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u/Flook18 · 1 pointr/casualiama

Well now you see what happens when you just assume I'll be conversational... In all seriousness, I really had nothing else to argue or bring up about the education thing... Also what do you mean by teh tecknawlahgees (the technologies)? Do you mean advancement? Or just the ability to learn stuff using the internet? Speaking of technology, not sure if you've seen After Earth yet, if you haven't then I won't spoil it don't worry. But the technology they use in the film is all like Bio-Tech, like a seamless fusion of tech and humanity. It's pretty cool, and where I think technology should be heading towards.

Well first-off the African Wars have nothing to do with Northern/Mid Africa. Well not in this context anyway. Sorry I didn't make it clearer, but the African Wars I was refering to was the Anglo-Boer War, which I assume you know something about? If you don't it was when the Afrikaaners and the British got into a little bit of an argument, and by argument I mean war. Which the British lost. The reason I call if the African Wars is that there was a third party involved and those were the Native peoples in South Africa, they too played a part in the War. And so that part of history has been renamed the African Wars. Much like the American War of Independence, had Patriots, British and the Native Americans all fighting one another. Or have I got that wrong? Please enlighten.

As for the rest of Africa affecting us, they most certainly do. Firstly we have an open door policy when it comes to refugees and so we take on a lot of refugees. Not a bad thing because they have really good work ethics and often start working immediately. I suppose it is a bad thing for South Africans seeking similar employment (factory worker, farm labour and domestic workers) who can't find work because they are considered lazy in comparison (have to agree). Side note, North African doctors, aren't welcome here if they are refugees because they are needed more in the country they come from. But literally any other skilled worker is a God send because they will do the same job for less.

But African instability affects us in other ways too, like South Africa is constantly trying to push for an AU but keeps getting either shot down by dictators, or the whole system is abused by dictators. Hosni Mubarak, Kony, Muammar Gaddafi and so on had huge pull in the African Political Circle, and used the old African Union as their personal power houses, causing the whole thing to lack meaning and come apart. Now though, the idea of reinstalling an African Union is on the cards again with South Africa at the helm. Former President Thabo Mbeki (who is blamed for never doing anything and was actually impeached [unjustly] to allow the cards to fall in just the right way to get our current President Jacob Zuma his seat in power), is heading up the whole operation, and has been for the last 7 years.

I kinda want to be frozen till 2700, to see how the world will be like. But also to hear the final notes of Longplayer ring out. I think it would be cool to go to one of the sites and just listen as the last ring is played and the whole room just drops into silence. Do you think people will just clap endlessly as that happens? Would be cool.

>if anything about you posting that upsets me it's that you screwed up the formatting.

Well for YOUR information it wasn't me that screwed up the formatting, but rather RES/Reddit editing that did it. I posted it as He wrote it, but RES had different ideas and 'corrected' it to the format you saw it in. I tried to correct it but to was to no avail. So please do be kind as to fuck off (read sarcastically), because it's not my fault. As for finding a poem that might annoy you, I have taken on that challenge. With an entire styl (on purpose) it's called [MNMLST poetry] ( and is possibly one of my favorites! (as you've guessed). On that link you'll find the thing I was actually after which is the i with a thumbprint as the dot. Love that poem [(which it is)] ( On the topic of things which are short (unlike this reply), here is the world shortest [novel] (,_never_worn) comprised by Ernest Hemingway. Thought you might like something just a little different.

And from the topic of literature we dive straight into book recommendations--getting the hang of segueing--though maybe not this whole business of extra information in between dashes.-- Where was I? Oh right! Well I just picked up on of Pratchett's new books; [Dodger] ( There is another cover other than the one in the link. Very much enjoying the Steampunk/Victorian setting. Something I do suggest you maybe pick up for a fun read would be [Poison an Illistrated History] (, an interesting read if you're interested I guess. Plus wow your friends when you can recite all the people killed by poison! Moving on to the book I most highly reccomend, it sits in with my favorite literary technique of narrative. And is all about, and written by, the famous writer [Fernando Pessoa] ( It's called [The Book of Disquiet] ( I put the Amazon pages for all the book recommendations as to not tempt you into reading spoilers from their respective Wiki pages. You're welcome to if you so wish, but I don't want to be held responsible for that. However [here] ( is the Wiki page for The Book of Disquiet; it hasn't got any spoilers, but rather valuable information you need to know before reading the book so check that out if you want.

Also [Cloud Atlas] ( Because it's pretty good and you should probably give it a read.
As for things to recommend back, please do! Sure my taste might be expansive (if you say so) but that means I am just more willing to take on whatever you suggest. Oh and do like Sci-Fi, but only certain authors and certain sci-fi. Please I'm not some neckbeard.

As for other things you should do, this Collegehumor [video] ( is pretty funny, and the rest of the series.

Don't really have much music to suggest, so we'll skip that this time round, plus this message is getting pretty long...

