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u/Nyxtoggler · 2 pointsr/crv

I bought the following for my new '18 EX (bought last week for 28,800 OTD).



  1. Cargo liner -
    Fit perfectly. Recommended.

  2. Cup and door liners - Comes in a cheap looking plastic bag, but I'll be darned if everything didn't fit.


  3. Edge guard -
    Didn't work. The reinforced door edges makes it wider than what the edge guard can fit, so it can't grip properly. :P

  4. Center Arm Rest cover -
    Not a good fit, and the elastic is annoying. Definitely needs a "lip" that covers the edges in the front and the back. It doesn't move around and was cheap, but I wouldn't buy it again.

  5. Glass Screen Protector -
    Basically the same as an iPhone screen protector. Applies the same way, and it fit fine as long as you're careful about bubbles. Edit: Moved to NO! Cracked and bubbled like crazy when the temps went up to 90. Don't buy unless your weather never gets hot.


  6. Floormats that don't cost hundreds of dollars.

  7. Same for leatherette/neoprene custom fit seat covers.

  8. Door armrest covers since I tend to rest my arms on them a lot. Having fabric there means it'll wear out eventually.

  9. Louder auto-lock sounds

  10. Different lock sound for manual locking instead of auto-lock from walking away.

  11. Dials for Tach and Speedometers. I miss those.

  12. Separate vent option buttons for climate control. Having to navigate away from music to access ac/heat controls are far more annoying than I had thought.

  13. Why the heck is the CarPlay USB port so far away in the center console? It should be next to the first 12v port. It should also allow connection via Bluetooth since current CarPlay requires a Lightning cable <insert wtf Jackie Chan meme here>. Why is a wire required these days. Honda should just put in a wifi router so it can communicate with smartphones and provide ODB2 connectivity options.

  14. If the car's in Park, Car Play should allow AirPlay duplication from phone to the center screen like an Apple TV. Watching a movie or Youtube while parked should be an option.

  15. Stop auto-playing music when engine/USB cable connects. Arrgh! Who the heck thought that was a good idea? Users want optional switch/setting that should let us turn off autoplay music for those times that we want quiet.
u/achikochi · 1 pointr/crv

I got a mount like this: (which I think is the one you just ordered)

It was the sturdiest, most articulated one I could find. In the winter I stick the pad on the dash, to the left of that upper display, so that the phone is above the vent there. Right now it's too hot to do that, my phone gets too hot in the sun. If I lower it to the vent it's blocked by/in the way of the wiper lever. So, I have the pad stuck on that flat part in front of the upper display, but as far right as it can go (so it doesn't block my view of the backup camera). Then I moved the mount's arm to the right so that the back of my phone catches some AC, and swivel the phone to face me.

I know it's complicated but it's the best solution I've found, nothing else works very well. I haven't had any trouble with the suction cup.

u/Melanus · 1 pointr/crv

I bought these of Amazon as they were the cheapest I could find. Pretty solid rails and it mounts perfectly.

u/pachewychomp · 1 pointr/crv


Pioneer Multimedia Double-Din In-Dash 6.2" WVGA Display DVD Receiver Apple CarPlay/Built-in Bluetooth/SiriusXM-Ready/AppRadio Mode/ Spotify & Pandora WITH FREE ALPHASONIK EARBUDS

Dash kit:

SCOSCHE HA1559B 2007-11 Honda CRV Double DIN or DIN w/Pocket Install Dash Kit

u/gadgetguy606 · 1 pointr/crv

They are Depo Headlights I got from amazon.

Depo 317-1146PXAS2 Honda CRV Black Headlight Projector Assembly Set

The bulbs that come with these aren’t very bright so I upgraded them to halogens. For about $70 total.

u/Karrad · 2 pointsr/crv

i picked up one of these. it comes with tie downs as well to keep it in place. had it about a week and its really handy for thinks like groceries

u/Meat_Salad · 2 pointsr/crv

I regret my Honda floor mats in my 2014 due to not quite covering enough, but not enough to spend money on replacements. Would go with the Weather Tech Laser Fit if I had a do-over.

I've no idea if it will fit in the 2018, but this fits perfectly in the center storage of the 2014: Winco BC-6 Bar Caddy with 6 Compartments

u/TheWarhawk · 3 pointsr/crv

I used Meguiar's endurance High gloss. Granted, some spots have heavy sun damage and i am waiting to apply subsequent coats to see if this will restore the shine in those spots as well. Some areas needed two coats to really see a change.

This looks like what I have my bottle is older (rarely used)
I'll report back after a few days to update!

u/ryanonreddit942 · 1 pointr/crv

We like the door sill protectors.

Stainless Steel Door Sill Scuff Plate Trim for Honda CRV CR-V 2017 2018 4pcs

u/seanreal · 2 pointsr/crv

Some screwdrivers, pliers and a socket wrench to get into the tighter spots.

I used this to power the under the seat amp

Replacing speakers is so easy, it took me 45 minutes tops. The head unit was a little more time consuming, but very simple if you follow instructions online. You just have to remove the whole bottom part of the dash

u/Crimson-Pig · 1 pointr/crv

I use an expandable cargo-crate paired with a pet barrier.

The cargo-crate allows me to store loose items, or things that might otherwise tumble and roll around in the car in. (

The pet barrier allows me to attach small things as well as stack items higher up without worrying that it'll spill into the rear passenger area. (

I have a rear cargo-net as well, but I find that I rarely use it over the cargo-crate. (

u/JawshByair · 1 pointr/crv

I use this one:

It has never dropped my phone and the mount has not moved since I bought it 4 months ago.

u/MostlyBullshitStory · 1 pointr/crv

I have the standard cross bars rack, and a Thule ski rack that I take off when not in use, that way I can swap it with a bike rack in the summer time or use it for a SUP board.


u/WorldClassAwesome · -3 pointsr/crv

These are what I use.

TEKTON 5866 12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers

u/praisedbewatermelons · 2 pointsr/crv

EDIT 6/03: Idk if you're still interested, but I have used the ones I bought to carry a bike and about 100 lbs of luggage for a 900 mile trip and they held up. No wind noise, no caps popped off, no trouble at all. I am very satisfied with these.

I just installed ones I bought off Amazon today for my 2009 EX. So far, the installation was very straightforward and easy. No problems with the size or anything feeling loose. The quality looks good, overall. I need these for roadtrips so I'm hoping there are no issues travelling 70+ for 300 miles straight. I'll be trying them out a bit and then I'll come back with a review.

Here are the ones I bought if you're curious:

u/irishjihad · 1 pointr/crv

> Cup and door liners - Comes in a cheap looking plastic bag, but I'll be darned if everything didn't fit.

Doesn't seem like they make one for the 2014 for me :(