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u/Fuzzy_Jello · 1 pointr/classicwow

It's definitely not as balanced as retail, but you get what you ask for with a druid. A truly hybrid class that can easily change to fit any role, just not quite as good as classes that specialize in any given role. As long as you don't limit yourself to only understanding how to play a certain role, you'll do fine.

Feral's aren't great at PVP in general, but do have some advantages when it comes to 1v1 situations. They also make great flag carriers in WSG. But other classes will outshine them in large scale PVP. What makes druids unique though is that you can change roles to fill in gaps of your group where needed. Get grouped with a beefed up warrior and decent dps? Swap out and provide heals for them. Might not be as good heals as a dedicated healer, but the flexibility is there.

In PVE, ferals can tank 5 mans easily, but in higher level raids, they mostly get pushed into off-tank roles in favor of Warrior main tanks. Feral DPS is a bit lackluster, but again, the flexibility is where they shine. Healer gets killed or oom? Feral druid can pop off a couple heals and brez/innervate the healer. Feral DPS druids may not have topped charts, but they have definitely saved groups from wiping countless times.

Play what makes you happy. I'm personally going to be playing a feral druid as well.


Also I have both of these:


The flexibility (lol) of the razer is nice, but I usually just use the corsair (you can adjust it to your hand).

u/Gwarlord · 3 pointsr/classicwow

Not sure if this is covered already.
When I broke my right hand (my mouse hand) I used a Logitech G13 gamepad.

They dont make this one any more but there are several others out there.

Was able to setup all they abilities and use the buttons for the thumb to makes shift/control options to triple the available buttons. Had several macros made to slim down the number of needed buttons. What made this really work for me was the thumb joystick. While certainly awkward at first with some time spent I was able to be nearly as efficient as using the mouse, only with close to 100 keys at my disposal (using shift/control). I still use this gamepad, but back to using mlook on the mouse. I just returned to WOW on Saturday after a 5+ year hiatus and had several people remark on my healing and dps skills (Shaman). Able to do both was not a testament to my my "l33t skilz" but to how easy having all these functions at your finger tips.

If you can get one at an affordable price, I would recommend them for everyone - certainly anyone who is dealing with similar issues.

On a related note: I box several toons on EQ. I have three of these gamepads and am able to play two other toons without even looking at their monitors. Not having to have 3 keyboards/mice on the desk. People only notice when I am not rolling on crap with all three toons and/or they never chat.

After you get used to them, you can never go back.

u/exdeath2217 · 4 pointsr/classicwow

as someone who plays since arround 8 years on vanilla servers i have good intel on what is going on. the servers 6 years ago were bad. skripting was realy bad on those. but since arround 2 years there are a few private servers that are realy good. in case you didnt know it. there is a book called "Bestiary" ( ) that has every raid boss value in it. that includes boss hp, armor, ability dmg. so there is plenty of data how those raid bosses worked. there is also video evidence. going so far that on kronos you can make bug report if you see that something isnt correct, and if you present evidence that somethign isnt working as it should they will fix it. raids are cleared so fast because the skill level of players + knowledge has increased by alot. ppl had 10 years to figure stuff out. if you look at videos from guilds clearing naxx 12 years back, you can see it. they were wearing non optimized gear. they had no worldbuffs. they didnt use propper consums. the other day i saw a video from curse 12 years ago. it was a mage running arround in full t2 with flask of titans and no other consums / worldbuffs. ofc he only does half the dmg of someone who knows what they are doing. that is why raids are easyer. on the other hand ppl on this sub overblow the issue. for every guild that cleared naxx in the first week on a private server, there are 2 other guilds that needed months to clear it. so overall i think private server raids are as close as you get to the original vanilla wow raids

u/pwnie123 · 1 pointr/classicwow

My favorite mouse if you want the type of mouse that has a lot of buttons:

I've been using this mouse for awhile now and haven't had double clicking issues like I did with Razr / Logitech mouse. Plus it's a bargain!

Otherwise, I use this while I game on the bed if I don't use a controller:

Despite my stab at Logitech earlier, this mouse is by far the most responsive wireless mouse I've used. Not only that, it can be used on almost any surface since sometimes I use it on a pillow / bed sheet while lounging around in bed and playing games on the TV via steam link.

