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u/CISSP_HELP · 2 pointsr/cissp

Try this...

I started with the CISSP Study Guide, Second Edition: Eric Conrad, once I was done with that within 2 weeks, I read 11th hour by the same author. 11th hour was just a review/summary of the study guide so it was just to refresh what was read in CISSP Study Guide, Second Edition: Eric Conrad.
Any time I would get some free time in between while reading the two above mentioned books, if I go for a walk, drive to work or go for a run I would listen to Audio files from Shon Harris (I probably went twice through the entire Audio sessions (you can download here: (see MP3 download under each domain) (I downloaded these and stored them on my phone so it was convenient for me to just hit play whenever I had some free time).
I also downloaded a CISSP App on google play that lets you take quizzes and study cards across all the domains (free app, so if you have an android device look for CISSP Flashcards by BH Inc.). I did these when I had some free time here and there.
I decided to get signed up with CCCure ( ) for $50 you can take as many quizzes as you want for 6 months. This was well worth the money. I started taking practice exams about 50 questions per day. I selected (Study Mode, Hard, Closely related). I would do the 50 questions then the ones that I got wrong I would review within the engine as it had explanations.
I also the started reading Shon Harris All-in-One 6th edition ( Once I read that book (took me few weeks to finish it) (Boring book, but goo material, sometimes to deep, but good amount of information to prepare you for the exam), I installed the testing engine that came with the book called TotalTester, and started doing about 50 questions a day over all domains.
Throughout the day I would do 50 questions from TotalTester, and review the ones that I got wrong, and I would do 50 questions from CCCure, (but now I changed CCCure to Study Mode, PRO, closely related) and sometimes I would select un-attempted questions only, and then I would review the ones that I got wrong. For me was my goal to have 80%+ on the practice exams of 50 questions.
Now it was getting closer to the exam so I picked up AGAIN the CISSP Study guide from Erik Conrad the second edition, and would read a domain for a day or two, then read the summary ONLY from Shon Harris book for that domain (to refresh my memory even more), then take the total tester 50 questions just for that domain and review the questions that I got wrong, I would also do 50 questions on CCCure on that same domain and do the same review the wrong ones. If I was scoring 80-90% then I would move to the next domain and do the same.
Then the weekend before my test I reviewed again the 11th hour from Erik Conrad, and on Saturday I covered 5 domains, on Sunday I covered the next 5 domains to refresh my memory.
I personally though it was very important for me to keep taking practice exams every day so I felt like that every chance I got I would do exams of 50 questions between the two testing engines, sometimes resulting in covering 200+ questions a day. Some started being the same questions but that is I how I learn, by repetition and I would retain a lot that way.
Maybe I over did it and over prepared, but I just wanted to pass the exam…
The day before the exam I still felt unprepared, even thou I was scoring well on the practice exams and after all the material that I have covered. I guess its common human nature. So I tried my best to relax the day before my exam and tried to do something that would get my mind off the exam, go for walk, visit friends, go for coffee, watch a movie, and it is very important to STAY CALM the day before and while taking the exam.
When you get to the testing center, and start the exam, DO NOT RUSH… take your time and review each question carefully. Read all the answer choices for every question, you have 6 hours there…For questions that you are not sure of the answer mark them for review, and review them later once you reach 250th question.
For me the worse feeling was after I finished the exam and when it said to go and get my printout that would say if I passed or not. I felt horrible as I thought I did badly on the exam. The questions were tough and sometimes while you could rule out two answers as a definite NO, there would be two choices that are so close of being right. However, receiving the piece of paper, when I looked at it, it said Congratulations, …you have passed…I was happy to see that.
So remember when answering questions and making your decision on an answer, Human life is always #1. Standards, policies, and regulations always precede everything else. Think as a CEO and not a Sec Admin when it comes to $$$$. Read the question carefully as they will tell you, a System Admin, A security officer, a senior manager, make sure that when you see those in the question you try to think as that person and what would be the best for the company.
Know the formulas for ALE and SLE and study hard the BCP, BIA and DR. I also thought that I needed to know the most in Crypto so I spend a large amount of time covering cryptography as it was one of my weakest domains. I also watched this 90 minute video that kind a helped a bit as well:

u/saddavi · 1 pointr/cissp



Well done and thanks for sharing.


Just a quick question, you have said '- I bought the ISC2 test questions book' do you mean this book?



u/dorkycool · 4 pointsr/cissp

It's a good book, it's also setup around the 10 domains, pre 2015 test. You should also get something newer Cybex book

Also, check out the free training course at, it's very good.

u/PaisleyBorg · 1 pointr/cissp

I bought this one along with the associated question book, is this the Sybex book you talk about?

Also got the 11th Hour, which is a great summary.

And of course Kelly's video's :)

PS. i'm a light weight, a double shot of coffee is enough to get me going ;)

u/snifferaung · 1 pointr/cissp

Hi, Thanks for sharing in details.
are these two items same,
Sybex practice test bank 4x250 question exams And Sybex Practice text book?
if not, how can I get the 4x250 questions?

u/RicToBrazil · 2 pointsr/cissp

I used a local class, as the in person instruction helped me out a lot. With that, I also recommend Kelly Handerhan's Cybrary course, which is free online.


Also, if you can get the Official Practice Tests, and Study Guide,


Those also help out a lot.

u/jerrycramer · 1 pointr/cissp


What do you mean by ' the Official isc2 practice test book '? Is it the Sybex one?


