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u/BlackbeltJones · 10 pointsr/circlejerk

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u/sumdumusername · 2 pointsr/circlejerk

Is this a book reference? There are several scenes just like that in Aztec, is that where you got it?

and by just like it I mean not that like it at all. There's a cruel Queen, and a slave girl, and the guy painting in the corner was a hermaphrodite, I think. I haven't read it in a long time and the details are fuzzy.

EDIT: Right, he's not a hermaphrodite in this book, that was another one by the same author.

I forgot a lot of details, I guess.

>b) Mixtli is a serveant to a Noble woman who assigns him the task of drawing pictures of random people around town. She then picks one of the pictures and requires Mixtli to find the person and order them to the palace where she has sex with them and then has them cooked and served as food. A lesbian encounter here as well.

u/No_such_thing · 1 pointr/circlejerk

Obviously you are unfamiliar with the seminal work on the subject.

Do everyone a favor and do a little research next time.

u/effinlukifer · 2 pointsr/circlejerk

Here you will find all the answers to your questions.

u/thetonyk123 · 1 pointr/circlejerk

I was told to read this book in high school. That's where I got very interested in fedoras and I then graduated from college and my major was in fedoras. Also I minored in usmrnoe (up swag me right now or else)

Then I learned that I learned about the wrong Fedora...

u/cbyrnesx · 5 pointsr/circlejerk

We leterally are not hitler.
See? fucking libtards.

But srsly tho. I love killing jews. I am hitler.

u/naturalizedcitizen · 4 pointsr/circlejerk

PayPal is a C-O-R-P-O-FUCKING-R-A-T-I-O-N. Your had all the rights to do this! And hey, when you get out of jail, sign up with the fine people who protest firebomb and riot the G20 summit every time. And next time, do buy this book

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/circlejerk

Stupid Christians are incapable of logic, they don't understand the difference between fantasy and reality. The only "proof" they have is some book idiot humans wrote that claims God is real. Nice proof christfags!!

u/MRoar · 1 pointr/circlejerk

Don't you mean [1983]( "this is not an affiliate link, I think - it rhymes")? Off by one errors are very common - no need to feel shame.

u/Ruddiver · 11 pointsr/circlejerk

And the sad thing is, the US and the UK are doing this to themselves for what? The costs are plainly visible, both in treasure, and in civil liberties. But what are the benefits? What are we getting out of this? National security is frequently given as justification, but we're not getting any more secure by sacrificing our right to privacy. Terrorist attacks still happen, but what's so difficult for people to understand is that these threats were, and remain extremely remote. Not going to provide a source, but Bruce Schneier makes a compelling argument to that effect.

The way I see it is that these folks at GCHQ, NSA, CIA, et cetera, are a wildly dangerous anti-democratic force in our governments today. We can elect leaders. Leaders can be held accountable to some extent. However, we cannot elect these intelligence bureaucrats. Even though they're not elected, they hold tremendous leverage over our leaders, because they hold the keys to most, if not all, of our nations' communication infrastructure.

And, this would have been fringe a few years ago, but, the intelligence community is definitely using their privileged position as leverage over our democratically elected leaders. Diane Feinstein, the head of the senate intelligence committee for oversight recently publicly alleged that the CIA had destroyed and or modified files on servers controlled by Feinstein's office. The files involved were related to the CIA's detention program, and this occurred just as Feinstein's office was preparing a report on the CIA. source And that doesn't even speak to the stuff that hasn't surfaced yet. But, if you want an idea of how bad it could be, read this biography of J. Edgar Hoover, and then think about how a man like that, would have used our intelligence infrastructure to further his own ends. Just think about it, please. And keep in mind that those little machiavellians are the rule in our governments, not the exception.

The intelligence community, as it is behaving today, represents the greatest threat to me, my wife, and my children. Not fucking terrorists, not religious lunatics, but these folks. Because, if they continue to get their way, my kids won't get to grow up in a world with individual rights. They'll be taught from a young age, that everything they do should be monitored, and that to keep anything private is to be suspicious. And to be suspicious is to be illegal. I know what kind of regime that looks like, and I don't want any part of it.