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u/calcio1 · 3 pointsr/classicfilms

I'm currently working my through the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die in sequential order (up to about 1952 now) and it's been a magnificent education I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Bit hard work at the very very early stages, but I found so many amazing films that are straight into my all-time favourites. And a love of silent film I never knew I had.

Unlike other posts here, I think it's good to do sequentially, because you see the advancement of the medium and techniques, how influences spread, etc etc.

I've also been trying to see as many as possible actually in cinemas (re-releases, repertory stuff, festivals etc) and would recommend that.

I also like to tick them off on

They have other lists that I intend to get into as well.

A good documentary series and book is Mark Cousins' The Story of Film, though he is very much 'foreign = good, Hollywood = bad' so be aware of that

u/Comicsastonish · 1 pointr/classicfilms

My Last Sigh is BRILLIANT. If you enjoyed that I'd also highly recommend a book titled Objects of Desire - it is a series of interviews with Bunuel wherein he talks about as openly as you'll ever find about his life, films and career. Good stuff.

The interviewers even credit Bunuel as a co-author because he went back and approved and edited everything included in the final published text.

u/Shoegaze99 · 3 pointsr/classicfilms

Good stuff. Hitchcock was a master and his cameo appearances were always fun. Among other things, this book outlines every cameo appearance (along with a few debatable appearances), including explanations of how/why he pulled some of them off. The way in which he made an appearance in the very, very underrated Lifeboat -- which takes place entirely in a single lifeboat! -- is pretty awesome.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/classicfilms

Per what everyone else is saying: watch the longest version you can. The movie uses the time wisely, and while it IS a bit silly in certain regards and themes, it's overall a wonderful sci-fi movie.

If I were going to recommend a purchase, this blu-ray from Kino is where I'd point you. =)

u/segvcore · 3 pointsr/classicfilms

$10 to watch on Amazon - not necessarily all that much if amortized over forever :)

That's to own viewing rights - i.e. you can watch anytime and as many times as you want.

u/EightofChrisLemmon · 3 pointsr/classicfilms

I’ve read a fair amount of books on the studio era, but none have lived up to the brilliant “The Genius of the System”

u/chubachus · 2 pointsr/classicfilms

Not sure if this is appropriate here, but I've made a few of these types of videos turning photographs from the mid-1800's into "films."

Film-like looped animated sequence I created of seven photographs of John Wilkes Booth posing with two unidentified men, possibly actors, said to be taken in 1861. The images were probably meant to be used as promotional material for an unknown theatrical production. Photograph source.

The context of the photographs I think might be found in the book "John Wilkes Booth Himself," which is said to have many rare photographs of Booth, but second hand copies cost more than 300 dollars as there were only 1000 copies of the book printed.

GIF Version.

u/SmilesUndSunshine · 2 pointsr/classicfilms

Slightly off topic, but Notorious isn't on the nicely priced Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection, $44 for 14 films. It is on the more expensive 3-film set with Rebecca and Spellbound, $50 for 3 films, used.

Anyone know why that 3-film set is so pricy?

u/judgebeholden · 2 pointsr/classicfilms

Shame. One of the best war films of all time.

u/bjd85 · 1 pointr/classicfilms


Edit: Just realised this is a British DVD. Still, who doesn't have a region free player these days?

u/jupiterkansas · 3 pointsr/classicfilms

Hollywood Babylon is the Kenneth Anger book about the scandals of classic Hollywood.

You can also watch The Big Knife about how these scandals were covered up.