As for keyboards, for wired I use:

I forgot what brand my wired keyboard is since I'm not home at the moment.

For wireless on the bed, I use:

Like above, the Lightspeed tech makes it super responsive even at more than 10ft away. Not only that, you can switch between Bluetooth / Lightspeed allowing you to control up to two different machines at a flip of the switch.

u/Razhork · 7 pointsr/classicwow

Dare I say that WoW would've looked vastly different than what it ended up being. John Staats (Interior Dungeon Designer from day 1 of WoW development) wrote his
WoW Diary which details a metric ton of the development process.

Prior to WoW, they were developing another MMO called Nomad. It had been in development for 18 months, and it was a hellish experience for Blizzard. Somewhere in these 18 months, EverQuest was released and a lot of Blizzard employees played it almost religiously.

It's said as much in the book. EverQuest was the proof of concept that the MMO Blizzard strove to make was possible. They now had a blueprint they could work from and Blizzard did what they do best - polish.

On a whiteboard outlining all the tasks they had on a daily basis, one of the points was literally "EverQuest @ night" aka play EverQuest after work. One of the first things the developers did in the Azeroth sandbox was tag a ton of ghouls (First functional NPC) and train them across the landscape onto the few other devs present in the sandbox.

It's a good read

u/kloborgg · 2 pointsr/classicwow

A lot of these are from the WoW Diary by John Staats, which came out in the last couple of months for Kickstarter backers, and should be available on Amazon soon-ish

It's a really amazing compendium on the development of WoW from '99-'04, and reads very easily. I'd highly recommend it.

u/Adam13531 · 9 pointsr/classicwow

Oh man, I'm a total nerd for this stuff.

The mouse I recommend above all else is the Logitech G600. For reference, I've tried a Razer Naga, the WarMouse Meta, and the Cyborg MMO 7. Here are the pros of the G600:

  • Price
  • Functionality - there is a shift button for your ring finger, so all of the other buttons on the mouse can have an alternate function without needing to switch profiles. I did a short video on this here:
  • Comfort - this is pretty subjective, but I think the mouse feels good and each thumb button is easily pressable (although that did take a couple of days to get used to).
  • Key repeat - when you store your profiles on the mouse, it will register as a keyboard, meaning you get OS-native key-repeat times. This isn't actually that useful for gaming, but to give an example, suppose you bound a key to backspace and you're typing in WoW chat. Holding that backspace key will work exactly the same as if you'd held it on your keyboard. If this weren't a feature, then the software would provide its own key-repeat time, meaning it would start repeating the keypresses immediately without any initial delay (which is unlike how Windows normally works).

    Also, not that you'd probably ever care about this, but I wrote an AutoHotkey shortcut to change mouse profiles in case you'd rather automate it than press the physical button on the mouse.
u/tavok_ · 6 pointsr/classicwow

The sticky notes are a cool added "feature", getting to see somebody else's notes.

I also recently started collecting many of the books from used book/gaming and thrift stores. Payed between $3-5 CAD for most but never spent over $10, even for the large hardcover books. It's been fun finding and looking through them.

So far, I've managed to find:

World of Warcraft Atlas

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Atlas

World of Warcraft: Beginners Guide

The Art Of The Trading Card Game: Volume One (I was really surprised to find this one!)

World of Warcraft Bestiary

World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion

The Burning Crusade Official Straegy GuideWrath of the Lich KingCataclysm

Looking forward to finding more good deals on some of the others.

u/justhere4inspiration · 6 pointsr/classicwow

Razer is a scam, IMO their products just don't hold up that well for the ridiculous price tag. Everything I've bought from them is now broken, and I won't buy anything else. It's all marketing. Personally, I prefer logitec but I decided for WoW I'd try just picking up a cheapo MMO mouse, and honestly so far it's been great. I've been using it for around a year, started on PServers, and had zero issues so far:

It's that brand and has the same side button configuration but whichever one I have doesn't have all the RGB lights all over it. Less than half the price of a naga, and has a thumb shelf.

u/Miebster · 2 pointsr/classicwow

You want something like this:

I’ve used the G13 for years but they don’t make that anymore.

The left thumb uses the joystick for movement. This leaves all 4 left fingers for spell keys. She won’t get lost on the keys because she won’t be trying to contort her fingers around wasd. This setup is actually better all around, even for hard core raiders.