Okay so my favorite tea... it's a three way tie between Rooibos (Uniquely South African thing as far as I'm aware?), the Vanilla Chai tea from [Woolworths] ( (their official site is down for maintainence). And this special Chai tea that I have no idea the name, only that I buy it from this guy who makes it himself and sells it for R100 for a 1kg burlap bag, which is a huge bargain! There is also a really nice tea cafe near to where I live that I really enjoy going to called [O'ways] (, run by an asain couple who know be name now.

Right I think thats it for answering all your questions... That just leaves me with a question to ask back to you (without tradition what do we have?) <--- Not the question but feel free to elaborate. No what I want to know from you is; have you ever made a terrible decision, but stubbornly stuck with it to prove a point? If yes what was it and what was the outcome? (had to add the second part, because I foresaw you being a dick and just answering with a yes and leaving it [and if you just say no and leave it then I'll be upset, and will throw a massive tantrum]).

Dit het dankie vir die vraag! Ook beteken dit totsiens in Afrikaans.

u/felixjmorgan · 2 pointsr/casualiama

I'm by no means a neuroplastician, I'm a marketer! I'm just very interested in the subject and passionate about learning more.

It started from a debate my boss and I had been having for a couple of years about whether technology changes behaviours or whether behaviours change technology, and what the relationship between the two was.

I had a really interesting discussion on reddit a while back that you might be interested in, when I was a little less read on the subject. There's some great authors that are doing some really interesting research on the dynamic between technology and people -

For neuroplasticity generally my recommended starting point would probably be 'The Brain That Changes Itself' by Norman Doidge. It goes through a lot of the basics and covers a lot of the main thinkers behind it, and their progress researching the subject. It's a fascinating read.

u/Magorkus · 1 pointr/casualiama

Very good comment, and one the OP should consider. /r/seduction is filled with a lot of crap, but also has some really good content. Through that subreddit I found this book:

It's got a lot of great advice with the overarching goal of creating real, meaningful relationships.

u/Iamjimmym · 6 pointsr/casualiama

Could you wear something like these around the grease bullets? Would McD's allow it? I'd throw down to get you some if it'd help out! Heat Resistant Insulated Cooking Gloves

u/EuphemismTreadmill · 4 pointsr/casualiama

I highly recommend reading Daniel Bergner's "The Other Side of Desire" to better understand how complex fetishism can be, and how it defies simple concepts of sexuality. It's not a matter of "gay" or "straight" at all. Like if you were turned on by, say, the color red. When you saw the color, you get aroused. It doesn't matter if its the red lipstick of a lady, or the red shirt of a dude. It's the color itself that matters. And an exhibitionist may have a similar response. They might be straight (wants to have sex with the opposite gender) and still be turned on by exhibition regardless of the gender of the person seeing them. Make sense? Most people don't have a fetish, so it can be a difficult idea to understand.

edit: added link

u/shoryukenist · 2 pointsr/casualiama

I guess Albanians do have a hard time, though to be fair, one tried to hire a hitman to kill my father (former elected official). The superintendent of my apartment building is from Kosovo, it seems like he tries to distance himself from the term "Albanian." He is a nice guy, I like him a lot.

>The one girl that went to high school with me was considered cool because she was Jewish and that seemed so hollywood

ha!! I don't even know what to say about that, funny. I was one of the only Jewish kids in my school, but I wasn't Hollywood cool!

My Bosnian friend is always so proud (rightfully so) that the Turks took in the expelled Jews from Spain, and let them settle in Bosnia, where apparently they were treated well for hundreds of years. You might be interested in this book:

Have you ever seen the BBC documentary "Death of Yugoslavia?" I honestly don't know how these "civilized" Western European countries sat by and watched a genocide happen 50 years after the Holocaust. "Never Again" my ass. It really sickens me. There is a scene where Eli Weisel demands that President Clinton do something about it at the opening of the US Holocaust Museum. But what do I know, I'm just an ignorant American.

u/palbuddy1234 · 2 pointsr/casualiama

Thanks so much, I"ll check this out for sure! I read part of [this book] ( and did some internet research on him. He seems very interesting sometimes, but in other ways just always seeking attention.

Someone I know who used to be in a Punk band told me that Punk is the response to the lazy rock in America and actually had substance in the 70s which I found interesting.

Another question, to what extent has punk 'sold out?'.

u/DevonAero · 2 pointsr/casualiama

Brah, do yourself a favor and pickup these two books: [The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them] ( and [Models: Attract Women Through Honesty] (

Seriously, these books changed the way I see getting girls and the whole female-male dichotomy. It teaches how to make things happen with a girls, and why it doesn't just happen and so much more. Trust me dude, these will change your life, but the key is to put what you learn into practice.

u/tk338 · 11 pointsr/casualiama

Wow man! That's some dedication to a friend, just please don't get hooked yourself, it IS extremely addictive. As a quitting smoker, it wasn't until I got the wheeze at night that I really realized I had to stop.

Sure I felt like shit in the morning, but put that down to tiredness. I put a bad nights sleep down to anxiety (which is from memory somewhere back down the line why I thought I'd try it), and a cough down to something just coming up... Just passing the blame.

