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BYOG, dont scrimp on the ammo, and bring some socks-tucked-in-socks, because those are grenades.

This is a good basic sidearm, $12:
If you only do pistol, take two. By late-week, one will not cut it.

This is a basic semi-auto, $33:

Lots of Darts $9:

You can do whatever you want, I saw someone bring a gatling nerfgun. The guys that brought me had arsenals in boxes, looking like rambo with ammo bandoliers, shotguns, full autos, (sock) grenades... and by the end of the week, they were among the few living. Come prepared, yall, especially in later days when there’s more zombies.

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Height is your friend, how high can you get your antenna? I'm running this antenna in my attic, and I added a vhf antenna to it. I am in vanderveen and get cbs most of the time, some days it doesn't come in as good as others

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This book is extremely handy for finding trails throughout the state: Hiking Missouri. As far as local ones, they have all been linked already, but if you're willing to drive a bit, the trails around Taum Sauk and Johnson Shut-ins have some pretty serious elevation changes.

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I used Amazon and bought a 12" thick memory foam mattress. I paid $289 for the Queen size 18 months ago. They vacuum compress it for shipping so it's not terribly unwieldy to carry into the house.

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I have mediacom internet but no tv service. I put a splitter on the coax cable, sending one to the modem and one to the tv. Most new TVs have a channel scan option, use that and you'll get quite a few channels. Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and 3 PBS are in HD. The rest (ESPN, Comedy Central, ect.) are SD.

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This is the one I bought. Its mounted on my roof and pointed South East. I just want to watch Chiefs games.