Thumb stick does wsqe and she will use mouse right click to turn her character. She won’t even know that a d keyboard turning exists.

I bind mouse thumb button to jump, and left thumb “click” to auto run. (Not sure if this model has a click thumb stick.

It is actually pretty quick to get used to.

I bind all the buttons to 1-90+- and numpad 0-9+-.

I do an alt key as well, but that’s probably overkill. Most players don’t need more than 20 bound spells.

u/ThaneofJudgement · 1 pointr/classicwow

If anyone is interested in retraining muscle memory, I picked up a Razer Orbweaver over a month ago and haven't looked back. This thing has been a Godsend as a mage. I have almost every button on my bar keybound in some way now and all my movement is done with the thumbstick. Works great!

u/pooptypeuptypantss · 1 pointr/classicwow

A lot of people are saying the Naga, and yes, it's a good mouse, but I have bought too many Razer mice that failed after less than a year. Something would go on them, like the scroll wheel would become wonky and not scroll properly, the left click button would start registering as a double click when I only clicked it once. This has happened with literally every Razer product I have ever bought. Never again.

The most recent mouse I have been using for more than a year now that hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear is this

It's essentially exactly the same as the Naga, it's cheaper, has more profiles to customize, more buttons on it. It's just been a great mouse that hasn't shit the bed in over a year, which is more than I can say for any Razer product.

u/IsleOfOne · 1 pointr/classicwow

Two words: Razer Naga

Enjoy being able to play properly once more :)

u/dakota831 · 2 pointsr/classicwow

Okay pretty simple. You need a few things though.

  1. A cheap mmo mouse like this you can bind your bread and butter to:
  2. A addon like Banana Bar that organizes hostel/enemy frames.
  3. Mouse over cast macro something like : #showtooltip Holy Light/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Holy Light; Holy Light

    Replace Holy Light with whatever spell you want.


    Once it's all set up you just press the button on the mouse to the corresponding spell while hovering the cursor over the enemy target frame. And boom, 1 handed mage.


    (PS: This is really similar to how you raid heal at high levels.)
u/Aidz24 · 1 pointr/classicwow

I bought the UtechSmart Venus about 6(5?) years ago on a whim because it had overnight delivery for free from saturday night to sunday morning, so I went ahead and snagged it. I always figured I could just return it if I hated it.

So far, this is the absolute best mouse I have ever used. The only two complaints I have about it are, the RGB is very lackluster. The mouse wheel can only change with 5 preset colors while the rest of the mouse is more or less true RGB, its weird. That, and the middle mouse button is a tad stiff to click. Besides that, this mouse is absolutely amazing, and the drivers have never ONCE Failed on me. Not something I can say about literally any other brand (corsair, logitech, razer, the list goes on).


u/KHEIRON · 3 pointsr/classicwow

Those mice are way nice with the 12 buttons.

Redragon M901 PERDITION 16400 DPI...

Here is the one I've used for 2 years. It is pretty cheap but really good

u/SuicidalChair · 1 pointr/classicwow

When I was getting into it I got one of these bad boys, back before Razer bought them it was owned by Belkin:

Logitech also makes one, and I find them super nice for WoW personally.

u/The_Frame · 1 pointr/classicwow

Red Dragon is bargain brand name imo.

Would be better, has less buttons to be sure, but is gonna be a lot better too.

u/busyboots · 2 pointsr/classicwow

Got this for $550 about six months ago, looks like it's $600 now. I play on the "classic" settings and haven't looked back. Game runs buttery smooth and doesn't get too hot. I'm sure you could crank up the graphics and bit and not lose any performance.

u/Drinksarlot · 9 pointsr/classicwow

It's not a documentary but give this is a read (you can get an ebook still), it has a lot of stories from WoW development.

u/Tsujigiri · 1 pointr/classicwow

A couple of tips for playing with carpal tunnel:


  • Buy an arm rest for your desk if you do not already have one.
  • Buy a decent quality gaming mouse with a lot of programmable buttons. Programmable buttons will shift the whole game from your keyboard to your mouse thumb. With shift/alt/ctrl even a ten button mouse can have up to 30 abilities tied to it.

