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u/bossgrady · 1 pointr/dauntless

I totally get opening the case.

> Could it be that the PSU fan is faulty?

Maybe, but it really sounds like overheating or power starvation.

> Also, I could try to clean the inside of the case with compressed air, if I have some left.

A good cleaning with compressed air is always a good idea. I usually do that once a month. I have Blower that I use instead of compressed air in a can that I would recommend. And it never runs out. ;)

Make sure to keep the fans from moving when you blow it out as it could cause damage.

Once you get it cleaned out I would suggest that it not be sitting on carpet or anything that could block any air intake from the bottom since some PSUs pull fresh air through the bottom of some cases.

u/RiceroniDish · 7 pointsr/dauntless

Greetings, /u/CreatureTech-PHX! Thank you very much for filling this role and I wish you all the best at PHX/Dauntless!

For music, I've enjoyed this nice chill piece. For books, I'm not sure how much you enjoy dealing with numbers but I found this book pretty enlightening on interpreting statistics.

u/Feynt · 0 pointsr/dauntless

I hate to be that guy, but once upon a time I was in your shoes with a game that required more space than I had drive size (it was a very long time ago). Just buy another drive, or clear out some of the porn. Do you really need those 30+ installed Steam games that you swear you'll play next week, just as soon as you finish X?

I know the pain all too well, but really, weigh your options and admit you've probably got 10+ gigs of stuff you don't need right now, or fork out the $55 for a new drive.