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u/[deleted] · 15 pointsr/confidence

Yes, she doesn't have to have sex with the guy to have cheated on you. Dirty pics to another guy when she's dating someone is unacceptable and you need to let her know that. It's clearly hurting you, and as such it's not okay.

A few months ago I was in the same spot as you, I was a self-labeled "nice guy". I was feeling bad about it, I thought everyone were assholes and that I was the only decent human being in this world. This book, No More Mr Nice Guy! opened my eyes a bit to the issue of me, and it sounds like you're the same way. In summary, it describes that we're "nice" only because we expect things in return. You're nice and forgiving to your girlfriend, expecting a heartfelt apology for what she did and for her to never do it again. Here's the thing with me, I had done everything I had done in my life for 20 years, for other people. I hadn't realized this, and it sounds like you haven't either.

You have to live life for yourself and only yourself, you're the only one you can truly count on and you're the only person you have to live the rest of your life with. This gets said a lot on Reddit and in the subforums I visit, I'll name them at the end because they helped me and are continuing to help me: Don't give a fuck what other people think about you. The people who love you will love you no matter what. Don't do things for other people if you don't want to. You aren't being a dick, you're living your own life by your own rules. The people who matter will like you better for it, because now you're your own person. This doesn't mean you have to stop being nice, but be nice because you want to be nice.

I've felt like I've been stepped on for my entire life, it's a very very tough thing to fix and it won't come over night, so don't give up on it if you don't see results right away:

  1. Be confident in who you are and what you want.
  2. Be the person you want to be, the only thing stopping you is yourself.
  3. Rid your life of negative people, this includes your girlfriend. Do this for you, not because I'm telling you. If you're hurt by your girlfriend and her reaction to you finding out was complacent, I recommend getting rid of her. She seems like a negative influence on your life and not someone you want around you. You want people who care about you, if she's sending dirty pictures to other guys, she doesn't care about you as she should. You won't be breaking her heart, she's already broken yours, I can tell it's eating you up inside even from this plain text on the internet. Make sure that's how you feel for yourself though, feel what you feel and don't try to hide your emotions or make excuses for her. It's about you, not her.
  4. Get back into rock climbing, don't change your schedule or arrangements for anyone. If you get a new girlfriend, keep your hobbies and keep doing things for yourself. It's okay to share yourself a bit of course, but don't go overboard, it's natural that people start taking things for granted when they're always around. Keep your hobbies and do what you love to do, don't let others get in the way of that.
  5. The best way to gain confidence is to fake confidence, more on this!
  6. Speak clearly and forcefully if someone is trying to get you to do something. You don't owe them anything, you owe yourself everything. It's okay to do favors for people, but only if you truly want to.
  7. The reason people step over people like us is because we let them, it's tough to get into the groove of not letting people. There will always be those people who will continue to try. That's okay, they're losing out on life and on your valuable friendship. Don't let them push you around and if you can, distance yourself from everyone like this. They don't deserve your attention and they're bad for you.

    Useful subreddits:

    /r/seduction Only in moderation, I disagree with their hump them and dump them approach due to my personal ideals, but they have great things to say about gaining confidence and not giving a shit.

    /r/DecidingtobeBetter A lot of useful articles are posted here, from job tips to life tips. It's an awesome place to check out.

    /r/GetMotivated My personal favorite, as I was in quite a slump a few months ago. Inspirational and corny, it does the trick and it's probably saved my life at least once. It's great for life slumps and I found myself doing stuff for myself as I read this subreddit. It's pretty awesome and the community will support you in your desire for a better you.
u/gknights · 1 pointr/confidence