    Hope this helps out, and see you in Azeroth.
u/smooth_p · -2 pointsr/classicwow

Get a "Nostromo" type device, use your thumb to move as you're probably used to from console games, freeing up three fingers for spells and keybinds. Modern one here:


Edit to consolidate videos:

Keybinding an Orbweaver or G13 Gamepad for WoW - Why I Use F1-F12 Keybindings

Razer Tartarus v2 - No More Logitech G13

Swifty Razer Orbweaver Review

u/nullsignature · 3 pointsr/classicwow

I have this:

Cheap and makes keybindings wayyyy easier. Also useful if you do any CAD work. Many MMO mice are twice the price; I haven't tried them but I'm not sure how they justify the price increase.

u/NostalgiaDad · 2 pointsr/classicwow

This fits a full sized laptop with a number pad and room to use my gaming mouse. This is what I've been using for a mouse. It's even better for healers imo but also works well for hunters and melee dps. Putting different heal ranks or traps and shots on different mouse number rows really free'ed up my bars
UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High Precision Laser Programmable MMO Computer Gaming Mice

u/PhoenixKA · 1 pointr/classicwow

I have a UtechSmart Venus which is has been pretty solid and laster longer by itself than two Razer Nagas that I went through and for half the price.

u/Hot_Slice · 5 pointsr/classicwow

> From TBC (or Wrath) WoW switched to "horizontal plus" mode, where you see more at the sides when the aspect ratio widens.

time to get me a wraparound 32:9 monitor so I can see those rogues sneaking up behind me

u/UndeadTed · 1 pointr/classicwow

If you don't mind spending cash you can always get a one handed MMO keyboard.


Razer Orbweaver

There is also the Logitech G13 and Belkin Nostromo, but you'll have to find one used or on Ebay.

Additionally there is VoiceAttack software, that allows you to issue commands vocally. This is commonly used for games like Elite Dangerous, but I don't see why you couldn't use it to, for example, change targets or target friendlies.

u/Trinica93 · 1 pointr/classicwow

You're not getting many helpful responses that take into account that you might not want to build a PC yourself. This deal is decent and stays around your budget:

The one crummy thing about it is that it has a hard drive instead of an SSD, so load times will suffer and it will feel generally "slow." Luckily it is very simple to replace a hard drive with a cheap SSD, and reinstalling Windows is easy to do. If you literally only play WoW, you might be fine keeping the hard drive - but otherwise, I'd buy a cheap 2.5" SSD (256GB or higher) and swap out the hard drive.

If you're interested in building a PC and purchasing individual components, disregard everything I've said and check out r/buildapcsales and - they have sections with builds for every price range.

u/gwynb13idd · 27 pointsr/classicwow

You’ve missed an awesome thing my dude!
Check it out!

u/funkthepeople · 6 pointsr/classicwow

Luckily Logitech makes a very similar product.

u/Slayer_Of_Anubis · 1 pointr/classicwow

I found a kindle edition on amazon, and the hardcover is not much more if you're interested. I can't recommend it enough

u/Antares_ · 7 pointsr/classicwow

You can get something like the Logitech G13 and use the joystick with your thumb for movement.

u/fourdayz · 1 pointr/classicwow

I bought this and it's got some alcoholic beverages that look really good. There are loads of other recipes in it ranging from breads, pies, cookies, westfall stew, mulgore spice bread etc.

u/Siebolic · 1 pointr/classicwow

this one is by far my favorite mouse. im using it for a very long time now

u/Landoperk · 7 pointsr/classicwow

Check out this book if you're interested in the development of the game. The World of Warcraft Diary -

u/Mcfez · 1 pointr/classicwow

Looks like its the dungeon companion. Amazon link


Wonder what the difference is between all the available guides. Community lets put our heads together and find out which one we all need to purchase

u/karltannerginalley · 2 pointsr/classicwow

Logitech G602. 37 bucks. Has enough side buttons for a MMO. Can use the DPI switchs as buttons to. Has the longest lasting battery life I ever have seen in a mouse. You can use 1 battery or 2 to change the weight of the mouse for preference. Can also perform well in FPS games, unlike Naga's.

Linus Tech Tips vid on it.


u/DaleSnail · 2 pointsr/classicwow

Logitech G600

I'll never want another mouse for MMOs personally. The ring finger button is indispensable for me at this point, as it's my autowalk.

