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u/disposable-assassin · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

What about this pattern? Took me about 4 month of trial an error to learn to sew. and the whole thing was handsewn. Ended up remaking it and it took 6 months of off and on sewing while I was working 50-60 hr weeks at a new job. Three may be a stretch but one by 2016 by hand sewing and not knowing up from down sounds perfectly doable. The Vogue Sewing book was a tremendous help in learning and and i like the old copy from the '70s that i have more than the modern one. There are some content differences but no egregious omissions.

Honestly, $335 seems more than reasonable for a tailored item. 2 years is a long time to save up. I would probably charge more if I did the commission (sorry, i don't take commissions right now). Looking at the other items on that etsy page, the sewing quality could be better but its not terrible. The fit of the Narnia dress is too baggy for a custom item and that's with the back completely cinched tight. You can see a bit of seam puckering along the back seams and front neck line. The last picture of the Girls Civil war dress are a it suspect . Quality of the top looks pretty bad but that could be due to it being way too big or not so great posture on the girl.

Find someone local for the commission if you can. Even the best seamstress in the world wouldn't be able to tailor the suit to your body from across the webs.

u/JokerandtheThief · 1 pointr/cosplayers

This is pretty hard to do, but not impossible to pull off in the time given especially since you want to go reverse annie. I would try to find a cheap bear costume online to get that out of the way for your friend to wear so that you can both focus on the tibbers. You could try doing a larger bear costume but it might be harder to find since you're much taller and could get expensive.

Since youre wearing a dress you dont really need a full body suit and could just modify either or to try and make it look scarier by adjusting eyebrows adding darker colors too the face fake blood etc etc.

As far as the dress goes you could sew it yourself if you have the know how or even shop for similar items by thrift store or clothing stores and make adjustments accordingly. Luckily for you it isn't a complicated dress. You might have to spend a few bucks here and there but like I said it's definitely doable this is just a start up suggestion for you to build on and get an idea of where to get started. Just focus on getting the most core concept done and then work on the details but most importantly just have fun with it!

u/TransientGuest · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

About the jacket... if you're modifying a karate gi, can't you cut the excess in a way that gives you a collar like the one you need? Maybe find a tailor to help you out with that. And the logo is as easy as getting you're hands on some iron transfer paper and printing the logo you want.

For the googles, since the character doesn't actually wear them, might as well get a generic plastic headband and construct them with some red foam and yellow clear plastic.

As for the bandages, any white fabric that doesn't frill in the edges will do, but make sure to dye the edges in light gray with markers so you see a clear definition between one and another.

EDIT: Oh, and about the hair, definitely get the right wig. Cosplays look a 1000 times better with one.

u/TThor · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

See if you can give the mask a more matte/opaque appearance so your face isn't clearly visible (without blinding yourself of course); I recall Tali's face was at best sort of foggy behind the mask, in the photo I can see your face a bit too well which can distract from the intended character.

Also three fingered gloves of course would help give the alien appearance~

Otherwise, your costume looks pretty awesome so far, nice work!

Edit: found a mask like this, so there are at least options; I wonder if something like this could be integrated into your current helm

u/mdwyer · 1 pointr/cosplayers

I've tried an electric knife, but that didn't have the control I'd hoped, although it was fast. With more patience, you might have better luck than me. Also, don't buy the one I linked, instead find one at a thrift store.

I tried to build a hot-wire cutter from toaster parts, but it didn't get hot enough, so I gave up on it.