Try GIVING bro. You don't have to give away your things or money but as long as it helps someone else or fixes there issue, doing something for someone else ect. You will feel it return in your everyday life. The happiness from giving, you cant gain from anything else. Also get a routine going. Perhaps an evening routine but morning is essential. I would recommend someone like Tony Robbins or Stephan Pylarinos (Project Life Mastery) to find out more about this but in my opinion meditation/juicing/drinking water and priming you body is essential for everyday life. At the end of any morning ritual I may persue, I then feel at peak state. The most energised healthy positive state i can be. And when i say energised i mean ENERGISED. I literally have the energy to do anything and i get so much more done throughout the day. Its great! Also i would recommend a healthy nutritious diet, what you eat and the amount of sugar intake really affects your mood and how you feel. Try these techniques and i promise you will be a different person. If you need any help on social confidence here's a link for a book that changed my life. I know you mention self confidence but this book has got me more social than ever, after a while of using this techniques my life changed, give it a read my friend

u/Squidiculus · 7 pointsr/confidence

Well, step one is to stop talking about yourself like that. I don't care if you think you're a "fucking pussy" or a "moron", don't say it to or about yourself. All it does is make anyone you say it to feel awkward, which reinforces it in your own mind. Of course it's never as easy as it sounds, so if you catch yourself berating yourself, try to take your mind off of it by doing something small to improve (for example, if you feel like you're not creative, get a piece of paper and doodle something. It doesn't even have to be good)

Confidence requires you to remember that you are valuable. Unfortunately, being 17 means feeling awkward and uncomfortable in your own skin sometimes, but that's ok. You just need to keep doing things you enjoy, even if you think you're not good at it, because that's the only way to get better. Even if you feel like a copycat (every creative person feels like that at some point. this book might also help)

You're going to look back at your teenage years and cringe no matter what. It's better to embrace it than to try and be perfect.

u/jspeights · 1 pointr/confidence

Man you've got nothing to worry about. I had confidence issues with women growing up and I can honestly say this book helped me out a lot - How to Succeed With Women It teaches you how to be confident and go out on dates by being yourself.

Also take a Martial Art. Learning how to defend yourself for some reason gives you a massive confidence boost.

u/heckomen · 1 pointr/confidence

Hey man, only saw this now, here it is! The book will be free to download from 18.8 to 20.8 and I would be very grateful for an honest review :)
Hope you like it,

u/Fey_fox · 3 pointsr/confidence

I’m pretty comfortable talking to strangers, but if I was you at your age doing what you were doing I’d be very put off as well. Young person obviously minding their own business in a sex shop and an older person decided to hit you up? General rule is you leave people alone in sex shops for the most part, especially people who are minding their own business. You tell dude you’re not a legal drinking age and they’re still ‘cool’ with that?

Don’t beat yourself up over your reaction. He took you by surprise and sounded a bit pushy. We all in retrospect wish we were badasses it said something to shut that shit down sooner but it’s not so easy in the moment. Most people freeze. Most say noncommittal things to get the guy to go away. It’s your instinct to appease and be non-threatening while also being noncommittal, because this can feel a bit threatening. You just want to do your thing, suddenly you got a dude who is demanding attention and time from you. He’s not being outwardly rude so you don’t want to be, but that doesn’t mean you still want to talk to him.

This book might help you. I recommend it to all young people, especially women.

Also this kind of stuff can take practice. I’m much better dealing with people like this now that I’m older than I was when I was your age. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I think you did fine

u/aquakeyblademaster · 3 pointsr/confidence

"The leader who had no title" by Robin Sharma. It may seem it is a bit focused in the workplace but basicaly it talks about a philosophy of fully develeop yourself.
It gives you tips on how easy can be to unleash your potential, and you can read it in 1-2 days in case you have the time needed.
It can be easily found in many bookstores and pretty cheap, so go give it a try :)

u/rjudd85 · 1 pointr/confidence

My sympathies! I struggle with this too, so I know how much it sucks. I've recently been able to get a bit better with self confidence, though, and you definitely can too. I think you'll get useful advice that should, among other things, help you boost your self confidence out of this MOOC and this book.

u/HerrBertling · 2 pointsr/confidence

No comments here? Wow. Reading the book right now and googled to see what/if Reddit has to say something on the book. I totally get what you're writing and feel the same about the book. Another one I really enjoyed concerning the whole topic was The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck – so if you're interested, have a look :)

u/pzone · 2 pointsr/confidence

This book emphasizes pretty heavily the idea that your thoughts should be truthful. The context is Metta meditation but it's essentially positive self talk.