Thank you

u/Dr3amCast · 1 pointr/cissp

Ah, yes. Those aren't the same. This is the most updated, recent official exam book that includes the practice exams:

The book comes with questions as well, but not very good ones in relation to the exam. It also has online flashcards. The practice exam book can be activated online, and all questions are available online. That book has everything that is covered in the test.

The other book I used was this one, but more straight to the point, but doesn't cover every single detail like the Sybex:

u/tonyled · 1 pointr/cissp

id put good money on this one

it comes with 100 practice ?s from each domain along with two full exams and is well reviewed here as being the closest in format to the actual exam

u/sorrowborn · 1 pointr/cissp

Thanks for the heads-up. Do you think it's worth it to get the book and practice test combo or just the book?

u/RedRiceCube · 3 pointsr/cissp

Experience only gets you so far on the CISSP, as plenty of smart people with loads of experience fail, because they don't understand how to take an exam or the boundaries of it. You can't cram for the CISSP, and need to make sure that you study evenly over time before the exam, as there is a lot of range in topics, but not much depth. Here is how I passed:

I used Shon Harris's CISSP All-In-One:

In the back of the book there is a testing engine online hosted by the publisher. I did that over and over (after reading the book) until I knew the answers like second nature. When doing the testing engine, it is important to know why answers are wrong as much as knowing the right answer.

Please see the following video, where I used the same method to study and pass the CISSP and multiple AWS exams:


My background: been a CISSP since 2012, and have personally helped 2 people study and pass this exam.

Hope this helps!

u/Susurrus03 · 1 pointr/cissp

That is because it is the old version.

To be fair that is the one I studied since I studied after the current test was released but before the new edition and I passed first try so maybe it's fine?


EDIT: NOPE. 8th Edition is $41, which is $3 cheaper.


u/327Solutions · 3 pointsr/cissp

Shon Harris's new book, updated by Fernando Maymi is an excellent study and certification prep. We use this book when delivering training to our DoD clients.

u/destro2323 · 3 pointsr/cissp

Interesting....Here is Link to amazon pre-order page isc2 cissp reference book.

My question is what’s the difference between this reference book and the 8th edition study guide, what’s better for exam?

u/SushiSlushies · 1 pointr/cissp

The info is good but it is a pricey and painful read. Most may find the juice isn't worth the squeeze on this. It is a great sleep aid though. The paperback volumes together is around 9 pounds.

u/nctofl · 2 pointsr/cissp


That's the official study guide for the exam. The CBK is the Common Body of Knowledge which is intended to teach you the concepts.

I'm studying and both are dreadfully boring. I'd start with something like the CBT Nuggets videos, which will introduce you to the topics in a fun and engaging manner - then hit the dry book work hard when you feel you're ready.

If you start with the official CBK or study guide, it might turn you off. It's a lot of dry reading.

u/sophanu · 1 pointr/cissp


Thanks for the reply. What I meant is what is the difference between Sybex and this book ? Are both same?



u/magnus007 · 3 pointsr/cissp

Which one did you think was better?

1000 online practice exam questions that come with the Official Study Guide 7th Edition -

vs. CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests - Chapple, Seidl Amazon

u/Neal1231 · 1 pointr/cissp

I passed my exam with help from the CISSP Mentor Program and following along with their talks with the Eric Conrad study guide.

u/5c0073r · 1 pointr/cissp

CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide

u/hi_cissp · 1 pointr/cissp

A new version of the CISSP CBK is out. I suggest buying that book as well. Lots of updated content.

The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Reference

u/Daftwise · 2 pointsr/cissp

"Official ISC(2) Training Guide, CISSP CBK, Participant's Guide", which doesn't appear to be on Amazon, but this is probably close.... they gave me a .pdf only version of it. The cover is the same except my pdf says "Participants Guide" under the CISSP logo

u/GunstarCowboy · 3 pointsr/cissp

I agree - this is one course where going into it with no preparatory reading will leave you scratching your head throughout the tutorial period. The course is so broad that it's better to use the tutorial time to ask clarification questions about material you half-understand than to expect to be taught the material from scratch.

If you've been given the CBK breezeblock in advance, read it (or at least skim the lot).

If you haven't, then invest in a study guide. I love the Sybex one. YMMV.

But don't go in cold. You will regret it.

u/Erich-ISC2 · 5 pointsr/cissp

One more point, we are now involved in the Sybex series of study guides (SSCP and CISSP right now). These are more akin to our standards.

CISSP Study Guide

SSCP Study Guide

u/HIGregS · 1 pointr/cissp

For "Shon Harris Q n A" are you referring to on online practice exam or the book "CISSP Practice Exams, Fourth Edition" by Shon Harris?

u/shell_ghost · 1 pointr/cissp

So by buying the following :

You get access to an online Sybex exam tool by registering your books. Directions are provided on the back side of the books.

u/unknownpoltroon · 2 pointsr/cissp

I took the exam 4-5 years ago, and the transcenders were a help. The exam was in fact a bitch. Most of the questions were
A: not right
B: not right for this particular question
C: Right
D: more right.
and so on.
I recommend the transcenders, and any of the other testing questions out there.
I also found this book helpful:

Boils down the stuff I had been reading about into almost an outline level for last minute review.

u/tellkeeper · 1 pointr/cissp is considered by most to be the defacto question bank and the best way to prepare. I have found that the Sybex Official Practice tests online are just as good if not better and will save you a few bucks if that's a problem. The one thing I WILL say bad about it is at times it lags very bad.

u/Diverminh · 1 pointr/cissp

Sybex actually has a newer CISSP book that covers the new domain format. . I found the Shon Harris All-in_one book very difficult to read cover to cover. I used it for reference.