In the end, I ended up just free-hand sanding and cutting away the foam. In other words, I'd spring for a second ball. :( Check your local Dollar Store. They have a small selection of foam, and while their spheres are probably too small, it does end up being a good place to get a 4" cube

One last hint: A mandolin slicer is really good for taking thin slices off a foam sphere. I used it to flatten the backs of eyeballs, and it worked really well.

u/grayfox663 · 1 pointr/cosplayers

Hah! Thank you for that advice, I will definitely look into trying it. I might hit you up on that offer if I hit a wall. Do you think this is a good vest?

u/PM_ME_UR_BEST_PUNS · 0 pointsr/cosplayers

You probably already found a solution, but I was just looking at these on Amazon. Looks like what you're looking for?

u/Fus_ro_dah_lady · 1 pointr/cosplayers

He usually has on a pair of Clarks, which are pretty expensive, maybe you can find a knock off?

and definitely the khakis...

u/CheeseSharp · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

Hey Evil Ted (the guy on YouTube who makes awesome cosplay stuff, check him out) recommended this mask for projects like what you're describing! He mentioned using it for a Cobra Commander costume or a Destiny costume, but I'm sure it has a variety of applications. And it is said to be see-through on the inside. I haven't had a project to use it in yet but I am itching for an excuse to buy it and mess around with it myself lol.

u/Detenten · 3 pointsr/cosplayers

You're looking for [craft foam, aka EVA foam](
). It can be shaped with a heat gun, and painted. If you seal it with Elmers' glue mixed with water you can even get a smooth shiny surface for painting.

Often found in the kids' crafting sections of the craft stores. Comes in varying thicknesses; you can order it online in rolls somewhere, I hear, but most of my uses the smaller sheets have done well for me.

Hope this helps!

u/Sporkicide · 3 pointsr/cosplayers

Look at party and Halloween stores. I have one like this and I think it took at least four cups of gelatin to fill it. I don't know that there's anything on the market that's truly horse-sized, but a human-sized one is surprisingly heavy.

u/Nynes · 5 pointsr/cosplayers

-use a snap off knife
-invest in a dremel
-use rough then fine grit sandpaper if no dremel
-seal with woodglue or modpodge
-you can also seal with plastidip if you like
-paint with any sort of paint you like: krylon for plastic or acrylic are my top choices

You can get most/all of the above at walmart, harbor freight, or a hardware store

u/QUE_SAGE · 1 pointr/cosplayers

Heart Mold
you could fill that with a resin to make heart shape.

u/Kabuto_Kreations · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

Yes the water is heavy, a pint is a pound the world around. I don't think I will notice it that much, much of the fluid will be distributed in the tubing, and Its just a vest for now.

The coolers and radiators I am looking at aren't much in weight either. radiator I was going to just take a pump one of these and possibly a replaceable ice water reservoir. but I saw this. Peltier Cooler.

As for the battery, I believe the peliter requires a 12v battery. You are correct it is a power hog, however according to this video tutorial I can rig an arduino, temp probe, and relay to shut off the peltier when the liquid is cool enough.

u/Biosnarf · 3 pointsr/cosplayers

Thanks! That Power Fist is sweet.

To get clean cuts, you just need a really sharp knife. I prefer an exteding utility knife/box cutter like this one. Then once it starts to get dull I sharpen it with this sharpener (along with some wd-40 for lubrication). Any cuts that aren't ideal can always be cleaned up with a dremel/rotary tool though.

u/cvc75 · 1 pointr/cosplayers

Yes! I thought my utility knife was still sharp, but after using the Kershaw sharpener Ted recommends, my foam cuts came out so much cleaner.

u/roseinthefall · 1 pointr/cosplayers

Yes it is Arkham HQ. Shoe cream is old fashioned polish. This is what I used

If you need to go purple you should first use white scuff cover to lighten the shoe. Remember to seal your shoes with a rain and stain protective spray before wearing them too.

u/booksandcorsets · 1 pointr/cosplayers

Foamies are thin EVA foam sheets, typically sold in craft stores. Here's a link to an example on Amazon.

NOTE: This is not the THICK EVA foam you see with Shepard or armor builds, they are thin.

u/Not_A_Yam · 3 pointsr/cosplayers

So I've found this tutorial for the mask, and this or this for the vest, though the second one is not really accurate.

u/samisbond · 1 pointr/cosplayers

For the tubing? I was just figuring some typical hose/tubing:

a b c d e f

or electrical wiring for thinner frames:

a b c d e f