I've had mine since the year it came out, so it's about 7 years old at this point, and I dont see it dying anytime soon. It had a double click issue at one point, but a quick puff of compressed air under the right mouse button cleared it right up.

It can be had for under $40 at the moment, but you can snag them for under $30 a lot of times.

u/freythman · 3 pointsr/classicwow

World of WarCraft Atlas (Bradygames Official Strategy Guide)

u/Wymorac · 1 pointr/classicwow

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons
On sale now for 30$. Was 80$

u/garignack · 1 pointr/classicwow

Still a premium. Around $80


Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting - Interchangeable Side Plate w/ 2, 7, 12 Button Configurations - Mechanical Switches

u/7h3_Pr0v010n3 · 1 pointr/classicwow

For those in the states, see here. Currently, EU is still out of stock.

u/Red_Tin_Shroom · 5 pointsr/classicwow

I don't want to go full MMO mouse but will be getting a G602 for Classic.

u/Chibils · 1 pointr/classicwow

Looks like ass, but it gets the job done.

Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse, Wired MMO RGB LED Backlit Computer Mice, 24000 DPI, Perdition, with Weight Tuning Set & 18 Programmable Buttons for Windows PC Gaming (Black)

u/ItsSnuffsis · 1 pointr/classicwow

No, wide screen crts existed, and they could go much higher than 1920x1080 even.

Here is one from 2002

u/amjhwk · 2 pointsr/classicwow

I use this and 1-12 on the mouse are the same as 1-12 on the keyboard so it requires no extra rebinding

u/gramernotseesh8mi · 0 pointsr/classicwow

"From all over they come to me" refers to Sylvanas because the only way to get to Sylvanas is to use one of the four corridors from the inner ring to get to the apothecarium where sylvanas resides. Each corridor exits at 3, 6, 9, and 12 on a clock face.

"Betrayal lurks in this hell" likely refers to Varimathras.

Varimathras later betrays Sylvanas in WotLK, but until that time Varimathras is lurking in the hell that is Undercity-- waiting for his chance to usurp Sylvanas and take Undercity for himself.

Doubt this one takes the cake because I'm not the first to say Sylvanas, but in the off chance I win I'd like a Logitech G600

u/F41LUR3 · 2 pointsr/classicwow
  1. Razer products are unreliable (From experience, the last 3 Nagas I owned all broke through no fault of my own).

  2. Get a Logitech G600 for half the price and twice the quality, plus a godsend 3rd mouse button for the ring/pinky finger, which has become my defacto push-to-talk button. (Also, Logitech's warranty replacement is effortless and doesn't require me to chop the cord of the mouse and send a picture of it to them prior to getting a replacement, unlike Razer).
u/Phazon_Metroid · 3 pointsr/classicwow

This is the only Amazon deal as of now under $500 I would consider. It'll run Classic 1080p High 60fps no problem.

u/tjswish · 4 pointsr/classicwow

Something like this is cheap (500ish USD mark) but should still be able to run classic on high settings.

Personally I'd then get an external monitor that's 24" or more and a keyboard and mouse but you could probably just use the laptop with a shitty old mouse if you're really tight.

u/Reiker0 · 2 pointsr/classicwow

I have this one which is apparently programmable. I'll have to mess with it some time to see if I can just macro some weird key combination to fake having extra buttons.

u/beardruid12 · 24 pointsr/classicwow

The values this video examines are correct according to the official bestiary, published near the end of 2007 (

  • Agathelos the Raging:

    Has a damage of 65-87. This video does not account for the following abilities also done by that boss: Rushing Charge (additional 270 damage on first attack); Rampage (Normal damage +26 and 2.5s stun); Enrage (attack speed by 60% and damage dealt by 52); Left for Dead (Inflicts 200 damage and forces it to feign death for up to 5 min)

  • Bonepaw Hyena:

    Listed with a damage of 14-19. Note that Hecklefang Hyenas, which are levels 15-16 do 21-22 damage. Accordingly, the Hyenas in Desolace have unusually low auto attack damage, but the values are correct.


  • Barbed Crustacean: 25-33 damage before armor/DR

  • Scarlet Scryer: 39-54

  • Razorfen Defender: 61-83