However I just discovered this article where they claim good or bad intention in self talk, not belief, was the only thing that mattered in improving athletic performance.

u/NamelessAshlar · 3 pointsr/confidence

I would base my own decision on how teenagers in your country react to K-Pop. If it's a popular thing, go right ahead. If it's less well know, recognize that people will make first judgements on you based on your appearance.. do you care if people know you like K-Pop?

Ignore whoever treats you negatively for wearing it, if you don't connect with them because of their bias, you aren't missing anything. And the rest of the people you meet won't care, will actually have something in common with you and comment on it/approach/chat about it, anyone who doesn't you probably won't meet again. If your friends give you shit for it, you might need better friends.

Wear it, as long as it isn't something like this.

u/FourzeKITA · 6 pointsr/confidence

I would recommend giving this a read:

However, most of the positivity and optimism that I've gained over the last few months was due to recovering from heartbreak. Did a lot of soul searching and introspective work to figure things out for myself (as well as seeking out therapy). So, everything I've learned has been a mixed bag. What I can say to you is that you yourself, as a person, no matter how you view yourself, how you think people may see you, are enough. More than enough. Whatever little thing you do in your day to day has impact on the world around you. You may not know it, believe it, or even be aware of it but, it has worth. Remember, every footstep always makes an impression in the ground.

u/alexmez1 · 2 pointsr/confidence

try setting small goals or build small habits. All habits are broken down into a cue, routine, then a reward. Find a way to get started from there and then you'll slowly start building up your confidence.

If you want practical tips check out this book for only 0.99 it will help you develop the confidence to stop procrastinating!

u/Ironman8111 · 1 pointr/confidence

Thank you for sharing. It is courage like you say that matters. Fear should not deter anyone. I got a book on life coaching. Check it out from link below >>

u/iamonlyoneman · 14 pointsr/confidence

You know who knows you are wearing a brace? Nobody. You know who cares? Also nobody. A brace is probably going to be about as noticeable as your "slouch" to the side, and neither of them is a big deal to anyone worth your time. I knew a girl who wore a brace under clothes and it wasn't really noticeable. For you this is like some big important thing, right? For the rest of the world, every medical condition you will ever have is relatively unimportant.

IDK what is causing your curves to be a little off. It is possible you could DIY some fixing by applying the Egoscue Method. It's cheap if you want a paper copy, and there's an app as well. Dig the reviews: You may also be interested in

The main thing you need to remember is that there's nothing to be afraid of. If someone notices your brace through your clothes (and most people won't, especially the first time you meet them) then you say it's because you've got scoliosis. Drop it on them like it is as important as the sky being blue or the carpet being blue, no big deal . . . and they probably won't think much of it.

Look at some of these pictures of people wearing their braces under clothes. They don't look like much of anything.

u/throwaway · 7 pointsr/confidence

Don't date people until you've known them for a while in a different context. By dating men who are approaching you out of the blue, you are implicitly filtering for people with a predatory mindset.

You'll probably find Be Your Own Dating Service a useful book to read.

u/ayaPapaya · 5 pointsr/confidence

Just reading the title, I think you should read the book called

Attached by Amir Levine:

You can download a pdf somewhere. It's about our styles of attachment and how we trigger each other when our basic needs and styles conflict. Maybe it'll give you some insight.

u/tonytwotoes · 3 pointsr/confidence

There is this clear coat you can use on your nails, here.

Personally, I have the same habit, only not as bad. I can stop myself as long as my nails aren't over a certain length. Once they get longer I can't seem to hold myself back, though, so I make sure my car, room, bathroom and kitchen have nail clippers so i can abate the urge.