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u/suzepie · 5 pointsr/chinchilla

When we decided to upgrade cages for our guys, we went with the Midwest Critter Nation double unit. It's made by the same folks who make the Ferret Nation and is almost identical, except that the bars have less space between them and run horizontally rather than vertically, making them better for smaller animals and easier to add accessories to.

It's been absolutely tremendous for them. One of our boys, Harvey, is also missing one of his front paws, and he runs about without any trouble. The Critter Nation has two main levels and two "half" levels, all of them solid and of a hard plastic that the boys haven't tried to chew on (I know, amazing - but there doesn't seem to be any reason to swap them out for metal, surprisingly). The ramps that reach from level to level come with fleece covers, so there's no chance of a paw slipping between rungs.

Here's a pic of the boys giving the Critter Nation a test drive before we moved them in. They've been in it for several months now and absolutely love it.

We had planned on buying ours through, then found one in our local PetSmart at an amazing price one day and brought it home, just like that. (Someone must have bought it online and returned it to the store or something - I don't think they usually carry them in-store, so we lucked out and didn't have to pay for shipping!)

Anyhow, I highly recommend this model for your three chinchillas. It has plenty of room for living, sleeping, and exercising and is safe for the boy with the missing paw. It was the best decision we ever made for our chins. :)

u/Bricteva · 3 pointsr/chinchilla


  • bites hurt.

  • they can take a while to warm up to you.

  • they can have a wide variety of personalities and you're not quite sue what their personality is until they are comfortable with you.

  • they can be bratty and spray you with urine for telling them playtime is over and they need to go back to their cage.

  • you can't take them for walks.


  • they are super soft.

  • when they grace you with their affection, it is all worth it.

  • watching them play happily is very peaceful and relaxing.

  • dust bath time is so cute.

    I've had Poppy for 3 years now, she's always been the adventurous type who prefers people as things to jump on as opposed to beings who want to shower her with affection. It's taken until about this year for her to actually want pets and to ask for them. She can be a bratty little munchkin, but after 3 years, we've mostly worked out how to deal with it. I think the real joy of the relationship with the chinchilla blossoms after about 3 years (I think that's about how long it took with my first chin, Lilly). After that point, they get a lot more comfortable with you and are more willing to put up with snuggles and being held and will actually seek them out.

    As a chinchilla owner, the best supply purchase I made was a playpen. I put the front of her cage at the opening in the pen and then she has access back to her cage during playtime. This makes her a lot happier and relaxed during playtime and also keeps me from worrying about what she could be chewing or getting into.
u/thalandor46 · 8 pointsr/chinchilla

Keeping the room cool is the important part, but she may also be looking for some extra comfort after she's been particularly active. I know my guy likes to flop over on his granite after extended play times. Fortunately, they're pretty inexpensive, so it's probably worth trying one if you find some wiggle room in your pet supplies budget :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/chinchilla

Levels depend on size of cage really, so it is hard to say. Bare minimum size would be 3'x3'x3'. Preferred brand would be Ferret nation (you will get this from most everyone because it is a completely metal cage with awesome features). Wheels are great to be able to clean up around the cage or to move chinchillas that are frightened of vacuums. AND DON'T GET PLASTIC CAGES OR ACCESSORIES! Plastic is not something anyone should eat. And chinchillas chew EVERYTHING in a cage.

I'm just going to write a list of things you should have in general for 'accessories.' And I'm a college student, so be prepared to hear about bargin stuff.

