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u/axIguy · 10 pointsr/churningcanada

Just to be safe, I always:

  1. Open new tabs with each of the items I intend to purchase from my wish list/cart for reference when adding them back to my cart in (4) below

  2. Delete the items I intend to purchase from my wish list and cart (if they are there)

  3. Click through from the Aeroplan estore/ebates/GCR portal

  4. Add the items I want to purchase back to my cart from the newly opened window launched by the portal in (3). Use the Amazon ASIN to search Amazon for the item you want to add. For example, if the URL is:

    ...then the ASIN is B00VSLGHOI

  5. Yeh I know that's overkill...but I always get my miles/cashback/rebate

    Hope that makes sense :)

u/Mzjonesey · 2 pointsr/churningcanada

I use this basic business card holder for holding cards in storage along with a ton of other random loyalty cards.

For my "wallet" I use what is essentially a very stretchy fabric/elastic band. I absolutely love it. If you don't carry cash normally then you'd be crazy not to use this--it's the most minimalist you can get.

u/JiuJitsuPatricia · 1 pointr/churningcanada

I picked this up back in early 2017 and it's been great. it can handle having many things plugged into it, so you only really need it, plus your regular electronincs/cords.

it's got a fan built into it, which can be good for whitenoise, but also can be annoying if you really like total quiet.

u/tryonqc · 6 pointsr/churningcanada

Any recommendation for a good CC organizers ?

I have my eyes on theMyLifeUNIT Business Card Holder Book from Amazon.

u/yyz_barista · 2 pointsr/churningcanada

I use a couple of these to sort out my cards in my drawers, one for active cards, one for loyalty cards and one for cancelled cards. They're just in alphabetical order but do the trick (for now at least).

Rubbermaid 3x3x2 Instant Drawer Organizer

u/yhsong1116 · 2 pointsr/churningcanada

I just got this. carry 3 cards now.

One debit, Rogers WE MC, and Simplii Visa. I try to put it in android wallet. I have Tangerine MC in android wallet but plan to get rid of it and just use ROgers.