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u/Ematai · 5 pointsr/dagorhir

borrowing weapons would probably be your best bet for your first event. Get to know what you like fighting with before you waste money & time creating your own.

BUT if you want to create your own, because come's just fun, then head to goodwill. Grab a few GRAPHITE core golf clubs (no metal ones! they bend stupid easy) so grab some golf clubs, head to wal mart and get a few rolls of blue camping foam (with no bumps or ridges on it, just smooth ozark blue foam). Grab a can or two of DAP along with some razor blades and athletic tape. Get some black pantie hoses for your cover and maybe some of those marine foamy seats you get when you go to athletic events and don't want your butt to hurt from those metal bleachers. make the weapon look for good (NEW) tutorials on YOUTUBE or wherever. I looked for a few min and didn't find anything too useful (I'm also at work, so can't look too much on the tubes of you)

If you want more details, I can do more researching when I get home and edit this post with more videos or tutorials of any sort.

REGARDLESS:: I HIGHLY recommend you get with someone who has made good, passable (!!) weapons so they can help you through the process. You'll make mistakes, realize that, but you'll get better at making weapons.

Good luck and welcome to your new obsession for the rest of your life. :]

u/St1Drgn · 1 pointr/dagorhir

2.  I suggest a utility knife with easy replace blades like this one: Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ Single Disposable Blade Included (Colors May Vary)

replacement blades are 10 cents each.  I replace or turn the blade once it takes more than 1.5 slices to cut blue foam.  about once a sword or so. 

5.  yes, make sure that it is the proper temperature for your dap to dry.  too cold and the sword will fall apart.

I make all of my pommels with carpet tape.  it's faster and durable enough. a sword made with carpet tape will be heavier than one made with dap and it will not last as long.  

10.  I strongly suggest that all daping and other chemical use be done in a well ventilated area.  If you dont have a fully ventilated area then you need a mask like this one. 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 3M 07193, Large

u/Oungan · 1 pointr/dagorhir

Has anyone ever tried using Super 77 or Stitch Witchery to make cloth covers instead of sewing? I don't have a sewing machine available, and we are currently trying to produce enough weapons for walk-ons (the group is just getting started). Hand sewing 15-20 covers is a large timesink.

u/Greyven · 2 pointsr/dagorhir

I'd consider getting a pair of these for garb pants:

They're cheap, look decent for garb, are comfortable, and mine at least have held up.