> Food : Avoid pre bagged food. It's expensive.
Hay : I just get a bale of hay from the feed store (where farmers get their food for their barn animals.) Way cheaper than a little bag at the pet store.
> Hay manger : I personally don't use mine, It's a pain to refill, and my chinchillas eat so much hay so fast anyways.
Huge ass waterbottle : Plastic is fine. They won't be able to reach it.
> Litter pan : You can just use a small cake pan, I personally use [this]( and to hold it down to the size of the cage I use [these](
Litter : I use something like this.
> Dust Bath : Don't cheap out if you want them to have super nice soft coats. Lots of people use blue cloud. [I haven't used this site, but it seems to be the best price for your dollar for a big bag of it.](
Bath House : You can just use a dish for them to bathe in. I personally use this because it keeps the dust from flying everywhere. Plus, since less is going all over the place, you aren't wasting as much dust. Plastic is fine as long as you supervise them while they use it. They should have 10-15 minutes of bath time 3 times a week. Don't leave it in the cage or else they will piss in it to mark it.
> Wheel : You can go buy one large enough for a chinchilla for about 150 bucks, but I am not the kind of girl that will spend more than 20 on a stupid wheel. So I am currently in the process of making my own! [Here is a post of mine with a few options on how to make one.]( Just keep in mind that the wheel needs to be 15 inches, and if you do end up going out to buy one, don't get one that does not have a solid bottom. Chinchillas can break their feet if it gets caught.
Granite stone : To keep them cool. You can possibly get a free/super cheap slabs from a place that cuts granite counters and stuff. They have no use for the small pieces anyways. I personally just went ahead and bought a couple from the pet store though, because I am picky on how my cage looks.
> Hammocks : I personally make my own because their so easy to make and WAY cheaper. Why pay 15 dollars for a hammock that might get chewed so bad that you won't be able to use it in a week or two. Plus, I like choosing what colors. Keep in mind the material. Fleece and flannel are fine because they do not ravel. Remember if it unwravels, and the chinchillas want to eat it, you might come back to a dead chilla.
Chews : Get a fuck ton of them. Seriously.
> Treats : Alfalfa, raisins, apple slices. Just give them tiny bits. The reccommended treat allocation is 2 raisins a day if that gives you any idea.
And chinchillas love to run through tubes during play time.

And don't bother with the huge ass chinchilla ball. People call them death balls because chinchillas tend to over heat because their owners consider that their daily play time and will leave them in there for an hour or two. I have one when I only had one chinchilla, and he didn't want to touch me. He really enjoyed it, but I had a close eye on him the whole time. Every 10-15 minutes, I would bring the ball to his cage, and if he didn't hop out, I would let him roll around some more. He loved running into the cat and tormenting her. XD

u/Nosworthy · 1 pointr/chinchilla

We had never dreamed of owning a chinchilla before we did. A family friend asked us to look after theirs whilst on holiday and we grew attached to him. They didn't pay him much attention and didn't want him back so we snapped their hand off

The cage they have us was very small and cramped so we got him this one

You should let him out regularly to run around the room. They are lightning fast, can jump high and have very inquisitive personalities so you might want to 'chinchilla proof' anything you don't want them to get at - we have a sideboard that he managed to climb up the back of and get stuck so now have to cover any gaps but you'll soon learn as you go. They love to chew so be prepared for that.

Otherwise, like I say, you'll pick things up as you go. I'm not really a massive animal person but love our chinchilla, they're not really cuddly animals that you can pick up and handle but have so much personality.

u/_ataraxia · 1 pointr/chinchilla

1] the room your chinchilla cage is in should be kept below 70F. if that means having to run your AC every day, then that's what you'll have to do. humidity is slightly less of an issue if you keep the dust bath available inside the cage 24/7, but you'll still want to keep the room relatively dry.

2] i don't know what you've read, but my two girls definitely didn't read the same information. they are LOUD, especially late at night. the wheel is noisy, their chewing is noisy, their general bouncing around the cage is noisy [lilac think it's fun to make her cage shake and rattle].

2.5] i don't recommend getting any pet if it's not 100% okay with your landlord. if you wanted to adopt a chinchilla from a rescue, many places wouldn't even approve your adoption application without talking to your landlord first, because they don't want the chinchilla to end up right back in the rescue when the landlord discovers you've snuck a pet into your 'no pets' rental. what will happen if your landlord decides she's really not okay with it? will you get rid of your chinchilla? will you find pet-friendly housing and move? will you try to sneak your chinchilla into another 'no pets' rental?

3] i've only ever owned female chinchillas, so i can't really say anything about males based on personal experience. i'm happy i never have to deal with hair rings, though.

4] chinchillas are crepuscular, leaning toward nocturnal. my girls sleep mostly during the day, but they don't sleep the entire day. they drift between napping and short bursts of activity. they're most active at night, between 10pm and 5am.

