks like my work is blocking it now)