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u/philtech · 2 pointsr/dhmtb

Fox Racing Titan Sport DH 'jacket'. About $150 in the US. I've replaced it a couple times over the years. I can't begin to describe how much skin they have saved me and how much pain was avoided.

It's hot compared to just a jersey, but the level of protection is pretty awesome. I never notice while riding otherwise. Quite comfortable actually.

I took a pretty hard slam on my left side on Saturday. Got a huge gouge in the left forearm plastic cup from a rock. Could have easily been my arm and a trip to the hospital. Bruised up, but I finished Saturday and did a full day yesterday.

I also wear it snowboarding if conditions are icy.

u/jlobes · 3 pointsr/dhmtb

>I will be doing it more for cardio on local hiking trails and such, light terrain. With that said, i would want something decent that can be upgraded If I get more serious and want to start hitting legit parks and trails.

At your price point you're not looking at a bike worth upgrading in any serious capacity. Tires/grips/saddle would be the extent of the upgrades I'd recommend. For example, the Sorrento listed here has rim brakes, a jank drivetrain, and a pogo-stick fork. Assuming you can find used parts to replace all of those, you're still looking at $300-$400 of upgrades, (assuming the bike has standoffs for disc brakes), and you're still riding a bike that's nowhere near as good as say, a Raleigh Tokul 3.

If you're buying a bike to try out MTB without spending a ton of money before buying a new, better bike, the Sorrento is great for that. If you're looking to buy a bike that you can upgrade and keep riding for years, the Sorrento is going to come up a bit short, and you should consider spending a bit more money on a new bike or checking out's Buy/Sell page for a used bike.

I recommend the Tokul because it's relatively cheap for what you're getting; a 27.5+ (The + is for fatter tires) hardtail with a quality entry level fork, a 1x11 drivetrain, modern geometry, and disc brakes. Personally the only thing I'd upgrade on that bike is the brakes, but that's more a personal preference since I'm heavy and ride like an asshole.

u/Vivalo · 3 pointsr/dhmtb

Sure, this is the one I got, you can them in individually or in four packs like I did.

In hindsight, it would be better to get these as they bolt down the centerline (perfect for studs) and you can adjust the distance between the hooks later (mine are stuck in position, if I want to move one, I have to make more holes in the ceiling).

u/maddslacker · 1 pointr/dhmtb

Kuat NV Base 2.0:

It's a 2" which works as-is on my wife's SUV. On the little car I have it attached to this 1 1/2" adapter:

And to reduce the wobble, this stabilizer:

When using it with the 2" receiver, it has a built in stabilizer and needs nothiing extra.