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u/jayemo · 4 pointsr/civic

Just realized how vague my reply was.

Weather mats - I was able to get "free" Honda ones from the dealer with my vehicle purchase. They're nice and fit well. I've heard great things about weather tech too. And don't forget one for the trunk too. Mine earned it's keep the first time a milk jug leaked. Super easy cleanup compared to carpet cleaning.

Interior leds - I used these plus this trim removal kit. Trim kit is a nice to have, you probably have something around the house to improvise with. For the actual install hit up you tube for "tenth gen Civic interior lights". It's a very easy job.

Also this was my first time having a car with a nice key fob so I got some of these to keep it from getting beat up. With auto lock, unlock, and push button start, it only leaves my pocket when I'm home anyway.

u/ocbooger · 3 pointsr/civic

I have the Weathertech floor liners in mine. Husky and OEM are other options. For the side markers I bought smoked one's off Amazon.
REVi MotorWerks DEPO Smoke Front Bumper Side Marker Light Set + Amber Bulbs FIT for 2016-2018 Honda Civic 2D/4D/5D

I think most states the side markers just half to be reflective and visible from 500ft. There are also some LED one's that will work with your turn signal but require a fuse tap. Lots of options.

I went with the Procivic wind visors on mine. There's a Mugen type as well. Just depends on what you want to spend on what look. I'm happy with the Procivics. is a great place to find info as well.

Here's mine

u/iDingo91 · 2 pointsr/civic

I'm not sure what the best head unit is out there, but I think a majority of them are 400+. Of course, I haven't looked at them since I bought mine.

[I have this Dasaita]( and love it.

I don't use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto though. From what I understand with this one in particular though, you'll have to buy a separate cable for either or. I think there's a workaround to get Apple CarPlay to work though. I honestly haven't looked at it since I have an Android that I just use as a hotspot so I can have Spotify and Waze up.

I would say hit up the civicx forums and see what people are saying is worthwhile. I got the Dasaita soon after I got my '19 sport and haven't looked back.

u/long_meats · 1 pointr/civic

For sure- these should be the parts you need (Looks like they're on sale as well), but check at the bottom of the page to confirm they're for the higher-end version of your specific model/year:

Right Tweeter/Trim Panel

Left Tweeter/Trim Panel

Apparently the factory tweeters suck pretty bad, and I wasn't even aware the trim pieces included the tweeters so I never bothered trying them since I had already ordered aftermarket Polk db1001 tweeters that (as far as I'm aware) are the only confirmed aftermarket tweeters that fit perfectly in the trim pieces. Also, my trim pieces came with factory tweeters included but there's a chance they sent me the tweeters in error and it was only supposed to come with just the trim pieces since I couldn't find anything that mentions the tweeters being included.

Polk db1001 tweeters

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and
here's a useful thread on for more info

u/Renegade1Actual · 1 pointr/civic

For the price I have absolutely no complaints. There is some sort of residue on them I believe, but that should just clean up. Haven't tried yet. I can get better photos if you want.

They were $26 on amazon when I bought them: There is also a variant for the sedan, and even ones that have LED logo lighting.

Side markers were a little pricey but had the best reviews I saw: There are some in the $20-30 range.

u/goldenyoshi · 1 pointr/civic

HID works best on the new Civics. I have tried LED for the low beam and they are bright, but don't shine very far. I tried them in a 2017 Accord and it works better in the Accord than the Civic. HIDs shine further and give your more visibility.

I believe most others used 6000k bulbs and have said it matched their fog lights.

These LED work perfectly for me. I changed all the interior lights with these.

u/Tjoala · 1 pointr/civic

I'll be in Jacksonville from May 25 - 28, then leaving back for Alabama Monday morning. If you can get all of this before then and want to drive to the Mandarin area of Jacksonville on Friday before noon, I can help you get it installed.

u/Firby03 · 2 pointsr/civic


KATANA is the brand I went with. Cheap, stupid easy to install, and seems good quality. Have had them for about 6 months now and they are such a massive difference you can't even really compare them to the stock ones. I also drive a Sport and it is so much better driving it at night now. Looks very nice as well.