5] i use these dust bath houses, hung up on the wall of the cage. they have little hooks for that purpose, but they break off easily, so i use bolts and washers to secure them instead. unfortunately these houses are made of plastic, but i've yet to find a suitable non-plastic option that can be hung in the cage the same way.

u/emeraldsama · 1 pointr/chinchilla

The other suggestions of cloth wrapped ice packs are worth trying, but I'd look at how to make the AC more efficient.

  1. Can you move the cage closer to the AC? Even if the whole room is warmer, the area closest to the AC will be cooler.

  2. If there's windows in the room, add window film to insulate and decrease heat coming it - it's cheap and easily removable if you rent (I rent and have them up). Just make sure it's non-adhesive, static cling film. Something like this or this one

  3. You could make or buy a solar (or battery) powered swamp cooler. In small spaces it can work shockingly well, but it's annoying to have to check the water level every few hours. You can also buy swamp coolers prefabbed, but if money is a concern you can DIY it.

    My boy starts looking uncomfortable over 76, so I would be very worried keeping him in temps of 80+. I shoot for 72 degrees and he seems comfortable plus or minus a few degrees of that.

    Refrigerated stone slabs do help for short term relief, but ultimately you need to keep the temp down. Chinchilla don't sweat, and can't release body heat that way. If you aren't comfortable in a long sleeve shirt or sweater in the room they're in, then it's too hot for the chins.
u/WashingtonCapS_ · 1 pointr/chinchilla

If you’re looking for a new one and have the room, I definitely recommend this one :
chinchilla cage

It’s the one I have for mine and they absolutely love it, and doesn’t make too much noise. Also the shelves can be moved around for different styles, and we’ve added a load of other wooden ones for them too, plus it’s a great size for them to jump onto different levels!

u/Skrilmaufive · 1 pointr/chinchilla

Since no one has answered I'll chime in. Every wheel is gonna be noisy. You're gonna have to accept that. Even the quietest metal wheel will be loud because of their little footsteps and the rattling of the cage.

I just recently got one of these

And I'm very happy with it. It's a great value. Very smooth rotation and little noise.

u/Neroxela · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

I actually started with my 2 chins in the same exact cage. Wound up going with the critternation at Petsmart for $260, you can get it on amazon for about $200 though:

mine came with plastic trays, very similar to a dog crate, but they make metal trays that are obviously chew proof. My gf and I made felt slipover covers for the tray though (for their feetsies, and to prevent plastic chewing), and they absolutely LOVE it!

u/RadGrinArcher · 1 pointr/chinchilla

If it feels cool when you touch it, and stays cool as you hold your fingers to it, then it has a high heat conductivity and is capable of pulling heat away long term. Some ceramics have a high heat conductivity and some don't. I have one of these , which works very well:

Granite is a really dense rock (not a ceramic) that has a high heat conductivity.

Also, I want to say this clearly for the OP and others - a cooling rock is NOT going to give your chinchilla the ability to exist happily at 86 fahrenheit. It doesn't do enough. It shouldn't be considered as widening the range of temperatures that chinchillas can live in. This is a stopgap measure in an emergency, or a cage fitting for the chinchilla's comfort the rest of the year, no more.

u/Chinnythrowaway · 1 pointr/chinchilla

I was using something like this
but i didn't feel like it was very effective, and it was so hot and uncomfortable I ended up adjusting it and touching my face a lot thus negating its use.

The thing you linked sure does look serious! I'm just curious if you (or anyone) have tried something like this..? it also seems to have good reviews from allergy sufferers.

u/BlazeWelly · 5 pointsr/chinchilla

My chinnies have a dust bowl that they sell on amazon like this one It hooks on to the side of the cage and can be removed. Looks kinda like a big plastic birdhouse lol but they love it. It seems to trap in most of the dust although some shoots out on occasion.

u/Mandylicious · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

I have a set of those plastic drawers like this [] That I keep by the cage and keep food and accessories in. I put the hay in Rubbermaid totes that fit on the shelf underneath the cage. As for fleece fabric? You know I have a ton for the stuff I make, that's usually in an extra drawer in the dresser or an organized box in the closet lol.

u/ID_Pillage · 1 pointr/chinchilla

This is the cage, we got it in white:

