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u/ubersoldat13 · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

Someone a couple months back had the exact same question, so I'll just paste my response here. Everything except the measurements is good for you, but to find that out, simply measure the length of your penis when it's flaccid and then find the closest cage length to that. You want your flaccid penis to fill the cage completely for the most comfortable fit. As for ring size, the company that makes the Holy trainer reported that they're most used ring size is 45mm

> Anything the size of a small HT would be good. Something with a cage length of around 50-55mm. Considering it is your first cage, I would say go with the knockoff one on Amazon. It works well and is a fraction of the cost.

>Also the knockoff HT comes with 4 different sized rings. So you can see what's best for you. Generally, you want as small a ring as possible while still being comfortable.

> keep in mind that because of the design of the HT, it's not conducive to long term wear, and needs to be removed every week or so for a wash. If long term is what you want, go for a more traditional metal cage style. Something like this

> Best of luck. Especially when it comes to sleeping. That's the hardest part

u/Leftsaidfredrick · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

Thank you, it does feel great also.

I like how they give you four different sizes of rings, I'm ready to go to a smaller diameter, my body is used to the size. Been using two largest rings and it is starting to slip more and more during the day. I have a very physical job and it stays in place for the most part. I adjust during bathroom breaks, pulling ball sack as far in as possible.

I may try the Evotion when I have a windfall cash-wise. $30 for this Amazon model was too inexpensive to pass up for my first cage.

I've done the same with a Strict Leather's straitjacket for $65.

Got a set of lockable straps for $17

and a leather rivet set from hobby store and reinforced the jacket to be inescapable, replacing and lengthening the arm straps and neck strap. Putting extra rivets ( hammer through punched hole) at stress points and it is as good as a $300 model.

u/KLUMsis · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

This is the one I'm using that I bought from Amazon. It comes with one ring that's a bit bigger than 2". I'm using the short version, but there's a long as well if you're a bit bigger flaccid.
FYJ Lightweight Premium Medical Grade Resin Chastity Device Male Briefs With Discreet Packing (Short, Transparent)

Hope it helps!

u/TomVanAllen · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

As long as you're looking, I might also suggest:

or this:

Both have the silent key/lock, and the flatter cuff ring is pretty comfortable. I have the next longer versions of these. I'm not crazy about the ring style because after a few days I tend to swell out of the rings and my skin gets pinched, so I went with the tube style. But the ring style is popular, so YMMV.

u/Drivelsome-Bore · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

I do the exact same thing, it works great. I got a carrying case to hold mine in. This is just long enough to hold Q-tips and fits pretty easily on your key ring, and it's discreet. You can use the Q-tips to line up your urethra with the hole and then use the other side if there is a bit of spray into the cage.

u/Yuuichi_Trapspringer · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

This woman has a site that will give you tips (and eventually try to sell you a book) on how to pop the question about chastity in a way that won't make your gf freak out, hopefully.

THis book seems to have good reviews as well, you can buy it, look through it to make sure you want what the book says too, then hand it to her to read.

u/Frosted_Cheese · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

Thanks! Holy Trainer knock off from Amazon. My first cage, and I'm loving it. Although I have 3 different ones on the way this week to find just the right one for next month.

u/sissynada · 3 pointsr/chastitytraining

These are excellent. They've got a pouch in the front for your package, which gives excellent lift and support. They're probably the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn.

u/account4244 · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

I purchased this a bit ago. The knockoffs have a bit of a smell to them that will go away with time. To stay lubricated all day I use refined coconut oil. The ring has a slight line from where it was in the mold. A little sanding with super fine sand paper handles it and makes it comfortable.

u/LittleCagedD · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

If you order from Amazon, they have lockers that you can get your package delivered to. I don't know if they're available everywhere, but if there's one near you, they're sure convenient, and your package will be safe from package thieves, too. You just pick a nearby locker under the shipping options when you check out, and they email you a code for the locker when it arrives.

I got a pink one of these and it's very comfortable.

u/Sex1220 · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

Here is what i use.

It is a knockoff CB6000 and i would recommend it as your first for a few reasons. Main reason is price. IF this is your first time you may find that you dont really like chastity that much and this way you are out $25 instead of $125. Also i find it pretty comfortable.

u/jgardner104 · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

I use this simple plastic box. I can change the combination easily. You dont need anything complicated.

KIDDE SAFETY 001844 Lock Magnet Key Case

u/remembertosmilebot · 3 pointsr/chastitytraining

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/johndough1958 · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

Thanks. What gets me off on the idea of chastity is the power exchange. there's another book I was looking at called Male Chastity - A guide for keyholders that has some good reviews on Amazon. Have you read that one? I'm just afraid that the book By Georgia Ivey Green will scare her off.

u/Ronjoe_CB · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

Get a lockbox, scramble the code, take a picture without looking, and use Emlalock.

Honestly, if I were your keyholder, I'd keep you denied one day per grammatical error in your post. I lost count at 10, so just round up to two weeks in case I missed a few. You're twenty-fucking-two; you're capable of writing properly.

EDIT: Oh God I'm sorry, non-native speakers didn't even cross my mind. Still, using chastity as a motivator to improve your language skills might be something fun to try.

u/kaidyn123 · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

I recommend starting with this®-CB-6000S-Male-Chastity-Device/dp/B00DE5DTV0/ref=pd_sxp_grid_i_0_0

It's a cheap ~$20 plastic cb 6000s model, very widely used and comes with multiple ring sizes so you can get a feel for what sizes best suit you before you buy a fancier one.

I also recommend using to hold your keys for you, basically you lock your cage then lock the keys in a combination lock, photograph the combination without looking. Emlalock returns the photo after a predetermined amount of time.

The cb-6000s is my favorite of the many I've tried. The main problem is that the rings have a shelled out center that your balls can get pinched in, but I filled it with hot glue quick and easy and now I wear that one comfortably for 'long-term' (my records only a week but I'm about to break that now.

Edit: more info

In terms of long term effects... I don't think anyone can honestly say the is 0 risk. But a lot of people do it and there's no crazy uproar... The worst I could imagine is increased likelihood of ED later in life... But I have no source for that and it's not the worst symptom.

I will say that after multi day sessions my dick is definitely smaller when erect, but it bounces back.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

Something like this:

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor's Lockbox

Walmart or a local hardware store will have something similar.

u/ZapperSparky · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

I can understand that. I, myself, am safely from myself locked away in a Steelworxx device but I just counted the levers. There are 3. That is if I understand what a lever is in a lock. I do NOT know how to pick a lock AND the device is 100% stainless steel. I would be too afraid of injury if I attempted to cut it off.

How about instead of a lock, maybe using a 1 time use security lock.
Something like this .

u/Unable_Mongoose · 2 pointsr/chastitytraining

Here’s the one I was talking about. There’s more open styles too but I’m not sure of their length.

u/Pink-Balloon · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

How's this look?

It's in my price range, has two day shipping (something I need because I'm home alone for a week so I need it fast), and pink.

u/Karaki · 1 pointr/chastitytraining

Hi, I'm day 4 and I'm having a different ball pain. My device came with an imperfection and had a sharp spot. I tried filing it down but now even though it's smooth to my fingertip it's still too rough for my skin for long term wear. I'm going to go the rest of the night to heal, but how can I smooth it out?