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u/El_Guap · 2 pointsr/cowboyboots

Saphir Renovator Medaille Dor 1925 is the best product I have ever found. No dyes or additional color. Makes the leather super conditioned and you can polish it after waiting 3 minutes of application. Makes an amazing shine. I use it on all my fine leather shoes (Lucchese, Ferragamo, Gucci, Carmina, etc).

Saphir Renovator

You can add colored polish if need after. Meltonian polish is the best bang for the buck (Saphir is great just really expensive and not much better than Meltonian).

u/msilk · 2 pointsr/cowboyboots

Thanks, man! The style number on these is GA9262.54

I scored them on eBay for about $400 barely used; the sole hadn't even been scuffed up that much yet. I can't find this exact pair when I search Google, but here are some similar pairs I found on Amazon (which is where I get almost all of my boots):

  • Lucchese Franklin (these are almost my exact pair)

  • Lucchese Walter (these are also similar to my pair, I actually like them better)

  • Lucchese Landon

    Keep in mind that caiman is probably the most expensive of all the exotic skins for cowboy boots. The boots I have are caiman hornback, so they have raised ridges as the leather comes to a point at the toe. Caiman also comes in a smoother version, typically referred to as caiman "belly"; same look, but no bumps. If you're looking for something cheaper but still exotic, ostrich skin is awesome. And Lucchese makes similar styles as those listed above with smooth and full quill ostrich skin. So thats another option, as well.
u/RunTotoRun · 2 pointsr/cowboyboots

You get away from that edge right now!
(A more interesting book that one might imagine!)

u/andytronic · 2 pointsr/cowboyboots

You can get colored cream type conditioners. This stuff is indispensable for restoring color to the leather, and I always have several colors on hand.

If the problem persists after using that stuff, follow it with brown wax polish.

u/italian333 · 2 pointsr/cowboyboots

Here’s a link to the backpack. It’s very much worth the $31.

SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack, 24.2-Liter, Olive

u/crytokram · 1 pointr/cowboyboots

Correct me if i am wrong but wild gator will likely more imperfections. Probably not many. Also far raise may be more supple, since they won't build up muscle.

Also i saw a picture of the lucchese rio on amazon it appears those are not made with lemonwood pegs. As such are more machine made rather than craftsman handmade.

The price difference is due to the craftsmanship on each.

I could be wrong though. So feel free to correct me.