Not a fan of the plastic but they haven't chewed it yet, if I see signs of it going to buy wooden ledges for them. It's a great size cage though!

u/ThatGuyB · 1 pointr/chinchilla

It looks like either a Midwest Critter Nation (double unit) or a Midwest Ferret Nation (double unit). I have had both and they are great cages but I recommend the Ferret Nation over the Critter Nation as the wire gauge is thicker and less prone to breaking.

u/Aunty_Fascist · 1 pointr/chinchilla

5x11 platform

3 pack mini platforms

Peek a Boo tunnel (she has a shop on Etsy as well)

Hanging bridge

Niteangel wooden house (unfortunately out of stock)

Etsy has a lot of chinchilla ledges, bridges and other cage accessories, definitely check them out. Shipping can be really slow though but the quality is worth it.

We also have a penny candy jar we're trying to train him to get into for transport since he hates being picked up but he mostly just likes perching on top of it at the moment.

u/sharkjab · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

We have a chinchilla and live in NE Indiana near the Michigan border. We keep our thermostat at 65-68 in the winter when it snows and he is fine. We have also bought some cooler granite boards for his cage that he can lay on if he gets too hot. I have provided a link for that below. In the summer we usually keep a small fan near his cage so he can cool off if he is too hot.

u/noteric · 1 pointr/chinchilla

Hmm yeah that's not a very good bearing for a chin wheel, hence the cheap price tag. I bet they bought the bearing off McMaster-Carr. The only advice I can give you is to possibly lube it up to reduce friction. These table bearings are generally used for an axial surface load and not for a hanging rotational load like a chin wheel.

This is the wheel I have. The bearing I believe is a repurposed skate wheel, and works really well.

u/Skywaalk3r · 3 pointsr/chinchilla

Gates I use for anyone interested .. I’d recommend at least two, especially if you want to sit in the gate with your chinchilla(s).

u/mag_cue · 4 pointsr/chinchilla

Lava ledges. One of my chins will chew through one in literally a week. I have to buy them in bulk for him. He's a spoiled little brat.

My other chin loooves applesticks!

I recommend this site for chin-safe toys and treats.

u/dripless_cactus · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

Couldn't hurt. I have a bowl that screws to the side of the cage so he can't tip it over. Something like this:

u/Javipapa · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

Guards were made with kiln dried pine from Ring's end lumber.

Liners: Ferret Nation Accessory Kit 2

u/Nezhka · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

I actually found it at college, during building construction... the guys said I could have it!

But I just found this one on Amazon...!

u/PeteBabicki · 3 pointsr/chinchilla

I use these for pellets;

As for hay, I buy it in large bags that I scrunch up and peg. It's also stored in a chinchilla only cupboard by their cages - along with their treats and sand.

u/Berzerkerwar · 1 pointr/chinchilla

I went with the aspen shavings for bedding and wound up getting [this cage for them] ( I figured since they'll be in it forever I should spend a bit more on it.

u/jfm513 · 1 pointr/chinchilla

No problem! Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation We’ve modified it quite a bit.

The material is no-pill fleece we got from a fabric store and cut to fit. We use dog pee pads under the fleece for extra absorbency.

u/loz_christ · 5 pointsr/chinchilla

Remove the ramps and mid part.
Add kiln-dried pine shelves.

You got yourself a chin cage.

The bars are sturdy and thick.
It can hold a chin spin like no tomorrow so your chins can run fast as lightning at 3am with no fright that the bars will give out.

Got difficulty with their superchin teeth because they’re biting and bending the bars?
No sir their mastermind plans for escape are foiled today. These bad boys aren’t bending one stinking bit!

It’s pricey. But knowing how long chinchillas live, you’ll have this baby well over a decade.

slaps roof of car
Great investment.

u/zeronirvana · 1 pointr/chinchilla

it has two floors but there is a pan and floor with a cutout in a corner that leads between floors. i have the pan positioned to blobk the hole so my chins will be seperated. my girl attacks the boy on site. we bought him after our old boy died of pnumonia cause she looked sad. tried all the introduction method stuff but she hates him so they needed to be seperated.

here is the cage.