Props to you though man, I hope he quits soon, for both of your sakes!

Theres a community on reddit for your friend: /r/stopsmoking
and they will undoubtedly point you to 'the book'

u/thegreatgazoo · 2 pointsr/casualiama

Can you clean? Start a house cleaning service.

Are out out of the city? Get a lawnmower and start a landscaping business.

Got $11.88?

u/blindpoint · 1 pointr/casualiama

Being the coolest-badass ugly male? If pussy is your concern about your "succesful" future, a sexy personality in a ugly guy has an special surprise factor that the pussy likes.

Just be funny and badass or pretend to be. Most of the brilliant animals in the animal kingdom are those who lure and manipulate others.

Do yourself a favor and read this book

Yeah, you may have pussy harder to get, but the challenge is what makes you smarter than the other guys.

-Dr. Fake Dick Johnson.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/casualiama

Have you ever read All the Shah's Men, or any other books about the US coup against Mossadegh in Iran in 1953? Do you think there is any chance that it will be made into a film starring Aaron Eckhart as Kermit Roosevelt?

u/Flynn113 · 2 pointsr/casualiama

Good question, I'd go to [etsy] ( and buy a few things from there. But since I'm from a country that not a lot of people on the internet are from (South Africa) I'd also put a lot of typically South African things in too, but nothing cliché and gimmicky. I'd also put in my favourite book, [The Book of Disquiet] (

u/summerofsin · 1 pointr/casualiama

Yeah, I am trying to just roll with the punches with it. My mom asked me to shave before I come home for Christmas, but I don't think I am going to.

Hahah! I named myself after a character in a book; Dane, obviously, from Han Nolan's Dancing on the Edge.

u/StillHasIlium · 3 pointsr/casualiama

Concerning prison camps, I might suggest Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey by Blaine Harden.

u/sayhey36 · 1 pointr/casualiama

Have you ever read the book Glass Castle? You might relate in some (but not all) ways.

u/JackXDark · 3 pointsr/casualiama

Okay this is something I wrote that explains some of the origins of Wicca and British paganism in general that you might find interesting.

The only 'beginners' book that I would recommend is Where to Park your Broomstick by Lauren Mannoy. This is actually an excellent book written in a very accessible style.

After that, then you should try Doreen Valiente's stuff. She's the most important figure in Wicca and modern witchcraft, as she wrote much of its material and despite wanting to find ancient sources, was completely honest about what she did and didn't find. I'd start with Witchcraft for Tomorrow which is a massively interesting book even if you're not Wiccan.

If you want something that's really in depth about Wicca and what it is and where it came from, the only thing worth looking at - and something that's utterly essential is Professor Ronald Hutton's Triumph of the Moon. This is a very academic book, however, so maybe you can leave it for a while. If you want to take Wicca seriously though, it's absolutely essential. There are some people who claim to be Wiccans who don't like it and can't accept what it says, but I'd stay away from them, as they tend to prefer the fantasy of it being an ancient religion rather than being willing to be open minded about where it really came from and what it is.

Avoid Silver Ravenwolf's books completely. They're rubbish and contain some very bad advice, especially for young people. Despite what she might claim, she's not highly regarded by actual Wiccans at all.

Other advice - well... don't believe anyone who promises you anything or says they can sort out problems for you using Wicca or Witchcraft. If they claim to be part of a group of a High Priest or Priestess or anything like that, then ask what their lineage is or for proof of this and to talk to other people who can back it up. If they're genuine, they won't mind in the slightest. If they're a bullshitter, they'll take offence, but that's when you walk away. If they know who Doreen Valiente and Ron Hutton are and can get into a conversation with you about their books, they've probably got a clue. If they dismiss them or don't know who they are, then they probably don't.

The other thing to say is that even though it's secretive and private, there's a massive difference between privacy and secrecy. You can and should tell someone else whereabouts roughly you're going, if you're going to meet up with groups, or people.

In the main, Wiccans and pagans are pretty nerdy, pretty friendly, but occasionally somewhat damaged, which can lead to interpersonal issues within groups that aren't much fun to deal with. The Wiccan and pagan scene can be a playground for attention seeking folk with ego issues and the problems relating to that are far more likely to cause difficulties than the chances of running into any dangerous animal-sacrificing sex-cult that'll put your soul and life in danger.

So - do a lot of reading, and make sure you establish some boundaries of your own before getting involved with anything or anyone else.

u/AccipiterQ · 1 pointr/casualiama

The thing is I used to go there all the time, then as I got older....dude their tuna is AWFUL. I mean everything there is awful, the veggies are wilted, it's awful food.

I actually read Cod: A Biography of the fish that changed the world a few summers ago, it's a great read. I'm familiar with the sacred cod; I live in Boston :)

u/mutantturkey · 1 pointr/casualiama

Random Question - You said you loved the cold war, right? I just finished "Uranium the rock that shaped the world". Very very interesting in depth history presented in a good journalist first person mixed 3rd person format, about the history of Uranium, from it's early reaches all the way through WW2, Cold War and into the current middle east crisis, check it out