Part of my job has me drive the perimeter of the building at night before going home to double check for any safety issues or unsecured power equipment, etc etc. I made sure to get a dozen opinions from other workers to make sure I wasn't that dickhead throwing aftermarket LEDs in and blinding oncoming traffic, but nobody has said anything besides the fact that they look much nicer.

u/ShtDaHllUpMarguerite · 2 pointsr/civic

You have the option to use one of these:
You can daisy chain from your rear speakers or splice into the speaker wire. This device will convert that rear speaker line into an RCA line so you can run an amp. They work really well, the downside is that your sub woofer controls will be affected by any changes you make to the rear speakers. But if you play with the amp, I'm sure you'll be happy with the result. And yes, your rear speakers will work as normal.

u/Flnn · 3 pointsr/civic

Weew, that's a beauty. If you get itchy to change something, consider swapping the side markers. Definitely my favorite thing that I've done aesthetically, and it took 5 minutes.

u/jyongonz · 11 pointsr/civic

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-H11(H8,H9), 2019 New Gen of HIKARI, Adjustable Beam, 9600lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

Get the H11. These are pretty cheap and still have a fan but it's a nice upgrade if you don't want to spend $50+ or don't have money for HIDs which is what I plan to do later on.

u/albatroopa · 2 pointsr/civic

You can get bulbs that fit. They have an LED driver that the wiring harness plugs into. As far as brands, I've got no advice. I bought mine for cheap from some local guy that runs his business out of his house and I can't remember the brand.

Once your install is finished, you're going to want to check the beam alignment and height. You're also probably going to want to put ferrite cores around the wires as close to the LED drivers as feasible, or you'll get electromagnetic interference and your radio will play mostly static.

If you do your turn signals, you're going to need a load resistor (8 ohm, I think) in parallel with your lights so that you don't get a rapid blink.

Example of ferrite cores:

u/mattfofatt01 · 1 pointr/civic

I went with these because they were not chrome but


these seem to be good too, are a bit cheaper and have better reviews.



I am a bit concerned about how close they are to the bumper, so I put a small bit of rubber in between the bumper and the exhaust tip and I'll see how it goes

u/Azcatraz · 2 pointsr/civic

I got a pair of LED H11 bulbs, these, to replace my low beams, and they match the running lights very well. They also seem to be a good brightness where I can see far ahead without blinding other drivers.

u/840_Divided_By_Two · 2 pointsr/civic

Think the ones I have are 3D MaxPider or something like that. They're awesome. Lemme see if I can find them.

Edit: found em these kept my carpets immaculate this past winter in the northeast. When they get a little muddy I just pressure wash em and throw them back in

u/liquidCarbon · 2 pointsr/civic

I bought these for my '17 EX

They are fantastic and work perfectly. Also got the T10 cabin lights as a combo purchase for less than a $1. Couldn't be happier with them. The beam pattern isn't to high that it blinds other drivers and they look a hell of a lot better and light up the road a lot more. I've had them for about a month now and drive mostly at night.

u/UndercoverGTR · 2 pointsr/civic

Changing the headlight bulbs won't void your warranty.

If you want a white light then you'll have to either swap the bulbs with an LED kit (cheap), or replace the entire headlamp assembly with an LED assembly (expensive).

There are cheaper LED kits than the one I linked but I would be wary of their quality. Replacing the assembly costs more and takes more work, but the light output is much better.

u/feckinmik · 7 pointsr/civic

I just put these in my 2018. No word on longevity as they've only been in there two days but they look nice and weren't expensive.

High Beam

Low Beam

u/akfgfan · 1 pointr/civic

Couple of other people have mentioned that these are good lights

u/23_Red · 3 pointsr/civic

I have the 3D MAXpider mats in my CTR. I like them a lot and the carbon weave look gives a more sporty appearance than the OEM and Weathertech mats.

u/slicinsam757 · 1 pointr/civic

Thanks, I was thinking these ones

Not bottom of the barrel price but not top end either.. what'd you go with if you recall

u/longpantsman18 · 1 pointr/civic

I used Plasti-Dip, this stuff here:

If you try, look up tutorials on youtube and be careful about application. The stuff is holding on really well through rain and snow with no sign of deterioration

u/ghost2spooky · 2 pointsr/civic

The OEM black lugs and locks are so overpriced. I went with black vinyl caps. Same effect for way cheaper:

u/Salty_Scrotum · 2 pointsr/civic

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure

u/thefinessekev · 2 pointsr/civic

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit I got these LEDs for my hatch and they work perfect.

u/WarriorMMA · 1 pointr/civic

its the kicker line out convert off of amazon

So basically the line out converter comes with 5 wires, 2 right wires, 2 left wires and 1 ground wire.

so essentially, if youre connecting to your rear speakers then you connect to the 2 right wires to the right rear speaker and 2 left wires to the rear left speaker. this requires you to cut the rear speaker wire though.

if your car comes with a stock sub, then you can simply connect the lineout to the stock sub and then to your amp. that way u can control the sub level from your headunit.

u/TeamFoxGG · 1 pointr/civic

For LX/EX Hatches the only decent exhaust tip choice we have are (which is what I have). You can adjust the position and then screw in the bolts.

u/UberWagen · 16 pointsr/civic

I almost see them as a necessity. I live in GA with a black civic, summers are brutal.

If I don't put up a sunshade (this one in particular, covers entire windshield) and leave my windows cracked to vent heat (thanks to the ventshades), it's almost unbearable to get into my car, it will take your breath away sometimes.